Elle Varner Really Doesn’t Wanna Dance


Singer Elle Varner has just unveiled the video for ‘Don’t Wanna Dance,’ the lead single from her upcoming ‘4 Letter Word’ album, reportedly due out sometime later this year.

The self-penned tune finds Varner lamenting her decision to go club hopping, singing ‘I don’t really wanna dance, and I hate most of these songs, I should have stayed my ass at home.’

Varner is joined on the track by A$AP Ferg, who doesn’t really add anything extra to the tune except the pre-requisite rapper appearance most R&B songs seem to require these days.

A$AP aside, I actually find the tune kinda cute. As for the video, its pretty typical of Elle, check it out for yourself below.


  1. I’m really not checking for Elle. She’s pretty and in interviews she seems grounded and nice, but I’ve heard her sing live on t.v, several times… I’m not impressed. On record she even sounds off key, I know her voice is raspy and she has a different sound. However that’s no excuse for a new artist to be singing so bad every time I hear her. If she looked different I wonder if she would’ve gotten signed.. I wish her well though…At least she’s trying to stay r&b.

  2. The song is ok, but to be honest not my cup of tea.
    She needs to get a vocal coach and fine tune her voice it will take some practice. I wish her the best she has potential.

    Btw I’m not a big fan of A$AP.

  3. Elle is a one of a kind artist and is definitely talented. Her voice IS different. Of course, she has a unique and beautiful style. She’s one of these artists that actually puts out good and meaningful music. Besides, her first album is really good and she has received a lot of support and she has a solid fanbase that loves her music. She is aware of her music and what she has to offer which makes her stand out from other r&b artists that people seem to hype up nowadays. I’m not name dropping any names but she is doing her thing and she solidifies what’s missing in r&b, that pure ESSENCE. And YES she has a collaboration. I mean that’s what artists do if they have chemistry and make a song that will eventually become a hit. Funny how some people throw shade at this chic because she has that IT factor which some artists don’t have today. I can’t wait for her new album! Go Elle!!! =)

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