Empire Soars + Naomi Campbell Slays


I did not catch last night’s episode of “Empire,” but apparently the rest of you did as the show soared to its highest ratings to date, securing almost 11 million viewers and an unheard of 4.3 in the 18-49 demographic.

We can’t say for sure, but the addition of Naomi Campbell’s character of Camilla Marks may have played a minor role, as the model/actress was trending on Twitter for most of the night, leading us to believe she must have slayed her scenes.

Naomi describes Camilla as “passionate” and “someone who likes young men,” which explains her hook up with the character or Hakeem, who needless to say, has quite a few mommy issues he needs to work out.

Check out Camilla’s character profile below, just made available by Fox today.


  1. I haven’t checked out this show yet…something about it seems to ‘messy’ for me (no I don’t watch any of the Housewives reality shows either!)

  2. Yeah, I’m not feeling it, why center the show around hip hop, why couldn’t it be a family dynasty that controls Architecture, or oil, finance. Blacks in the music industry, stereotypical for me. I think black writers limited themselves when they only write what’s in front of them, instead of researching other avenues. That immediately turned me off about this show, that and the fact something about it, I can’t relate to, but I wish the actors much success.

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