‘Empire’ Spin-off ‘Star’ Moved to Mid-Season + Trailer


‘Empire’ Spin-off ‘Star’ Pushed Back to Mid-Season

Once thought to be airing this summer, Fox’s upcoming Empire spin-off, Star, has now been pushed back to mid-season and will reportedly air sometime in the spring of 2017. At their Upfront event yesterday, the network unveiled the first trailer for the series, which appears to be named after the character played by twenty-seven old former Dallas actress, Jude Demorest.

The rest of the cast includes Ryan Destiny (Alexandra), Brittany O’Grady (Simone), Queen Latifah (Carlotta) and Benjamin Bratt (Jahil).

As I previously said, this show lacks star power, which my money says is probably why it got pushed back to mid-season. Star is missing something, and as I wrote awhile ago, that something is Black Girl Magic. In his quest to win over the burbs, Lee Daniels watered the cast down, choosing one black actress and two white actresses, who I’m sure he hopes will help pull in white audiences. Problem is, this isn’t a demographic that’s gonna tune in to a Lee Daniels production… at least not at first.

Fox still has time to fix what I consider to be a really generic looking show. Just hire a beautiful black actress who can also sing and dance. I hear Nicole Beharie might have some free time on her hands. *wink* *wink” *nudge* *nudge*


  1. I think Nicole may have burned her bridges at Fox. Whether accidental or on purpose, I don’t think they’d allow her to be lead or co-lead in another one of their productions.

  2. I doubt this show will ever see the light of day. As you said it has already been pushed back and Lee Daniels no longer holds the power he once held.

  3. Empire is a hot stereotypical mess now and it’s ratings have dropped nearly half of what it was a year ago. Whites tuned in because of the hype but left after seeing what a mess it was. Blacks are jumping ship now too because it’s gone completely off the rails in storyline and its depiction of Cookie. All Cookie does now is curse and call her kids stupid and other women hoes and bitches. The writing is superficial and lazy. I give another two seasons before Fox cancels it.

    Star will suffer the same fate because it has many of the same writers.

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