Empire’s Season Two Finale Ratings


Empire’s Season Two Finale Ratings Rise Substantially

I guess Empire hasn’t lost all its shine in its second season after all. According to preliminary ratings, Fox’s once unstoppable juggernaut has returned to its former glory, securing a 4.0 demo for its somewhat controversial season finale. The hip-hop drama also increased its viewership, pulling in just over 10.8 million suckers in the advertiser coveted 18-49 age group.

The show has struggled quite a bit in its second season, at one point dropping down to a 3.2 demo, and a season low of 8.7 million viewers. Generally nothing to sneeze at, unless you factor in a year ago they had twice the viewers and a whopping 6.0 demo, a feat only The Walking Dead has accomplished in a recent memory.

The show’s Jamal fake-out clearly didn’t turn off longtime fans, who returned in droves to watch him recover pretty quickly from the gun shot womb he sustained in the penultimate episode.

Having Jussie Smollett tweet about leaving the show, insinuating his character was being killed off in the finale, was in poor taste, but given the shadiness of network television these days I can’t say I’m shocked.

Empire now goes on hiatus for the next few months, and will return for its third season in September. In it’s Wednesday night, 8pm stead will be Fox’s reboot of the 1980’s buddy-cop film, Lethal Weapon, starring Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford.


  1. The writing for this show has gotten so much worse this season. It’s like a bunch of mean girls and shady gay guys are writing each episode. So tired of Cookie now and her ratchet dialogue. They’re trying too hard to push her over Lucious and it’s just not working. Terrence Howard is the better actor and his character has the better storyline. Watching Cookie disrespect her children and every other female character on the show is getting old. Besides calling Anika a whore and a bitch and beating Hakeem with a broom, she has no storyline at all.

  2. People are complaining about the finale for this and The Walking Dead but this is how TV has always done finales. It’s not a fake out. It’s a cliffhanger and if you want to know what happens, who dies, then you’ll have to come back in the fall. I thought the finales for both shows were good, though overall Empire was boring for the first half. The wedding came out of nowhere and was pathetic, as was Anika pretending to try and commit suicide. I’m shocked she’s the one who pushed Rhonda. I was sure it was going to be someone else. I hope Anika doesn’t die. Don’t much care for Rhonda either way.

  3. Don’t much care for the show, but I’m happy for Taraji’s continued success.

  4. Taraji should get back to pursuing movie roles before she is typecast as Cookie. The writing on this show is absolutely unbearable and we have the pleasure of viewing a Lee Daniels spin off in the near future with Queen Latifah. Make…It…Stop.

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