Empire Spin-off Starring Cookie


‘Empire’ Prequel to Star Cookie Lyon

According to Empire creator, Lee Daniels, a spin-off of the popular Fox series surrounding the character of Cookie Lyons, is officially a go. “I can officially say that we will be having a spin-off,” Lee told reporters at this week’s TCA press tour. “We’re finally figuring it out. We just really had to build the foundation of Empire, so we then try to figure out what the B-chorus is- but it finally looks like it’s going to happen.”

Early word on the spin-off has the show based on a past version of Cookie, though we don’t exactly know what that means. Will it be a teen version of Cookie? Cookie while she was in prison? Cookie before prison? It’s all just very much up in the air according to Daniels, who says “ideas are being thrown around” and that Fox is “open” to whatever direction he chooses to take.

Should the Cookie prequel actually see the light of day, and I personally doubt it will, it’ll be the second show to spin-off from Empire, which launched Star last month. The show was met with tepid reviews and even more tepid ratings. Even Empire itself is in a ratings spiral. Despite its season four renewal, the show has hit a series low in both demo and viewership. In other words, people have fallen out of love with Empire, and that includes Cookie.

Lee’s mouth, which leaks things like “I want to make white people feel good about being white,” also does his properties no good. The more Lee talks, the more he shows parts of his personality that should be kept hidden from the public. He is one of those people that should be seen and not heard.

As for the prequel, no word whether it will star Taraji P. Henson, or whether another (younger) actress will brought in to take over the role.

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  1. I stopped watching Empire sometime during the 2nd season. I just lost interest. It happens. I came for Taraji, but I left because the show wasn’t what I wanted to be into.

    However, the biggest reason I’ve stayed away is because of what Fox did to Nichol Beharie.

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