emotions and you.

Hey Brown Sista Fam. Hope you had a great wknd! Many readers have asked GT questions on how to handle clutter. Last week focused on the actions of starting small. This week will focus on the emotional benefits of getting it togetha.  Now GT understands that this may turn some people off; but clutter is a sign of unfulfilled living.

 Almost like living your life in a mouse trap and feeding yourself Cheeze Whiz; eventually you’ll feel sick to your stomach. So this post is dedicated to the emotional benefits of de-cluttering.

  • Getting a handle on your surroundings opens you up to more possibilities for yourself.
  • You’ll feel lighter and freer.
  • People will want to visit you more often.
  • If you have children you will teach  and model to them the vital lesson of taking personal ownership.
  • You’ll be able to entertain, cook for friends, have book club meetings, and have parties for no reason.
  • Destroying clutter helps opens up the doors to handling deeper controlling emotions like fear, resentment, and disappointment.
  • De-cluttering carry’s a positive vibration. It tells the world and yourself that you deserve what you want.
Living well and living life on your terms matters. And home is where it starts. The elephant in the “Living Well” living room is do you feel you deserve better? GT will tell you this. It’s never too late to get started. Never.
So whether you have it togetha or not. Let’s talk about worth. What do you feel you are worth?


  1. This is a really good post. Wow, you were definitely in my head last night. It makes life much simpler and it clears your mind and allows for creativity. You would actually take better care of your health and other personal business because now you are free to. When you have a lot of clutter, sometimes you feel indecisive about certain things. Somehow it is negative on your psychological state. I know when I get rid of the clutter, I handle my business better. AND I sleep better at night.

  2. :thumbsup: point well taken! my mother who is the queen of pack rats…used to tell me this all the time…i plan on cleaning out my closet!! for the new year! in order to make room for my blessings!…thanks for putting this in writing!

  3. *Cleanliness is next to Godliness*

    “What do you feel you are worth?”

    Very good question! Definitely something to think about and always keep in mind. I believe there’s no amount of money, no quanity of things that could ever define my worth… I’m rather priceless 🙂
    but to say exactly “what I am worth”??

    Hmmm…. let’s see here:

    I know I’m worth being loved unconditionally because that’s the way I love- w/o measure.
    I’m worth being honest to because I’m not a liar.
    I’m worth showing respect to because I give it.
    I’m worth a prayer because I ask The Lord to bless everyone.
    I’m worth a smile because I keep one on my face for others to see find a lil’ piece of happiness from.

    My hearts desire is to be worth eternal life with my Father in Heaven.
    That’s all that’s really important to me.

    I love your post GT! :hifive:

  4. I’ m definitively worth everything that i have and everything that i will get, I went through hell in my lifetime, and i worked very hard and deserve to be happy , people have the definition of hard work,and sacrifices twisted, not having a boyfriend because you’ re doing something else is no sacrifice, not having anything to eat for days because your parents need to pay your bills is, dancing and wearing make up 20/7 and being paid for being beautiful is not a sacrifice, going to school from 8-4, then working from 4-12 and doing homework from 12-7 is hard work, So i do deserve what i have and i’ m perfectly happy.

    I’ m worth
    The respect that i command
    a great family that have my back no matter what
    a great loving and caring mother
    A man that loves me throughout every phase of my life
    Beautiful children that look up to me as if i’ m this tall beautiful goddess lool
    A career that i love and cherish
    All the material things that make us happy for this short journey that is life, thought they are very ephemere

  5. GT, I totally agree with your points especially #3. I know there are certain people’s homes I do not go to because there is clutter everywhere. How can someone feel comfortable in your home when it is so cluttered?

    I am worth being happy.
    I am worth a man who loves me for me, being successful (my definition of success, not others), respect, and God’s blessings.

  6. I can’t eat in someone’s house if it is messy. Especially here in NY where it’s extremely easy for an apartment to get roaches. That is so gross!

  7. I like your poster GT. Everyone deserves to have whatever they want. Most people don’t believe it in their hearts and minds… you know that saying; “You can’t have everything” and a lot of folks fall prey to that.

  8. I can’t eat in someone’s house if it is messy. Especially here in NY where it’s extremely easy for an apartment to get roaches. That is so gross!

    AGREED ewwww

  9. Shout outs to all who’ve commented thus far…particulary Dark Sista and Zephorah… :brownsista:

    True Dat that most people don’t believe that they can have everything that they want…the truth is that most people aren’t willing to do the work for what they want as well…its easy to rest on laurels and wait…but life just doesn’t work that way. :brownsista:

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