‘Empire’ Stars to Host Guys Choice Awards + Lip Sync Battle Season Finale


Empire’s leading couple, Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, are set to take over your TV screens in the next couple of weeks.

Via press release, the pair will be lending their talents to Spike TV, first in the season finale of their break-out hit Lip Sync Battle, and again in June when the longtime co-stars come together to host the 2015 Guys Choice Awards.

In addition to her hosting duties, Taraji will also be presented with the prestigious Jean Claude Gahd Damn award. Previous winners include Scarlett Johansson, Kate Beckinsale, and The Walking Dead’s Danai Guria (2013) and Lauren Cohan (2014).

The Guys Choice Awards will tape June 8 and air June 18, while the season finale of Lip Sync Battle has not been announced yet, though it has taped as well.

Check out Taraji and Terrence’s promo clip for the Guys Choice Awards below, and if you haven’t already, do catch up on the Empire’s first season via Hulu or Hulu Plus. Season two is being expanded from 13 episodes, to 18.

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  1. Taraji’s role on Empire is so disgraceful. The media loves to big up her in this mess. I’m all for diversity in roles for black women, we don’t always have to be the good girls, but this show and her character are ratchet to the max and I will not support it.

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