Erykah Badu for Essence Magazine

Erykah Badu Stuns in Latest Photoshoot for Essence

Essence magazine’s first ever Global Edition is being covered by the incomparable Erykah Badu.
The High Priestess of Neo-Soul was was photographed by South African photographer Warwick Saint, who took the singer back to the Motherland for stops in Kenya, Zanzibar, Tanzania and Nairobi.

Erykah was photographed at several famous locals, including the grounds of Giraffe Manor, the Serengeti National Park and the Residence Hotel in Kamikaze Beach.

You can check out Erykah’s entire photoshoot below, which is quite stunning, or hit the newsstands to pick up your print edition.

For those of you not still living in the stone age, you can also get digital copies of Essence via Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Digital copies usually include goodies, including several of the images above.

Enjoy !


  1. Beautiful photos, though Essence needs to step up their game and find some new cover girls. Meagan Good and Nicole Beharie both deserve solo covers. They’ve put men with white wives on the cover more times than they have some black women.

  2. When I first saw Erykah was on yet another cover, I was like not again. But the images are gorgeous and the inside interview is really nice as well. Everyone should check it out.

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