Erykah Badu Responds To Her Critics

Erykah Badu As rumors started to swirl earlier this week that Erykah Badu could possibly be pregnant by producer Jay Electronica, the singer started to come under scrutiny from fans, bloggers and other assorted critics who thought she was sending a bad message to young girls and the public in general. For those of you not in the know, Erykah has two children already, a son named Seven by rapper Andre 3000 and a daughter named Puma by 80’s West Coast rapper The D.O.C. Erykah has never been married and herein lies the problem according to many. If Erykah is pregnant by Jay Electronica he will be the third man she has had a child by and never married. Three children, three different fathers- many think Erykah is just a walking stereotype of Black women.

Erykah however has heard her critics and has apparently chosen to respond to them publicly, via the okayplayer message boards. Below is Erykah’s very lengthy response to those who have a problem with her lifestyle choices.



ive never been so disgusted in all of my life .
there is no other place i used to enjoy more .
i post no where else .
you guys have taken an all time low , tho.


i am a great mother and care giver to my 2 children and to this world .
my children are 2 of the kindest and happiest people i have met.
I home schooled them and taught them the ways of good to the best of my ability.
i am their doctor and their nurse .
and even sometimes their mother and their father.

i am an excellent mother and resent all of the negative comments and insults on my character.

every relationship i have been in was because i loved the person DEARLY and was dedicated to us “exclusively” FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS.

the fathers of my children are my brothers and friends .
we have a great deal of respect for one another and always will.
we took our own “vows” and CONTINUE TO UPHOLD THEM.


WHATS THE DIFFERENCE ? the government’s involvement i guess.
(this CAN happen … we need much training , however.)


(not to mention breeding deceit and anger and resentment )


how about this:





live how you want . follow which ever pattern YOU like .
and they will not ever be slaves to this society’s failing idea of morality.

BIRTH CONTROL lol … could have 10 babies instead of 2 .





your opinions lack experience and are not only careless but also very uninformed and immature.

nothing is sacred here . and i see why.

if i loose you as a fan because i want to continue to have children then

i have defended myself here ON THIS SITE and hurled a few insults .. but only in response to your insults of
my music , my clothes , my lyrics , my hair , my being a woman , my spirit, my choices of partners….
these have all been on trial here . and i continued to support the energy of this place .

this is to all the okay players / REAL HUMAN BEINGS hiding behind screen names in order to insult one another and who ever else you will.

i had to say something
i am so sad for parents who try , today guys
enough is enuf.

dont judge to quickly , OKAY PLAYER?

i know you are having fun , but what if it were you and your children?
my son is 10 .
my daughter, 4 .



and if this post is not clear
kiss my placenta.


  1. I guess it’s easy to judge. I agree that too many women are ‘baby mammas’ but i think we make the mistake in thinking stars are just like us. They are not.

    What makes single mother hood so detrimental in the ‘hood is the economic aspect, the stress it places on the family unit, and the pressure of only having one parent to supervise and provide.

    Most of these stars, like Halle, Erykah, ect. who choose single motherhood don’t have the exact same hurdles. They do however share the moral responsiblity to provide the best nurturing environment for their children. Most believe, including myself, that two parents or more (including grands, aunts, and uncles) is best.


  2. Truth hurts huh Erykah , I hear all your little explanation and you know you are wrong .Set an example not for the public butfor your kids .Aids and other STD’s are running rampant in our community as well as a high crime and failure rate among fatherless households .She knows she is wrong that is why he wrote a long explanation

  3. I swear I enjoyed reading that, and I agree with much of what she said. For some reason, people think marriage makes a happy home. The “OMG, kids out of wedlock” idea needs to be put aside. The main concern should be that kids grow up in a good home, with a parent (or parents) who love them and will raise them to be a good person. Marriage is no longer, if it ever truly was, proof that two people love each other and will be capable of a happily ever after story. That can be seen in the divorce rate and how fast people are getting married now. It certainly doesn’t prove that they’ll be good parents, and it shouldn’t be used method to judge people and their character.

    Growing in a bad home with two parents, or home where people just tiptoe around each other to make it work, is no way to grow up. I have a lot of respect to Erykah for speaking out, defending herself, and making some very wise statements to the people that judge her and her children. It seems like she’s being better mom than some of the awful mothers I’ve seen that have a ring on.

  4. This is not a good look for a woman of ANY colour in Western society. It seems women are all judged by the same measuring stick when it comes to this particular issue, the usual labels are bandied about e.g. “loose” “immoral”. Not so much for men. Over here in the UK we have a Swedish celebrity named Ulrika Johnson who has had four children by four different fathers and she caused a bit of controversy because of this. It was widely debated in the UK media with some arguing for, and others against her choices. I can’t find any of the newspaper articles right now but I found the following link on google. I think it comes down to issues like traditional gender roles and society’s expectations and obviously if you are a woman of colour in the spotlight then some people will expect you to behave like a “role model” and if you don’t they will feel “you are representing them badly”. I say let the woman live her life however she chooses, assuming she is an adult with the capacity to make informed decisions. Other people might not like her lifestyle choices but she does have the freedom to choose and we should really respect her choices as long as her children are not at risk of harm.

  5. Let’s be honest alot of people have sex, call themselves christian and completely forget about the part in the bible that says what until your married. No one cast stones, that’s between her and God, even though its still wrong. I think most mothers who came up on it like she did feel defensive because they are good mothers. No one is saying that your not. But at child two/three…I no longer blame the man. I blame you…Your powerful and intellegent but you don’t know how to use birth control? I say that if your plan was to have these kids by a friend/lover knowing that the relationship was not sound….truth is marriage makes a statement and is an agreement. Woman only say “what is marriage” because they ain’t getting prposed to and they want the dude to hang aroundand they go numb on the issue. But with that said HOW SELFISH OF YOU…I deserve a better relationship with my father, I deserve to know the love of a man on real level. Not I go over my dads house and he loves me, or he picks me up and he loves me….think of how that translates into a childs future. Woman have been doing it for years….raising kids without a father and they have done good jobs…but all of those children have stated that they wish their father was in the household.

    It’s 2008 if you end up pregnant its your are a GROWN A Woman and book smarts and common sense need to meet at some point. Baby number two. baby number three and still not in a commited relationship.

    One thing I found in myself and notice in other women is…we are the problem. No standards and no boundary lines for what we allow and tollorate going into a relationship. We do not demand a man that is going to commit and be respectful of the faith. We are just glad to have the company and something close to a title so we forgive and forget. My SISTA’S ITS TIME TO GO HIGHER! Higher in choices, higher in judgement. higher in selection. higher in relation (not sex but the company we keep men/women). Its a constant struggle but you have to realize…and i think Kat Williams said it best..if you are 20 something years old still going around talking about “men ain’t ish…then you need to stop dating ain’t ish fools”!!!!! MESSAGE!!!!! MEASSAGE!!!!! Learn how to pick them/learn when to hold them, and when to fold them!!!!!

  6. She has a point marriage doesn’t solidify a relationship, and you can’t band a woman from having kids just because she’s not married..Marriage is not the solution to every relationship..Look at Jennifer Lopez married 3 times how about Brandy & Solonge who both got married just to protect their image and what about Halle Berry who’s been married twice and has chose to have a child unmarried and not marry again..Which is right or wrong, having a child out of wedlock or setting yourself up for a failed marriage and a life of misery just because there’s a child involved? I understand the whole religous perspective but we live in a society where divorce rates are at 50%..Would it look any better if Erykah had 2 failed marriages, 2 kids and working on her 3rd marriage and 3rd child, what’s the difference..At least she can afford to take care of her children and she’s not a 16 year old high school drop out mother of three..And as far as her setting a bad example goes, this is why we should teach our children and young daughters at home.

    I’m not saying that I totally agree with what Erykah is doing but we can’t expect others to live their lives by our moral code of judgement..Everyone’s outlook on marriage and family is different depending on how you were raised and what you’ve been through in life.

  7. Erika is a whore, and a horrible representation of what the black woman stands for and truly is…..what an embarrasment!!

  8. To: Ms. Erykah Badu. From: Smooth Thug.
    Ms. Badu,
    Upon the completion of the reading of your statements and comments, I was very amazed, rather astounded, and most amused. I, therefore, find it highly necessary to inform you that I can not, and will not, go along with you in your assessment of the present state of affairs in your life.
    You stated that when it came to having your first two children you had “2 wonderful partners by my side.” 1) Those were not “partners”, sweetheart. Those were sperm donors. 2) I come to that conclusion by the simple fact that without any clarification from you to the contrary, I will have no other choice but to assume that they are no longer around.
    You further stated that when it came to your feelings about the person you had a baby with, you said, ” i loved the person dearly.” Ah, but did they love you? Again, without clarification, I assume they didn’t.
    As for the relationship you had with these individuals, you stated that you were “dedicated” “exclusively” to the relationship. Again, were they? Appearently they’re gone since I see no evidence of them still being around. Halle Berry’s situation is totally different. Her man is still there with Halle, fully dedicated to her and their child.
    You also said that your commitment to these relationships would go on ” For a number of years.” So in other words you would have a baby with one guy, he’d then get to steppin’. Then you would have a baby with someone else, then he’d get to steppin’ too. Come on now, Erykah. What is the difference between that and getting married then divorcing only to remarry then getting divorced again? “We only understand the examples we are given”, you say? Exactly! Look at the example you are giving your kids.
    You say that ” you pray with [your] children”? Excellent! That would be even better if you prayed that they someday find themselves a man or a woman who will build a relationship with them and then stay committed and devoted to that relati0nship.
    Erykah, I’m not judging you by my standards or anybody else’s standards. I’m only asking you to act like you got a little sense, please. OK?
    With cordial regards,
    Smooth Thug

  9. i applaud erkyah for what she said. i don’t plan on getting married b/c i don’t believe in the institution. i do plan on having children and raising a family. i think ideally everyone wants their children to have the same father but ppl who are married and divorced sometimes have multiple fathers of their children. does this really make it more moral? i think erkyah’s point of view is empowering. kudos to those who get married and it works for them but not that’s an individual’s personal choice. erkyah brings to light what’s truly important. my favorite line is when she says, “I AM COMPLETE WITH OR WITHOUT A PARTNER AND WILL ALWAYS BE.” oh, and “KISS MY PLACENTA” at the end haha.

  10. Smooth Thug and Lovher you guys said it best…I love Erykah Badu and wish more for her than she wishes for herself.

  11. Stef and Majesa,

    I agree with what you ladies said and I really don’t have anyting further to add.
    Good points.

  12. I agree with very little that she said. If your relationship is divine and God has put two people together…. marriage CAN last and WILL work. I am not trying to beat down anyone who has kids out of wedlock but it is time to start creating “real homes” and stop sleeping with people without even thinking “this could be my childs father/mother. So many people jump in the bed with someone b/c they look good, or have a nice ride, or a lot of money and then when they get pregnant things unravel b/c they never got to know each other. I’m not saying such is that case with Erykah but I do think she is making some excuses. Its like she is trying to make it correct or be intellectual about it. She can say what she wants but it does look bad

  13. Diddy didn’t catch too much flack for having 3 baby mothers. He caught flack for cheating but no one attacked his intellect because he has several kids by 3 different women. There’s always a double standard. Erykah is the one who has to raise those babies not us. And while we can sit here and judge her let’s not forget we are human too and have done things that people have judged us for. Live and let live.

  14. I guess I was a bit judgemental, but I am just fed up because I have relatives who do the very same thing and I haven’t seen any good come from it yet. and FYI for the comments above, I recognize diddy’s situation but I’m only addressing this b/c its a topic. Any who, God heals all wounds, Jesus IS the answer but we have to trust him

  15. Of course, no husband ever come home drunk and beat up wife and children…
    Of course, nobody gets married because of wrong reasons: parents pressure, money, pregnancy, you name it…
    Of course, nobody gets divorced…
    Of course, nobody would divorce but choose to pretend “for the children” or worse “for what people would say”

    And in each of those cases, wouldn’t the kids suffer?

    Don’t you think Eryka has the means to bring up her children the way she wants?

    About role models: it is high time to teach our children that artists, sportsmen or other celebrities are not role models. Teach them to be critical to what they see or hear.

  16. I agree with Erykah it is her business as long as her children are fullfilled and they have their mother and fathers in their lives who cares??? Let her live her life and raise her children as long as their all fine then thats all that matters. The people who are commmenting all her life choices probably have 10 kids with 10 different men get a life!!. its too many other things to worry about.

  17. Just because Erykah has money does not mean that her children are much better off than the children in the hood who come from a single parent household. I don’t think it’s any surprise now that money does not buy happiness (see all the Hollywood folks who are strung out on this drug and that drug, commit suicide, etc), and money surely isn’t a father replacement.

    Further, Erykah has clearly not made the best of choices. I don’t think there is a study out there that shows that children reared in single parent households fare better in life and are more emotionally stable than those who grow up in two parent households (excluding the extremes, like the abusive two parent household versus the incredibly nurturing one parent HH where other parent visits very frequently…after all are those are only two options?). That alone, you’d think, should be a strong enough incentive for women to want their children born in wedlock (celebrities included). If we as black women become more exclusive in terms of who we have our children with it would really make a huge difference in our communities. I’m certainly not arguing that marriage is the panacea for a bad relationship; but, if the relationship is great (as Erykah suggested hers was with her “partners”), marriage only makes it better.

    In short, ladies, let’s think hard and long before we make our families… in fact let’s plan them complete with emotional and financial stability and two people who are dedicated to growing together and not afraid to having the same last name.

  18. Btw, Noel, I don’t have any children and am a happily married woman.

  19. This is difficult, I can agree on both sides. Having multiple children outside of a committed relationship really needs to be looked at. I don’t believe in getting married or staying in a marriage because of having children, but there is a reason that they are her ex’s. She really has to evaluate that. I wish her all the best and still love her as an artist.

  20. Um..I love Ms. Badu and all but if this is her idea of good grammar then it’s high time that she stops home scoling her kids. =) j/p

  21. That’s that woman’s business. Who am I to take a self-righteous attitude towards her and her children. I have said it before and I will say it again. Just because you are married to your children’s father, you can still be a single mother. There are men who are right in the household who won’t help their children get dressed for school,much less home school them. I feel more sorry for those women. At least she is not a depressed mother, who feels unloved by a husband. I would’nt care if I were never proposed to, marrige is not what is used to be. I will get married when I am old and need someone to take me to the doctor and to the grocery store. lol For now, I am happy going through life with me and my daughter. I am not on birthcontrol because I don’t belive in that. I am blessed that my boyfriend understands that I don’t want anymore children and he uses condoms.

  22. I heart her so much, but let’s be honest. If you youtube her name you’ll find speeches of her talking about the importance of the strength of the black family to a group of bros and sis. She obviously wants to influence the world, she made herself a role-model and the voice of her people (she said she was). Now you can’t expect no criticism when you yourself want to teach people. It would be better if she had been in Halle’s situation, Halle’s not married (you don’t have to if you don’t/no longer believe in it) but she’s not a single mother and her child will have a family structure, a father in the home. Ms Badu is obviously repeating what she’s known, which is what happens 80% of the time, and her children are more likely to repeat what they’ve lived. The challenge our people need to take is to change this ridiculous amount of single parent families in the community (70%). Everyone makes mistakes, even if she doesn’t admit it to us (not obligated to), I hope she admits to herself she needs to make better choices.

    Our community cannot be strong without a strong family structure, as a matter of fact, it’s one of our biggest weaknesses. Puffy having so many children from different women is just as bad if not worse (he has more than 2 kids he barely sees), Mosdef may be wise on the mic but he’s like Puff in his personal life. We need to be honest with ourselves as a people. We’re not the only ones, but the rate is bigger than any other group. It can happen once (Brandy & Robert), but twice is already too much(Erykah & Dre and DOC), three times and more is ridiculous (Shar Jackson/KFed, Kim Porter/Puff). Sistas can’t “do it all” , we lose a part of our potential and well-being with that “do it all” mentality. And men need to man up as well, because they complain they can’t take care of kids but why don’t you wrap it up or something, to make sure you don’t get chicks preg everytime? It affects YOUR reality as well, fellas.

    Let’s make better choices, being human means you’ll make mistakes, but if you’re not learning from them there’s another way of calling it, and it is “being stupid”.

  23. I totally agree Erykah!!! Tell all your critics to stop picking from your Apple Tree and worry about their own lives. You ain’t asked none of them to baby sit or to buy milk for them. Keep doing what you do.

  24. Ahh, the internetz strike again. 😆

    I’m sure people were talking trash about Erykah after she had her second child; most likely they were saying the same type things, but didn’t have an OUTLET (i.e. the internet) to where she’d be more aware of what they were saying. I’m not justifying the actions of those who have talked down about the latest news surrounding this sista at all. I’m only saying 4 years and moving yourself from analog to digital changes things and I kinda wish Erykah hadn’t even responded.

    With that said, she makes a point. She DID give thought to having her kids otherwise she would’ve been one of those teen’s having a baby at 15 or having her eighth child by the time she was 26. I’ve read lots of hate towards her and have until now refrained from saying anything; but to bottom line it, she’s a grown ass woman and we can only go ‘so far’ with passing judgment on her life, can’t we? Everybody should chill and let her be and stop off-putting your own beliefs/views about marriage and family onto these celebrity superstars.


  25. Just because someone is grown doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take responsibility and strive to make better choices. In fact because she is a grown a$$ woman she should know better and not be doing what the 15 year old kids do.

    Come on my people. Stop making excuses and learn to live a better life. It’s no secret, rearing positive and well-balanced children takes two people who are typically in the household. Stop comparing her situation to the absent father who happens to be in the household. That too needs to be addressed, but is a whole other topic. Those are not our two options. Be more careful of who you have your children with…point blank. And if he won’t marry you or doesn’t want his children to be born in wedlock, chances are he’ll be just as nonchalant when things get rough (as they inevitably will in this thing called life). Whether a man will commit to marriage speaks volumes of his commitment to you and your future offspring.

    Stop settling for less.

  26. Kudos to her for even writing that ish,but on the real she’s a grown women just like the rest of us and held accountable for her own.Marriage wont make a difference as someone said earlier,look at Brandy and SOlange and they didnt last.It was just to protect their image,but then she would ve have 2 failed marriages/reltaionships and still been single taking care of her kids being mother and father.To each its own.Like she says her partners are in her kids lives and I guess thats all that matters.She should use birth control.It would help.I hope this her last,but i dont care,I still love her music and Imnot takigncare the kids..LOL

  27. All the comparisons to Halle needs to stop. Lets do the comparisons when Halle’s kid is 4 or 10 because i’m pretty sure a lot of single parents can tell you that it was all good for a few months or years after the kid was born but then sh!t happened and the baby daddy is gone.

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe in multiply kids by different fathers. It’s not a good look but neither do I currently believe in marriage but as many has stated we are responsible in choosing who we choose in becoming parents.

  28. ” Sho Ya Right”, thank you so very much for your words. They are very well said. Yes, all because Erykah is a grown a$$ woman doesn’t mean that it’s OK for her to go around acting like a 15 year old. I agree with that. I also agree with this… all because her “partners” are grown men doesn’t mean that it’s OK for them to go around acting like 15 year olds too. All they did was take “it” out of their pants, put it up in there, wiggle “it” around, and when they were done, they got to steppin’. That’s what high schoolers do.
    “Miss P”, if Brandy and Solange got married just to protect their image, then they got married for the wrong reasons. No wonder their marriages turned into disaster areas. However, for the purposes of this particular subject under discussion here, we are talking about a marriage that is entered into for all the RIGHT reasons… 2 adults (not 15 year olds) who want to create a stable relationship for themselves and a postive environment for their kids, etc., etc. By the way, please do me a kind favor. Please go back and slowly and carefully read Ms. Badu’s comments again. No where, no where does she say that her “Partners” are still in her children’s lives. She only states that her and her “Partners” are still friends. That is not the same thing as parenting. That entire situation is one big, ugly, giant mess.

  29. You know this really amazes me. We celebrate Beyonce and Jay-Z and they traveled around and had premaritial sex. But we lifted her up as oh she is a great Christian she is strong in her faith as she slides down a pole and gyrates on a strange man that she picks out of the audience to give a lap dance too. But mothers continue too take their little girls to that concert and then wonder why they are having sex at 13.

    We just celebrated Tocarro & Naiomi Campbell showing all of their breast and body in magazine. We idolize these rappers who for atleast the last decade or so has done nothing to help out the image of black women. If anything they have destroyed it. But this woman here who’s average fan is probably 30 or older is going to destroy young girl.

    When are we as black people are just going to admit that we dropped the ball with our children. It is our fault. We allow these young women too walk around looking like they are going to solicit for sex. Are young men walk around looking like they just got out the joint. But this woman is the reason a teenage mother is going to get pregnant.

    These young girls are getting pregnant because for one they are having sex and they are not educated about their bodies. They are not taught to respect themselves. My mother told me when I was 15 years old that protection should be the responsiblility of both parties but since it is your body and if you get pregnant then you will probably most likely be the one that wounds up pregnant.

    It is time to bring shame back into our lives and back into our communities. Eryka and the rest of these startlets have know shame about themselves because if they did they wouldn’t act the way they act. But parents don’t take a sigh of relief because it is time for you all to stop being triflin and raise your kids and teach them responsibility for self.

  30. I am appalled by the viciousness of some of these comments. I am also saddened that Ms. Badu had to try to defend her family and her choices to a bunch of strangers.

    Ones views of morality and rightness belong to the individual. Ones view of what constitutes a marriage belongs to the individual as well. If we look at biblical examples Ms. Badu WAS married to the fathers of her children. If they chose to walk away or whether they made the decision together, she would have been powerless to force the fathers of her children to stay. We don’t know what promises they made to each other in these relationships, but we do know that they were lasting, committed relationships. How many people get married just to find out that their husband wasn’t committed at all? Should we clown her because she chose to trust in someone that she loved? Is it so bad that she believed in the love that she shared with her exes?

    Maybe the venom should be directed, not at Ms. Badu, who is taking care of her responsibilities, but at the fathers who walked away (by not marrying the mother of their child) from their families. Why must black women bear the burden for everything wrong in the black community? Look at the men. That’s what the bible says to do. Men are supposed to be leading us, taking care of us, being the example. Women and children will fall in line with them or we will have to push on, doing the best that we can without them.

    Also, we are talking about 2 serious relationships over a decent time period. Many women, in all walks of life, have more relationships than that in a fraction of the time. Why, though, should that even be a factor, when it isn’t a factor for men? It’s great when men sleep around, but let their be evidence that a woman is sexually active and it’s cause for scandal? We really are too stupid. If the men are active, then the women are too unless the men are gay. So let’s not act surprised that women are having unwed sex.

    You don’t like the way she runs her relationships, run yours differently. Teach your own children to run their relationships the way you think they should. Yes, she is a role model, and I think she is a positive one and their are things that I would be proud for my children to learn from her. Their are things about Ms. Badu and every other person that I prefer my children didn’t model and it is up to me to teach them how to discern the difference.

    Take the best a person has to offer and overlook the other things because that is what God does for us and what He requires us to do for others.

  31. My question is who is any of us to judge another? If she so chooses to have her children by men she loves and continues to raise them with love…again…who are we to judge? As Erykah said- too many relationships are based out of fear of how it will be perceived by others. A woman being battered finds herself ‘trapped’ in a marriage because she fears others will see her as a failure because she didn’t stick it out…that son/daughter then grows up to feel that is what a relationship is all about. I rather see a strong woman succeed bystanding on her own two feet, so that her son can see what a strong woman looks like and her daughter can maybe fashion her life with the example of her strong mother. My mom too, was just a single, no nonesense, determine woman. She raised my brother and I, while working and going school parttime while making sure we stayed off the streets, out of trouble with our heads in the books. Today, I am a undergrad at Columbia majoring in International Business and my brother is at NC State majoring in Chemical Engineering. My mom, well let’s just say Dr. Livingston is doing pretty well working for a hospital back home in San Diego. She is my best friend, my mentor, my rock. If a two- parent household has two loving parents that is great. But don’t doubt the love, the passion and the determination of a single mother.

  32. @SnijanaFleur:

    First of all what a cool name. I hope I am pronouncing it right. It’s that I like nor dis-like Beyonce I am just saying I think we send mix signals out sometimes too society and to these young ladies out here.

    I am not a fan of Beyonce, but, I am proud of her as a sister for her accomplishments. I just think that she has apart in destroying the minds of youth with always singing about material things and also always thinking she has too show every inch of her body for a man to be interested in her. With this over produced sexuality. And it is not just her.

    So all I am saying s if we are going to down one part of it then we should speak on all of these mess that is out here. And not justs with celebrities with our selves as well. I know I fall short of the glory, but, I try too live right. And I just don’t think it is necessary too look like sluts too sell records.

  33. The one thing I’ve learned about life is that you can’t defend your choices. They’re your choices and that’s it. Case Closed. Erykah needs to realize that she is a celebrity and that her private life will be attacked cause that just how people get down. People; particularly small minded people will always have something to talk about. If if ain’t her hair, its her relationships, if it ain’t her music, its how she dresses.

    The bottom line is that you can’t make people happy; and no human being has the power to judge. I think Erykah knows this already. She probably was just having a moment. Sometimes you just can’t believe how judgmental and finger-wagging people can be.

  34. Lovher, Smooth Thug & Liyah- you all made awesome valid points that I, myself agree with.

    I luv Erykah {the artist, don’t pay attn to her personal life} and though I may not agree w/ the way she goes about her relationships {however that is}. That’s between her and the Creator of all things, in the end.

    I guess it’s all a matter of who/what you believe in. Only at the end of time will we know our eternal fate for how we go about now *shrug*…

  35. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    I have been trying to resist posting but I just want to say that Ms. Nne hit the nail on the head with her comments about my views on this situation.

    I love Ms Erykah as an artist and I wish I would never hear about their personal lives because it spoils the fun for me. To her defense I can’t even imagine and I don’t want to find out what it is like to live, love, and create with the whole world watching. As Gaston commented, entertainers should not be our role models.

    As a Christian and a human being, I will extend to Ms Badu the same love and grace that God has given me and pray that it all works together in the end for her and her kids and all the troubled folks in our community.

  36. Also want to add that though some public people are innovators and trend setters, many only mirror back to the community what many are already experiencing. A moral revolution begins with personal responsiblity times 20 million. In other words, each one of us should stop looking for a national leader to rescue our community and start creating a better reality in our own household. Don’t hide or deny our mistakes. Forgive ourselves and keep moving in the direction by making better choices. Once we experience some victory in conquering our own demons, we can lovingly (non critical) help others to do the same.

    Each one, teach one.

  37. THE WOMAN GETS PREGNANT AND THE WOMAN KNOWS. I highly doubt any of them are accidents from condom mis haps. Bottome line is in todays world with so many virus’s alone all religions aside weather you believe or not…ITS TRIFFLIN!!! Black women are the number one effected by this and she feels that she needs to say that having a kid is not the big deal people make it. And others sadfully are agreeing because they feel there should be no system….ok watch someone die of aids or any other STD because none of them sound pleasant to me. You need to seek out the highest of commitment you can. She clearly has not…and ladies by the highest commitment I didn’t mean marriage… meant self love and not self hate and denial. If she is so conscience why would she say that and plant the seed in a girls head who has not lived long enough to know the consequences that hey having kids like buying cars is cool. A new one every three-five years! I’m commenting twice because that kind of ignorance is sick….people are going after rappers and they need to be going after her for puting that mess in the eyes of a beholder. We are queens and we should protect each other. And educate each other on what not to do. AAARRRGGGHHHHH. It p
    ‘s me off because some 18 year old saw this that looks up to her and now what???? And the problem with black folk is we always want to say that such and such got away with it. But my momma used to tell me “well you the one that got caught so shut up.” IF YOU WRONG YOU WRONG…I don’t care about diddy, tom cruise, usher, or whoever else. WRONG IS WRONG. Protect yourself and save yourself or DIE!!!!!!

  38. Let’s face it, most people’s morals have gone down the drain.

  39. how dare any of y’all cast stones. people are so quick to judge someone thats in the public eye. yet i can guarantee that those judging would fail miserably if the roles where reversed. why are y’all looking for someone else to be the ‘almighty example’? why are you leaving it up to someone else to show you the way. what E does is between her and her god. who are any of us to judge. and folks have the nerve to wonder why we cant unite. its because we’re too busy throwing stones and judging. folks makes me sick sometimes.

  40. “I work at pleasing me ’cause I can’t please you
    and that’s why I do what I do;
    My soul flies free like a willow tree, dooeeeeeee”

    Erykah Badu-Apple Tree

  41. Wow…I can’t believe how judgemental people are on this site. Ever heard of “glass house”

  42. Well I`ll just speak on the home schooling part of Erykah`s rebuttle.

    I do agree with her home schooling her childern for it is something that we, as a people, should have been doing a long time ago. I humbly believe that we all have been miseducated. Can the former slave expect the former slave master to “truly” educate him? To answer that in the affirmative would be naive to say the least; for that is an oxymoron. For our former slave masters to “truly” educate us would be like cutting their own noses to spite their face.

    Just think about it. Before our forefathers were brought here to The Western Hemisphere we possessed “infinite” knowledge as we had mastered the universe in its` totality. The mathematics, science, philosophy, architect, etc, we had mastered it all before we came into contact with The Europeans. Even today it is still a mystery how our people built the great pyramids, even unto us. All this knowledge we lost a long, long time ago. Today we go and send our children to school to learn and to gain knowledge that will, more times than not, serve our former slave masters.

    It`s like the master going to the student and saying, “educate me”. That`s just how far we have fallen and the shackles of slavery still embodies us, for we are enslaved mentally. We have been taught by a people who don`t even recognize us as an American. Not only that but I submit to you that we aren`t Americans judging by their own constitution. For how can I “truly” be an American if I`m only classified as 3/5 of a human being. Therefore, I`m not protected by the said laws of the constitution.

    I think our beloved brotha Malcolm X said it best with the following quotes;

    “I`m not an American, I`m one of the 22 mil. victims of Americanism”.

    “I don`t have democracy, I`ve only be shown a hypocritical disguise called democracy”.

    So if we`re not really citizens, why then would they (our former slave masters) “truly” educate us? Even today most of us would still pledge allegiance to the flag when we have yet to know the freedom that this country says all men have. How can I quote the pledge of allegiance when injustice still reigns from their laws? Real citizens do not need civil rights laws passed for they are already citizens.

    So I totally agree with Erykah home schooling her children because The American school system is not in our best interest.

    P.S. I`ll no longer post lyrics from MJ`s or The Jacksons songs if it annoys certain people. It`s not a big deal so I`ll keep it moving. I`ll just give my personal tribute by referring to MJ`s name.

    MJ and The 80`s forever!!!

  43. While I definitely appreciate Eykah’s point and respect the fact that it is her choice, I certainly can’t relate, and I definitely don’t agree with her point about staying in a bad relationship for the sake of the children. My parents have been happily married for almost 50 years. Neither of them have children out of wedlock. They’ve made TONS of sacrifices along the way in order to set better examples for their children who look up to them. The fruits of their labor are 4 adult sons, none of whom have children out of wedlock. The choices that our parents made earlier in life still guide our decisions today as we are now all happily married parents, ourselves. See people… CAN be done! Ultimately, life has a way of complicating itself. We, as parents, should add clarity to our children’s lives, not more confusion.

  44. And now that she has Spoken No more needs to be said……

    Um I believe it is her Body,Life and right to do HER……


  45. “Smooth Criminal”, Michael Jackson lyrics don’t annoy me. Please keep them coming because I enjoy them very much.

  46. Well. She said it all. And I think what she chooses to do with her life is her business and no one elses. Times have changes so much over the last 30 years. It would be idea to have 2 parents in each home, but that is not realistic. It is not the norm in our communities. As long as she is taking care of her children correctly then everyone needs to get out of her business.
    Women are critized if they dont take care of their children, run the streets, bring to many men around their children, and not spendign quality time with their children. She is has not done any of these things. For all of the Naysayers…..GO FIND THE PEDOPHILES AND RAPIST AND WOMEN BEATERS THAT CONTINUE TO GO TO JAIL AND GET OUT ONLY TO COMMIT THE CRIMES AGAIN….
    Just something to think about!

  47. @ Smooth Criminal
    Please keep the lyrics comming from MJ. I enjoyed his music in the past.

  48. “P.S. I`ll no longer post lyrics from MJ`s or The Jacksons songs if it annoys certain people. It`s not a big deal so I`ll keep it moving. I`ll just give my personal tribute by referring to MJ`s name.”

    I love michael jackson too i adore him but its get anoying when i have to scroll
    a lil longer down to read other people’s comments because of that that’s all
    i’m sure i’m not the only one but i don’t like to shut up on my feelings
    but thank you for considering me and my feelings 🙂


  50. Morality, just as conscience, is given to the people (seals, robots, goyim) by the society, so what can you expect from the majority of the m(asses) of the people? They will function under and according to their programming. A robot is as a robot does. And that’s why they judge Eryka they way they do (and did).

  51. @Smooth Criminal:

    That was deep. I never thought of education in that way.But that definately explains alot. It explains why there is never enough books in our community schools. Why everything is always in such a disaray.

    The former slave master descendants have been taught how great we are and how we catch on too things extremely fast, so you are absolutely right why would they want too teach us. We have to take control over our own education.

  52. Okay, typed a little fast above and didn’t want to drop too long because I wasn’t sure the comment would take (post), but it did, so here goes in FULL:

    Morality, just as conscience, is given to the people (seals, robots, goyim) by the society, so what can you expect from the majority of the m(asses) of the people? They will function under and according to their programming. A robot is as a robot does. And that’s why they judge Eryka the way they do (and did).

    The American people (masses) are major dumb asses. Not all, but most! I know because I deal with them on many issues in life in this Matrix (law, relationships, taxes, employment, religion, belief systems, sexuality, etc.). I have over 210+ articles written on these various subjects (

    Marriage is purposely faltering in this society (the Matrix) because it is based on an old and outdated paradigm (wether you like this fact or not). Many of the ignorant Christians are the most self-righteous hypocrites on the planet. Now where in their Bible do they find prophets of God getting married? That man (prophet Abraham) screwed many women without marrying them (the way modern ignoramuses define and view marriage and suggest Ms. Badu should adhere to).

    The Bible clearly lists many men (mostly prophets) “going in unto her (a woman)” and thus making the woman his wife. Abraham never married Hagar and Hagar was given to Abraham for sexual purposes (to bear a child for Abraham) but still we find mention of Hagar being Abraham’s wife (“And Sarai Abram’s wife took Hagar her maid … and gave her to her husband to be his wife, Genesis 16:3).

    But where was the marriage between Abraham and Sarai and Hagar? Where were the wedding vows? Where’s the mention of the marriage license? If you gon’ be by the Bible, then be by it, but don’t intermingle the Bible with the State (System/government) especially when there’s supposed to be a separation between Church and State (at least on the surface because hell, the State owns the Church via 501(c)3 incorporation/Title 26 United States Code); but clearly the State is God because while you claim God in your ignorance and hypocrisy, the State is your God and your actions prove it.

    God never told you to go get a marriage license, the State did and for the State’s reason (to own your marriage and regulate it via the Civil Code and Family Code). God never told you to go take a blood test. You see, you can’t find any of the things the American simpletons do in regards to marriage in the Bible. All you will find is a man “going in unto” a woman and this act ALONE made the woman the man’s wife and we even find prophets of God doing this act with impunity, hell, ole Solomon even had 700 wives and do you think there were 700 wedding ceremonies or 700 marriage licenses obtained? Of course not!

    Now since God never said go get a marriage license, go get a blood test, go get married in a big ass church and spend $10,000 – $25,000 on the wedding ceremony, etc., who told you to go do all these things? ANSWER: Your God, the State (government)!

    God told the Christians and the Muslims that usury (interest) was prohibited, but look at the hypocrite Christian and Muslim in the United States – these hypocrites WILLFULLY go get credit (i.e. credit cards, mortgages, car notes, etc.) which attaches the forbidden usury (monthly interest rate); so again, who is God? Clearly the State! C’mon now, the Bible clearly says you can’t serve God and mammon (Matthew 6:24) and look at what folks are doing while yet claiming God and following God’s strict command and then will justify it by saying Jesus said to render unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasar and the things of God to God, but how do we interpret this as going along with the God-forsaken world? Clearly through misinterpretation but again we find in the Good Book for the Christian to not lean unto their ‘own’ understanding (interpretation), Proverbs 3:5 as well as to not judge another (which includes Eryka Badu), Matthew 7:1-2

    Personally, I judge and have judged via choice and free will and it’s okay because I’m not a Christian and thus not held in check by Biblical code like Christians and Muslims.

    The term “license” is legal in nature and means “permission to do a forbidden or prohibited thing or act that without permission is illegal, trespass, or a tort.” Reference the following for your legal edification:

    “A license is merely a permit or privilege to do what otherwise would be unlawful.” Payne v. Massey, 196 S.W. 2d 493; 145 Tex. 237, 241

    “The purpose of a license is to make lawful what would be unlawful without it.” State v. Minneaoplic-St.Paul Metro Airports Com’n, 25 N.W. 2d 718, 725

    “A license is a Right granted by some competent authority to do an act which, without such license, would be illegal.” Beard v. City of Atlanta, 86 S.E. 2d 672, 676; 91 Ga. App. 584

    Do you understand what license means now? A license gives you PERMISSION to do an act that without the license is ILLGAL or UNLAWFUL. Now can someone please explain to me what makes doing an act (man and woman coming together to be a union) since time immemorial without a license ILLEGAL or UNLAWFUL?

    So you mean to tell me that if you ascend in love, oops, worldly people “fall” in love, so, if two people “fall” in love and decide to be together for conjugal and other purposes, and do not seek PERMISSION (from the State), their act is unlawful?

    The Bible doesn’t mention this being unlawful, so how did it become unlawful? Who made it unlawful? Who is this COMPETENT authority that gives permission for marriage these days? Maybe Badu knows something her pompous critics don’t know.

    You see, before you condemn Ms. Badu for being the clearly evident free-thinker and iconoclast that she is, ask yourself why do you do what you do in the first place pertaining to certain things like getting a marriage license (permit), obtaining a driver’s license, paying income taxes (when income is clearly LEGALLY different from salary and wages), getting a business license, registering your vehicle with the State, obtaining a birth certificate, getting a deed for your home, etc.

    Go learn what the word “register” and “deed” means and learn how you voluntarily allow yourself to get fucked up the ass for being the big dummy that you are because you don’t understand the laws of the land that clearly govern you (and the rest of us) due to successful programming (inculcation) via attending the public fool system, oops, I meant to say ‘public school system.’.

    Go learn how the word “wedding” originally meant “to sell one’s daughter,” and then go study the etymological root of the word “dowry” (though we no longer give them these days).

    Go learn before you judge and condemn while completely ignorant of the origins and modern day ramifications and implications of your actions, rituals, and ceremonies. Go learn where the phrase “jumping the broom” originated and what it meant (and still means). Go learn why your engagement ring is for the fourth index finger and specifically for the left hand. Go learn why their is a “marriage tax” (taxing a sacred union ordained by God).

    Ignorance to the ears of the wise, sophisticated , and refined is ANNOYING!

    You who self-righteously condemn Eryka Badu are all a bunch of hypocrites who like Jesus said “… with your mouths you profess me, but your hearts are far removed from me.”

    Our world has changed and is changing, so get with the change before the change gets with you. Most of you will be assed out when gas reaches $7 per gallon knowing full well you have no pay raises forthcoming on your corporate plantation job that can counter this. Oh, and don’t forget to look up the term ’employee’ too. And don’t look these words up in a regular dictionary. Regular English does not rule, LEGAL language does! Law rules here in the corporate U.S.

    Teach ERYKA! TEACH HARD! What these fools up!

  53. Whatever..all this crap


  54. Thank you well well said. Djehuty is part of the problem. Because s/he hides under falty reasoning, reasoning that is way way too long and drawn out might I add. She cites the tax code as the basis for her argument that the state owns the church. Wow. The church is afforded tax exemption under the code, but it hardly means they are owned by the state because of it. Djehuty also makes the argument that God never told people to get licenses and to get married. Last time I checked, God never “told” me anything. God never told me to not kill even. But good reason tells me that God would want me to not kill. To suggest that God doesn’t want people to get married….well that’s a new one.

    Djehuty, you might be right about America being comprised of a bunch of fools…. you are the poster child.

  55. YES, Sho Ya WRONG! Djehuty is part of the probelm when you are smart and wise enough to know that problem means “opportunity” and that’s what I offer: opportunities (to grow and improve) via mental stimulation.

    Also, there’s no solution without understanding. God told you not to kill? That’s a lie. Remove the supermarkets and you (and everyone else) would outright kill the meat (animals) you eat. You would also steal, rob, and commit every other penal code violation if government created the circumstances for it. Remember, sheep are always controlled. They are reactionary creatures. Sheeple are no different.

    Let’s keep it real, Beloved! You don’t kill HUMANS under a civil jurisdiction because society told you not to. But if society put you in its military (army) your ass would be killing left and right, like they’re doing right now in the so-called Middle East. Don’t talk no shit to me about government and how it’s not your God. You are the product of society.

    The tax code (IRS/Title 26) does confer ownership. Here, though your brain power may be deficient when it comes to lengthy material (which is why Americans are enslaved right now), the U.S. Supreme Court bears me witness (please read in full for your legal edification; I promise you won’t get brain cancer):

    “We are of the opinion that there is a clear distinction in this particular between an individual and a corporation, and the latter has no right to refuse to refuse to submit its books and papers for examination on the suite of the State. The individual may stand upon his Constitutional Rights as a Citizen. He is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the State or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no such duty to the State, since he receives nothing therefrom, beyond the protection of his life, liberty, and property. His Rights are such as the law of the land long antecedent to the organization of the State, and can only be taken from him by Due Process of Law, and in accordance with the Constitution. Among his Rights are the refusal to incriminate himself, and the immunity of himself and his property from arrest or seizure except under warrant of law. He owes nothing to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights.

    Upon the other hand, the corporation is a creature of the State. It is presumed to be incorporated for the benefit of the public. It receives certain special privileges and franchises, and holds them subject to the laws of the State and the limitations of its charter. Its rights to act as a corporation are only preserved to it so long as it obeys the laws of its creation. There is a reserved right in the legislature to investigate its contracts and find out whether it has exceeded its power. It would be a strange anomaly to hold that the State, having chartered a corporation to make use of certain franchises, could not in exercise of its sovereignty inquire how these franchises had been employed, and whether they had been abused, and demand the production of corporate books and papers for that purpose. Hale v. Hinkel, 201 U.S. 43, 74-75

    The corporation is a CREATURE (that which is created) of the State and knowest though not the State controls what it creates? In law, if you can control, you OWN it! That’s why all U.S. citizens are owned by the State and the proof is in all of your government documents you have and possess and all the codes you are regulated by. Your every action and behavior is regulated (controlled) because you are controlled.

    If the State doesn’t own a thing, then how can it regulate what it doesn’t own? If you own your car (which you don’t via vehicle registration), how in the hell can the State impound it for not obeying the State’s laws? To take property denotes power predicated upon ownership! Many churches have been shut down for not obeying the State and so explain to me how the nexus between the State and the Church was initially formed. It was formed through what you are clearly ignorant of: INCORPORATION!

    You are ruled by government via contracts (legal documentation) that is espoused for surface reasons, i.e. public safety, public morals, compelling state interest, etc.

    And God never told you anything? It would appear that way from your response which displayed your brain or the absence of that in your brain, but I can see you are not spiritual so I won’t waste my time.

    And for the record, my words did not espouse that God didn’t want people to get married, my words are clear in that TODAY you are getting married in society under government regulations as well as traditions of the State that do not jive what was recorded in Biblical scripture and I dare you to find and post substantiation. You won’t because you can’t!

    Just fess up to the truth that you are an imp of the State (a municipal corporation) and get fucked up the ass with ‘no vaseline’ because you want to be law-abiding and obedient under the banner of sheer ignorance of things written in books with too many words and no pictures which lulls ignoramuses to sleep due to them having a 30 second attention span.

    “Every problem is an oportunity waiting to happen.” – Tucker

    “In every problem lies the seed of its own solution.” – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

    So you goddamn right I’m part of the problem. Problems incite greatness to be revealed or manifested also reveal solutions and opportunities. And that’s why the masses are not great because they can’t handle problems much less want to deal with them.

    Instead of dictating circumstances, most people let circumstances dictate to them. But such are the ways of the world (society, the people).

  56. Djehuty, you sound like one of those “homeless prophets.” LMAO It really is hilarious skimming your rant. But really though, how did you get access to the internet!?!? Get off the library’s computer, your time’s up.

  57. Sho Ya Right: would a “homeless” prophet own a company such as: Dherbs.Com?

    See, you acting a fool (evidently, your nature) and I’m putting up facts and realisms. My company/business is e-commerce based so if you had a minutiae of sense you’d know that e-businesses require Inter-net use and access.

    I “live my making” and “make a living” on the Inter-net. In fact, I’m getting paid right now to chisel off the calcification from your pineal gland. I get paid for being on the Inter-net to manhandle “intelligence haters,” when I’m not simply sharing and from a certain vibration.

    So with that said, only a fool would log off when they have sound reason to stay logged on, but a fool is as a fool does.

    Many are worried about Badu and her private affairs and these same mofuggas can barely pay their rent and utility bills but they are social reformers, moral guides and coaches. Yeah, RIGHT! Nothing but a bunch of unknowners, insignificants, soap box ministers and preachers, and poor righteous teachers with nothing better to do than to pass judgment on those in the limelight whereas they themselves are dying for just a speck of the light (5 minutes of fame) themselves.

    These sapsuckas are at work sneaking on the Inter-net to kill (pass) the time while Badu is doing what she wants to do and making mad snaparoos ($$$) in the process.

    I like people like you because you serve as a famous Everlast product known as the punching bag.

    My responses are long because they show what’s in my head and yours are short because …. well, um, I think you and others get it, but then again in your special case, maybe you don’t, but that’s just too bad.

    Get off Badu’s tits and go lead by example being the Great American moralist, if you have the heart despite lacking the brains!

    From the FOOL himself!!!!

  58. @ Sho Ya Right
    Well said! LMAO

    Other cultures may not get a “license from the state” to get married, but the institution of marriage has been acknowledge as such with rituals (dowries, etc) and norms of behavior throughout recorded history. God also recognized marriage and 2 of the 10 commandments dealt with the sexual conduct of those unions.

    Yes. In the Old Testament some men had several wives and concubines to demonstrate their wealth and power and to insure that women would not go unmarried due to lack of men (war casualties). If you want to know what God intended go back to the Garden. It was only Adam & Eve. One man to one woman. The fall of man perverted what God intended. He did allow this activity for hundreds of years but through Jesus (under the “New” Testament) He began reinstating His plan for those who choose to take Him at His word. In the New Testament in the book of Titus chapter 1, it says a leader should be “the husband of ONE wife”. Promiscuity was not apart of the plan!

    Work prevents me from taking the time to unravel your points. But here are a couple of scriptures to meditate upon…

    Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
    Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.

    We all (including myself) must remember that when we don’t use our God given common sense and don’t learn from our mistakes we make messes of our lives and the lives of others.

  59. Djehuty
    Your post is a very interesting read. I’m glad you participated.
    My fav. line is
    “Problems incite greatness to be revealed or manifested also reveal solutions and opportunities.”
    I’ll never look at problems the same way again LOL.


  61. @Djehuty:

    Your post was very “thought provoking”. You are definitely on point about The Government. A people`s governmental system does shape that people`s mind. We are indeed property of The U.S. Government. And it starts with our birth certificate followed by our social security number, etc. etc. All documents that The Government, be it local, state or federal, has pertaining to each of us denotes ownership. Not only that but if The President ever declares Marshall Law it will become even more evident.

    By Executive Orders 10999-11006, maybe more, The Federal Government has the authority to seize all property, vehicles and bank accounts of all individuals if deemed necessary. We all should keep our eyes open because it was recently signed into law for The Government to be able to spy on us. So indeed we do not have “true” sovereignty.

  62. Married people contract HIV/AIDS also-just a little food for thought. Regeneration can’t take place if you use condoms or birth control. Children are a blessing. The womb is a sacred place that brings life. I refuse to poison it with birth control pills. Just my choice. I am not saying people should have unprotected sex all over the place, but whether people want to admit it or not, everyone dosen’t always use protection and it dosen’t mean you are going to get AIDS. If you know you have it, Its your moral responsibility to know that your sex life is over. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s true.

  63. What if this is what she wants?… To have a lot of children, coincidentally, by a lot of men. I agree with her, marriage is only a judicial and papal arrangement, only to be defiled time and time again by human nature.

    If she was to do what she’s being “accussed” of , then she certainly has the rights and THE MEANS. I don’t know many baby mamas who are acclaimed musicians and are multi-millionaires. So, single mother typicality in no way applies here.

  64. The fact the she has 3 children by 3 different men doesn’t make her a whore. It’s just that for the structure of the family I don’t find it solid, I’m just not feeling it, but that’s simply my personal perception of it.

    But you can’t use the 3 different fathers to call her a whore. What if you have a woman or a man who f**k 10 different people a month and never procreate? Aren’t they the real whores? Or are they considered “cool” because nobody got pregnant? Do you think just because she has 3 kids out of wedlock she’s more of a whore than JLo who didn’t have kids out of wedlock? Or Paris Hilton who has no kids ? If Erykah has been EXCLUSIVE to all her men then she was NEVER a whore. Now if she hasn’t been, it’s another story. My point is, the number of kids a woman has doesn’t says anything about her being a whore or not, unless you know her sexual life, you can’t tell.

  65. TO: Pearls Revealed.

    I don’t know if it’s on purpose or what, but you and Sho Ya Wild, I mean “Sho Ya Right” are misconstruing my clear point that HOW FOLKS GET MARRIED TODAY does not jive with or can be substantiated with or by the Bible, so if the Bible is our moral Thomas Guide how do we justify going by certain things in the Bible and then turn around justifying doing things forbidden by the Bible (like the point I made on ‘interest” which you and SYR fell silent upon)? Like the Scripture says, you can’t serve God and mammon. Jesus is against divorce (MATTHEW 5:31) but how many Christian couples have divorced?

    Erykah Badu cannot even be judged from a Christian code of moral and ethical conduct or criteria. It’s hypocritical! It’s a very clear point and I’ll leave it alone after this (post).

    It may be factual that “the institution of marriage has been acknowledge as such with rituals (dowries, etc) and norms of behavior throughout recorded history,” but if you had knowledge of verboten RECORDED history you’d know that marriage itself (the institution and rituals) was instituted by males (in power) under a patriarchal mentality, paradigm, and construct, and again, if we study the etymological root of words such as “wedding” we’ll arrive at truth, for “wedding” meant “to sell one’s daughter” and any good dictionary will bear me witness (as well as the movie “The Color Purple” whereby the mean father sells his older daughter to Danny Glover’s character).

    Our word “daughter” originally meant “to milk a cow” because girls were exclusively servants and never heirs to their father’s property. The work “F**K” also originally meant “to milk a cow.” Study words and terms because Americans are WORD CONTROLLED people. Read a few of my articles @ Dherbs.Com and you’ll learn so much shell shocking truth about “what’s really going on” in the good ole corporate U.S. which many ignorant folk think is still a Republic country.

    Study matrilineal societies (i.e. Amazons) and you will see that there were no marriages to males only unions to produce seed. This was the general rule! Males turned everything around when they violently came into power and warred against the Goddess energy and principle which is why the world is a mess today under patriarchy whereby the woman now takes the man’s last name in marriage and this was not so under matrilineal societies because the child always took on the name of the mother (as it is only the female who possesses the mitochondria gene, not the male) and belonged to the mother’s tribe. I’ll end here on this point as I don’t want to get too deep where folks (not necessarily yourself) feel safe in 2 feet of shallow water. But there’s a plethora of good reading on the subject matter by authors such as Merlin Stone (When God Was A Woman), Barbara G. Walker (The Women’s Dictionary of Myths and Secrets), et al. Christianity’s hidden foundation is the Goddess construct.

    You said: “God also recognized marriage and 2 of the 10 commandments dealt with the sexual conduct of those unions.” Again, what Christians do TODAY does not jive with Scriptural authority, strictly construed (and minus all the contradictions in the BIble. If God prohibited ‘adultery’ (Exodus 20:14) and ‘coveting thy neighbor’s wife’ (Exodus 20:17) why does society promote these things in a so-called Christian nation? Why do Christians easily go along for the ride?

    Using statutory construction one could see that Exodus 20:17 does not forbid a woman from coveting her neighbor’s husband and so we have this activity going on all the time.

    Even the peeping Tom Prophet King David himself violated Exodus 20:17 when he slew (murdered) Bathsheba’s husband Uriah to have her all to himself to satisfy his lust that originated from him peeping her showering in the nude (2 samuel 11:1-5).

    Hell, being technical, the Bible itself is not even a trustworthy moral code or compass to go by. Native peoples across the Earth who do not embrace Western religions do not have any written moral code and yet do not have an iota of the behavioral problems we do in the West with all of our major Western religions we embrace and uphold as the supreme code of moral and ethical conduct and behavior.

    You cannot successfully legislate or regulate morals, ethics, etc because it’s something in human nature that makes man and woman rebel and do what they are told not to do and the mythical story of Adam and Eve bear me witness (as well as modern day’s NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming). Indeed, forbidden fruits are sweetest. LOL!!!

    Suppression of bad or evil makes us want to do them for what is suppressed is eventually expressed, so look at all the sexual activity, pornography, Black women scantily clad in gangster rap music videos gyrating wildly, bisexuality, homosexuality, etc. all of which violate morals and ethics established by the Bible and admonished by society (which also promotes it – LOL!!!).

    Suppressed sexuality (due to faulty religious belief systems, mainly Christianity) is the blame for the out-of-control sex and sexuality so rampant here in the U.S. It’s the Law of Cause and Effect (societal karma), the Law of the Pendulum Swing.

    But is evil so bad when God himself says in Isaiah 45:7 that he himself creates evil; and in the Qur’an (Surah 113: The Darkness) that He [Allah] created evil?

    You said: “In the Old Testament some men had several wives and concubines to demonstrate their wealth and power and to insure that women would not go unmarried due to lack of men (war casualties).” NOT TRUE!

    Example: David took on additional wives to satisfy his sexual lust. Don’t attribute that to power. “… To insure that women wouldn’t go unmarried?” as you said supra. Please! Give me a break! Read 2 Samuel 11:1-5 over again. Bathsheba was married to Uriah which means she already had a husband. David slept with Bathsheba, a married woman (Sam. 11:5) committing adultery and violated the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:14) in the process and then ordered the husband murdered. David was a goddamn psychopath according to today’s standard. We lock people up in this society who do this type of stuff (which happens all the time). How can Badu be judged and you don’t judge David who ordered a man killed? Please! let’s keep things real here!

    You said: “If you want to know what God intended go back to the Garden. It was only Adam & Eve.” NOT TRUE! There were others. How do you think Cain found a WIFE in the land of Nod? You might want to read or re-read Genesis 4:17 because Cain ‘knew’ his wife and bore a son. Read Genesis 4:14 too while you’re at it.

    And since Genesis tells us what God ordained as you say, God also ordained our sustenance (food, meat) to be FRUITS (Gen. 1:29) but are we predominantly frugavores or fruitarians today? Hell no! LOL!!!! Americans are good ole meat eaters and thus the #1 victims of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

    You said: “One man to one woman.” LOL!!! You know, Genesis is Moses’ account of what God said but hell, Moses came along 2,000 years after Adam and Eve. LOL!!!! Remember, Genesis is one of five books allegedly written by Moses. Genesis should have been written by Adam or Noah, not Moses.

    “The fall of man perverted what God intended.” Clearly! But we have made a whole society that has legislated and embraced everything pertaining to the Fall of Man and we wonder why our lives and the society is in disrepair.

    You said: “He did allow this activity for hundreds of years but through Jesus (under the “New” Testament) He began reinstating His plan for those who choose to take Him at His word.”

    No disrespect but this is sheer rhetoric. Many claim to take Jesus at his word and are ‘fouler’ than Erykah Badu (not that I am personally saying she is foul)! Badu has not violated the Ten Commandments, but hundreds of Christian congregants and Christian ministers have, i.e. Jim and Tammy Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, etc.

    You said: “In the New Testament in the book of Titus chapter 1, it says a leader should be “the husband of ONE wife”. Promiscuity was not apart of the plan!”

    The above says a LEADER should be the husband of one wife, it exempts every man NOT a leader! Therefore, a “follower” can have as many wives as he wants, and so can an “entertainer,” “merchant,” etc. LOL!!! the Good Book is full of loopholes. Sorry, but it’s the truth!

    “Work prevents me from taking the time to unravel your points.”

    Unravel my points? LOL!!! I’m a master metaphysician. My points are predicated upon point after point and goes back to the unknown or mysterious – the mystical, and you cannot unravel what is mystical and not even raveled! LOL!!!

    You said: “But here are a couple of scriptures to meditate upon…”

    Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

    I hear you, but uh, I’m not into the FEAR of the Lord for God and fear cannot co-exist. I am into the awe of God or the Love and Admiration of God. But it is true that fools despise wisdom and instruction. “Show Ya Right” comes to mind here! LOL!!

    Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.

    And this is exactly what I have done in order to be successful at life here in the Matrix. This is one of my favorite maxims. I thank you very much for this one (though I have internalized it many, many years ago).

    You said: “We all (including myself) must remember that when we don’t use our God given common sense and don’t learn from our mistakes we make messes of our lives and the lives of others.”

    I wholeheartedly disagree. Mistakes are not bad though they can be perceived as bad. Perception creates reality, so we must be careful here. There are no such things as mistakes, only lessons experienced and if wise and conscious, lessons that can be learned from in order to improve upon one’s life. Your greatest scientists made so-called mistakes but in making mistakes they learned. We should not look at mistakes as something bad but as that which gives experiences, lessons, and information that we can use to eventually achieve our goals.

    Mistakes are like failures: they are results we did not desire but which give us the necessary information to ultimately get what and to where we desire.

    Appreciate the dialogue. Peace and Love, Dear One!

  66. Pearlsrevealed, thanks for setting Djhuty straight so eloquently and succinctly as you did.

    To Djhuty, you clearly don’t have a job and that’s the reason why you are able to write mini books in response to every person’s refutation of your incredibly erroneous prose. Why don’t you go out like the rest of us and make some money so you can help support all of the out-of-wedlock children who need it by way of tax dollars.



    Djehuty is a straight baller (spiritual baller) and is financially set for life. After all, chump, he owns and runs the largest Black-owned herbal business in the world (Dherbs.Com). And he never attended college. He simply followed his heart and served other people and now the Universe serves him non-stop! He has successfully overcome the Matrix and is a true sovereign.

    Now come from hiding behind that Brown Sista Inter-net moniker or pseudonym (“Show Ya Right”) and let us all know the 411 and facts about yourself and who you are and what you’re doing in the world to contribute to the Greater Good of humanity and the earth, IF YOU DARE!

    I can justify my time on the Inter-net because I get paid WELL from it (though the money is just an added incentive because in writing I’m doing my passion of expressing, I’m doing what Taurus does as Taurus corresponds to the 5th chakra which deals with expression and communication). See, all astrological signs convey information and I know the science about my sign (and all others) and live in harmony with my astrological profile.

    Taurus is governed by the neck (dealing with speech and communication and therefore makes the best orators and singers) and Taurus also corresponds to the Second House which deals with money, as the 2nd House is the House of Money and Finances, so when Taurus’ are cultivated, they will master all lessons pertaining to money and become rich/wealthy. They (along with their zodiac cousin “Libra”) will also be masters of all things beautiful and love arts and entertainment due to Venus influence.

    Badu is a Pisces (spacey, out there, the dreamer) with Aquarian influences and if you know anything about Aquarius (though clearly you wouldn’t) you can see that Badu is clearly influenced by Aquarian traits (the rebel against societal norms, bringers of change, lovers of knowledge, etc.). She’s just being herself on a higher and cosmic level. But are you?

    And I too am just being myself on a cosmic level which is why I am the Great Expresser and Communicator, which is why I express and communicate and use the Inter-net to do so.

    In fact, I’ll be hosting my Inter-net show “Chopping It Up Live” at 11 a.m. / 2 p.m. EST today on Inner Light Radio @, which I host every Wednesday.

    So if you want to know about me: Dherbs.Com, Baby!!!!! My works speak for themselves!

    Now put up or shut up!

    And again, stop swinging from Badu’s tits!

  69. Ain’t nobody here about to read a post in all caps. That ish is just pure foolishness.

  70. @ Djehuty,

    “Jesus is against divorce (MATTHEW 5:31) but how many Christian couples have divorced?”

    It isn’t forbidden if the spouse committed adultery. So Christians can divorce. Matthew 5:31, Matthew 5:32, Deuteronomy 24:1-3 !!

  71. @Djehuty

    Your posting is extensive and you make very valid points but you are trying to teach the sheep and unfortunately, your teachings are falling on deaf ears. You’re attempting to educate the mindset and change the conditioning of individuals that only comprehend life from societal views. You have to research and understand historical perspective to determine that if you analyze our ethical beliefs, they are extremely contradictory. However, all African Americans understand is the traditional morals that have been passed down through generations that were presented to us from our European masters and their translation of Christianity (which was used to substantiate their oppression of Blacks). It’s ironic, we use the Bible to justify our beliefs and go to church weekly, but statistics reveal that we don’t adhere to these standards. Therefore, the African American community does not really practice what we so eloquently preach!

    @T – LOVE your post

    Doesn’t the bible say JUDGE YE NOT. If you believe in the sanctity of marriage, then you follow that path. If you believe extramarital sex is a problem in our community, then YOU develop solutions to address the issue and teach the subsequent generations. Ladies, clean your own house, and stop persecuting everyone that does not adhere to your artificial standards and beliefs!! Are you helping anyone in the community (volunteering, adopting, mentoring, etc – Probably Not)? I seriously doubt that the African American community will have to support the children of Erykah Badu.

  72. Jazzi:

    Jesus is still against divorce (preferring the union of man and woman) but does allow it when there is sin. So I understand your point and it is well received.

    Most Biblical scriptures are for males and not females. Even MATTHEW 5:31 specifically mentions a man putting away his wife and not a wife putting away her husband (which does happen all the time).

    The Bible would appear to be a flawed moral code exclusively or primarily for males (and usually casting the woman or female as something evil and inferior to man/males, with the greatest example being Eve, the Great Temptress).

    Because the word “hymen” pertains to the female vagina and the word “hymeneal” pertains to marriage, the REAL marriage is “going in unto a woman” (and breaking her hymen) like what we read about in the Bible, therefore, being biblically technical, every woman (again, in a biblical sense) is married to the first guy who penetrated her and broke in her hymen and the Bible itself would bear me witness.

    You became married (hymeneal) after your hymen was broken when a man “came in unto you” and “knew you.”

    If we are to strictly go by the Bible in todays’ world, there’s a lot of adultery being committed, especially since nobody has filed for divorce from the first person they gave up their virginity to.

    Also, if many of us tried to strictly go (live) by the Bible in this society, we’d be violating the laws of government and thus in trouble with the law and/or business. Try not paying your credit card or home mortgage interest because Islam and Christianity forbids it and watch what happens to you.

    See, the point I’m making is, you can’t judge Badu or anyone else, especially from a strict biblical perspective. If you do then you have a world full of serious sin due to:

    Premarital sex
    Homosexual activity and behavior
    Eating forbidden swine flesh
    Usury (interest from credit)

    There’s a bread called Ezekiel 4:9 found in many health food stores. It’s based upon the Bible (a recipe given), but the manufacturer of the bread is smart and uses reason because the bread is not baked with human feces or dung as God ordains in Ezekiel 4:12, but if the bread’s manufacturer chose to go STRICTLY by the Bible verse (and God’s strict word) their bread is derived from (which is Ezekiel 4:9-12), that bread would have to be baked with human feces:

    “And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight.’ – Ezekiel 4:12

    Now you know government would never allow this (though government does allow us to consume feces via meat and dairy products – LOL!!!). Government would prevent any company from making this bread with human feces and selling it on the market. This is true! Government is God today! Period!

    Society prevents you from going by the strict word of God.

    Society (government) is God! People don’t go before God to get married. They go before the State to get married. People don’t go before God for a divorce. They go before the State for a divorce. Women don’t go before God to secure financial support for their child(ren) from a failed marriage. They go before the State for child support (CSS). Again, the State is God no matter how much folks reject it.

    God does not hand out food stamps. The State does!

    The State is father via a legal doctrine called “parens patriae.” This is what they (State agents) use to take away YOUR child when Department of Children Services snatches up your children. God never required a birth certificate. The State does. God never told you to have a baby in a hospital. The State did (so it could issue a birth certificate so as to own your child as State property and sell the birth certificate as a bond to get money against your child and make that child beginning at age 18 pay back the money government borrowed against it.). The poster “Smooth Criminal” here knows what I’m talking about!

    You don’t own YOUR car. You gave it away to the State when you registered it with DMV (which made it a “motore vehicle”) who can now regulate you via the Motor Vehicle Code. The State tells you how fast you can drive, to buckle up, how to stop and when to stop, where you can park and where you can’t park, etc. To register means to convey or turn over to. What you registered with the State, the State now owns it.

    Did you register yourself for college? Did your register your child for daycare? Did your register to be a nurse? Did you register your gun? Did you register your automobile? Did you register to vote?

    Don’t get mad at Djehuty, folks! Go study them legal words so you can know what’s going on (and everybody should want to know what’s going on, well, if they are of sound mind). Djehuty got the game mastered and sewed up. Life is great and grand! I love it!

    But again, the State is running things, man! And it’s because the people are a bunch of incompetents (persons of unsound mind, infants) and thus wards of the State via being wards of the court.

    You are taxed (via licensing) for every thing you do in society, from marriage, driving, doing business, being employed, getting married (LOL!!!), selling property, practicing law, etc.

    Badu knows what time it is. So does Lauren Hill! These are conscious women, free (in the mind) women.

    I’ll end here!

    The 3 stages of truth: First, it is violently rejected; next, it is ridiculed; and lastly and finally, it is accepted!

    Peace, Beloved!

  73. Peace SNIJANA FLEUR!

    SnijanaFleur said:

    “Djehuty, Your post is a very interesting read. I’m glad you participated. My fav. line is “Problems incite greatness to be revealed or manifested also reveal solutions and opportunities.” I’ll never look at problems the same way again LOL.”

    Thank you, Beloved! It’s a good thing to have an open mind. You’ll go far in life with an open yet discerning mind.

    Peace, Beloved!

  74. As long as my taxpayer dollars aren’t supporting her and her children are in a loving home, what’s the problem??

    Angelina Jolie can have twins to Brad Pitt (out of wedlock) and we celebrate it but when this sistah LIVES HER LIFE, it’s a problem.

    Stop judging. Better yet, look into your closets and throw out your skeletons.
    Who says that her family unit isn’t strong? I know marriages that are as weak as a sandcastle.

    Erykah has a foundation so leave her and her uterus alone.

  75. @Diehuty,
    You have definitely sparked an interest in me. I never knew there were such meanings in words like: register, dowry, marriage etc. I also never believed in astrology/zodiac signs. How can I learn more about such things? I am all about learning things on my own and using that knowledge as opposed to sitting in a lame classroom listening to some horrid teacher tell me crap she/he read in an outdated-and inaccurate-textbook. There are so many things I feel like I need to know and pass on to my future children, nieces, nephews and siblings. Pass the wisdom on.

    About the zodiac signs…what can you tell me about an Aries? Is it possible to not live in accordance with your sign and feel, shall I say, unbalanced?

    I do have a couple of questions for you. How do you feel about the AIDS rate in the black community? Do you think our children are better off now than they were say… 50 years ago? Do you feel like each passing generation is making the world better or worse? I can understand the point you are trying to make and for Erykah your opinions do apply (though I still think it’s better for one couple to have children together-no one else involved), but the average woman living in the projects or one who benefits from all of the government handouts is not as mentally equipped as Erykah. I am tired of listening to woman say ” I raised (not reared) 5 kids without their daddies in sight. I don’t need a man blah blah blah…” What became of her children? We are all too familiar with the outcome of the majority of cases like these. How do you feel about this? Do you condone all of this extramarital sex sans resposibility?

  76. I must say, “Djehuty”, your writing is interesting and fascinating, but I don’t mean that in a good way. In the first place, you may know lots about nutritional supplements, but when it comes to matters of an ecclesiastical nature, you come up very saddly lacking. Your critique also lacks a cultural/historical perspective. Therefore, the postion which you espouse is devoid of cultural, political, historical, and religious background.
    All cultures, past and present, have or had, which ever the case may be, some kind of socially accepted ritual, formality, steps, procedures, etc., which lead up to the marriage itself. Let’s take the Igbos peoples of Nigeria as a example.
    In Igbos society, when a young man’s eye is caught by a lovely young lady, he goes to his parents to tell them about his desire to marry. His parents now begin to notice the young lady’s beauty, her mental and moral fitness, her personality and demeanor, intelligence, and her ability to help care for a family, etc. The young lady’s parents are scrutinizing the young man in a like manner. If the all is found to be satisfactory, then a ceremony is held at which the elder of the town pronounces the couple as now being man and wife. Now the party is on… lots of good food is eaten and many gifts are exchanged. You see what I’m saying? All have some sort of a ritualized set of formalities which are to be observed in order for a marriage to be finalized. What you are heeing-and-hawing about is the ritualized formalities of marriage as practiced by western Judeo/Christian civilization… you know, the courtship, the formal proposal of marriage, the purchase of a marriage license, the ceremony, the reception, which can get expensive, but I figure it’s their money and that’s their business.
    This idea of obtaining a marriage license seems to have originated with the Roman Empire. Because the Romans frowned upon incest, the function of a marriage license was to ensure that the individuals wishing to marry were not too closely related. Marrying ones brother or sister was very common in Roman occupied Egypt. And, as I mentioned, the Romans did not like it. Please see:
    Brother-Sister Marriage in Roman Egypt.
    Hopkins, Keith.
    Comparative Studies in Society and History. Vol. 22. No. 3. July, 1980. pp. 303-354.
    Ya feel me?
    Another area in which I found a deficiency was in your theory of law. For example: you said that when one registers their car, that car now becomes the property of the state. OK. That’s fine and well said. However, I have a different take on that. Let’s use this same example. When you register your car, the registration papers show that you are in fact the owner of that car, not the state. The state can seize that car if it is used in an unlawful manner such as, but not limited to, drunk driving, the car is used as a get-away car after the robbery of a bank, the car is used to transport illegal drugs, etc. As you can see, my theory of law is diametrically opposed to your theory of law. Now don’t go and drop your load in your underwear all because I don’t agree with you. Remember, we are only dealing in theories and abstract concepts. And besides, my theory of law is just as good as yours, as good as Clarence “Uncle” Thomas’s, just as good as Kenneth Star’s. Here’s another example of what I’m saying: is your website in fact yours? According to your theory, no it’s not. But I say it is. It will continue to be yours until you start using it for unlawful purposes like aiding and promoting terrorism, for example. At that point, your website will cease being yours, it will be seized and you’ll have the FBI all over you like stink on sh*t. You must have a permit to own a gun, a nurse must be “registered”, you say? According to my theory, that gun is privately owed and that nurse’s skills and knowledge are hers up until the instant that the gun is used in an unlawful way and the nurse uses her knowledge and skills to harm life. At that instant, the matter becomes the business of the state and somebody is going to jail. And rightfully so! A birth certificate confers ownership of a child to the state? Wrong! A birth certificate shows that the child is in fact yours. The child is no longer yours and becomes a ward of the state if you abuse and/or neglect that child. That is my theory of law and it’s just as sound and valid as the next person’s.
    God never told anybody to get a birth certificate? THAT’ S ‘CAUSE GOD DIDN’T REQUIRE ONE! But to show that the rite of passage called birth had in fact taken place, God ordered all males to be circumised eight days after birth. That was His way to show that a birth had happened. There you go again. You’re trying to apply todays way of doing things to a different culture in a different time period. And that brings me to the final point I’d like to make.
    You refer to Abraham and his wife Sarai. Was that his only wife? No. But that’s not the point you were trying to get at. You wondered if there was a vow and a marriage license involved. Not in the sense that you are referring to, of course not. Come on now. Again when it comes to Abraham and Sarai, we are dealing with a different culture in a different time setting. Because they were simple nomadic people, a formal instrument, as we know it, showing that a marriage had been entered into, would have been unknown to them. Yet, because all peoples, past and current, follow a prescribed set of formalities which set the marriage relationship into motion, it is very apparent that Abraham and Sarai observed some kind of ritualized formalities which terminated in the recognition of them as husband and wife. The Bible itself bears witness to this fact, for in Genesis 17:15, when speaking to Abraham, God himself referred to Sarai as “thy wife”. In Hosea 1:2, God told the prophet Hosea to get married. Did God tell the guy to go get a marriage license? Don’t be silly. But I am sure that Hosea observed the local procedures for that time and place to arrive at the state of what we call “marriage”. A “marriage license” is a western Judeo/Christian thing, as mentioned.
    Now, back to Erykah Badu. Many on this site have deemed her current state of affairs inappropriate, including me. Some have based their assessement on biblcal grounds, others, including me, on the grounds that her life style is not in accordance with a healthful environment for the raising of children. How can it be if Ms. Badu has a line of guys going in and out of her life like a parade? What? That’s better than getting married? How? Because she just “shacks” with someone? That’s no better than marriage because cohabitation lasts for an average of two years:
    Cohabitation Versus Marriage: A Comparison of Relationship Quality.
    Brown, Susan, L. and Booth, Alan.
    Journal of Marriage and Family. Vol. 58. No. 3. August, 1996. PP. 668-678.
    What? We are being a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites all because we would like to see Ms. Badu do better; you call that being judgemental? You don’t have any room to talk ’cause you’re pretty judgemental your own self, you know. You call us who are “worried about Badu and her privare affairs” “unknowers”, “insignificants”, “soap box ministers”, “poor righteous teachers”. How about calling Ms. Badu a “free thinker” and an “iconoclast” (from the Greek: “eikon” [ Image] and “klastes” [breaker] )? Is that not also being judgemental? I say it is because I believe in the duality of the universe, which is why saying what are seen as possitive things is being just as judgemental as saying things that are seen a negative. For that reason, I say that on both counts, you are just as judgemental as you accuse the rest of us of being. So in other words, as you tell us to wipe out behinds clean, you need to wipe yours clean as well. And don’t hide behind that I’m not governed by the Bible nor the Koran bullsh*t either. Being judgemental is as being judgemental does! With all of this now said, I bid you a good night.

  77. thankyou smooththug for setting that djehuty straight, i say lets take a vote and tell brownsista to block her from this website the mess she is spitting is chaotic. i will not return to this website if i see anything else from her or him. i won’t apologize for saying erica badu chices are totally nasty, 3 babies and 3 different daddies is so sad to me, i think its because me and many other people held erica to a higher standard and we should all realize celebrities will act and do whatever it take to make a dollar, and right now her true colors are showing and she never was this mother earth being she was trying to portray. i still say close your legs erica!!!!!!!!

  78. Sister Badu I have enjoyed your music and your personal life is your dam business and everyone need to stay out of it. do the dam thang I will always support your music stay strong my black american princess and to all yall’ hater’s get a life. if you had one you will stay out of her’s this has been going on for year’s and like a battery is still going going and going.

  79. Damn Smooth Thug, I don’t think they ready for you. But I sho do ‘preciate it…lol.

  80. @ Djehuty

    D said : “Don’t get mad at Djehuty, folks!”

    Thanks for breaking it down, in case you think so, I am not mad at you. Thanks for dropping some knowledge I appreciate reading your posts I read all of them “religiously” LOL.

    D said : “The State tells you how fast you can drive, to buckle up, how to stop and when to stop, where you can park and where you can’t park, etc.”

    This I accept, because it would be chaotic otherwise. LOL!!! But more seriously, I get your point. But we’re all bound to obey the government. Erykah and Lauryn may not be married before the State, but they pay taxes like the rest of us, their children have birth certificates, their cars are owned by the State, does that imply that the State is their God too? Aren’t they just as obedient as someone who marries “before the State”? So even if you know the truth, what choice do you really have? I do think it’s better to know the truth but unfortunately, it doesn’t “set us free”.

    Also, I have a question, do you believe in the Bible? I’m talking about the original scriptures (before they falsified it million times) not the texts of today. Or do you think it’s all a fairy tale? What do you exactly believe in? Do you believe Jesus existed (I do)? I’m searching for the truth, I believe the Bible has some of it because some parts deeply resonate with me (I believe you KNOW the truth when you hear it whether you accept it or not cause we were all born with a seed of truth within us), but I question a lot of what is written (using common sense LOL).

    Hope you’ll reply. Peace.

  81. “tlp”, with all respect to you and with all humility, I would not like to see “Djehuty” banned from I find this particular individual rather amusing and entertaining; and I don’t mean that in a good way.
    Ms. “Sho Ya Right”, my sweetheart, as you can see from my post, I misspelled a couple of times. But that’s not important. What is important is that you understood me. And because you did, that makes me happy.
    The thing that I found most disgusting and disturbing about “Djeuty” was how he ( I’m assuming that this individual is a guy ) showed up out of nowhere and started berating and name-calling everyone with whom he disagreed with. One of the words he used in reference to those he disagreed with was “insignficants”. In other words, in his eyes, those he disagreed with are a bunch of nobodies. Now, is that what the Bible says? Are we a bunch of nobodies? Let’s investigate that.
    In the Holy Gospel according to Saint John (That’s Catholic speak. LOL.), chapter 3, verse 16, the the word of God says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…”. Would God give us his “only begotten son” if we are all a bunch of “insignificants” in his eyes? Of course not. John 3:16 shows that God sees you as significant, to him you are somebody, you are worth something to God, to God you are valuable.
    Ladies, I must start working on my chores now. It was so nice to exchange posts with you both. Please take care, be safe, and please be blessed.
    Forever and always from my heart,
    your Smooth Thug

  82. I decided to share this snipet of a response which I felt was a good question thrown at me earlier today.

    J: Oh, I checked your response to about Erykah Badu’s situation. I’m curious as to your stance (in general) on households where the children are born to one mother (or father) and numerous other fathers/mothers. I couldn’t really gauge your assessment since you focused more on people criticising her for not getting married and the Bible.


    I am adamantly opposed to single households (myself coming up in a 2-parent household) but I understand and over-stand the dynamics of this changing world. Part of the blame of this present Black community relationship crisis is society (men who control and direct the society) and the other is the Universe (change vibration permeates the Earth and the frequency supports more of getting into one’s individuality for purposes of one’s creativity, and relationships can be a strain when they are based on the old and outdated paradigm of marriage; and people today do not know how to construct their own paradigms – they need an authority to establish the new paradigm for them and this just won’t happen).

    Folks are ignorant to cosmic occurrences as well as society’s rulers (engineers) so the masses are the losers all the way around. Single parent households where the woman is head is responsible for so much breakdown in our society. When the woman has to concentrate on being the man it takes away from her being a woman and focusing on her womanly needs as well as goddess nature and the stress of being everything a man is supposed to be and DO (for a family: wife and children) creates life issues that adversely affect on the emotional level and this in turn leads to a plethora of sexual reproductive diseases, i.e. fibroid tumors, endometriosis, uterine-ovarian-breast cancer, menstrual cycle imbalances, etc.

    Focusing more on manly duties causes a hormonal shift in the female body and estrogen and progesterone production slows down and more testosterone and androsterone is produced to help a woman carry out her manly duties. The Body Intelligence is responsible for this in accordance pursuant to the Law of Adaptability.

    A big reason for women complaining about hardly no good men left or to be found is because most of them have become the good man via societal circumstances. In this society Black women are better off than Black men financially and economically, even replacing the Black man as breadwinner. It is a fact that Black women on average earn more money than their Black male mates and this is no accident.

    Society has caused gender roles to change which is detrimental to the system of family and marriage. Women are out of the home now serving as breadwinners and Black males are at home now playing X-Box, Nintindo, Game-Boy and living off of women trying to get their pimp and hustler game on. They are the collective personification of Jody from John Singleton’s movie “Baby Boy.”

    A lot of Black males are more preoccupied with being a pimp, rapper, or professional athlete than accomplished figures of the corporate and business world. Black males on average are afraid of competing with other races of males in the real world (the mundane/material world). Black males don’t opt for positions of control and power in this society, i.e. aeronautics, business, commerce, diplomacy, economics, education, finances, government, international law, journalism, law, medicine, politics, science, etc. to the degree of other races of males in this society.

    They (Black males) generally love sports, comedy, pornography, decadent rap music, pimpology, hustler-ology, strip clubs, etc. You know, things of a subculture nature, an underground nature. Generally speaking, they can’t hang in society against White, Asian, and Middle Eastern Males, all of whom generally make more money than Black males (outside of the world of sports and entertainment).

    People born between 1965-1975 will experience relationship problems due to lessons of individuality. People born between 1965-1975 chose to incarnate for experiences that deal with separation (lessons for the heart). There’s always a universal scheme to things as everything plays out for the greater good. We are experiencing the shift in energy that does not support the old paradigm of marriage which was bondage. It’s about self-liberation today, coming alive. Check out the movie “Pleasantville” that came out in the mid to late 1990’s. This movie conveyed that message.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m happily married to my Virgo queen and we have four children and are expecting a new edition any day now. Clearly, I’m an exception to the rule as I have mastered and overcome this world. So, successfully married, doing the family thing, I own the largest Black-owned herbal company in the world, I’m sovereign as an individual (lawfully pay no taxes whatsoever – hell, I studied and mastered the Internal Revenue Code, what average person studies law books and reads them like novels?; no driver’s license, no birth certificate, no SS card, etc.). I’m totally free because I studied what most fail to study and don’t know what to study. I left religion alone to study world dynamics (who’s controlling things and why). Most religious people are in the same bad shape in life as non-religious people, so I see religion as futile and as a means for controlling the dumb masses. And just because I don’t accept man-made religion does not presuppose I do not believe in a higher power (God).

    Our parents may have been married but they were not as spiritually conscious as we are today or creative like we are today. Many couples of past generations stayed together only because of the children and/or image but did all kinds of things on the down low, being unhappy as hell in their marriages. There were a lot of affairs too (a la “Eve’s Bayou,” “Love and Basketball,” “Bridges of Madison County,” etc).

    We are feeling the brunt of moving away (from the past paradigm) so it’s impacting the family structure and dynamic because most religious leaders (especially Christians) are too ignorant about what’s going on energy-wise or cosmic-wise. They are trying to hold on to the old and outdated paradigm. You lose what you attempt to hold on to. It’s a law!

    People and even the government are moving away from Christianity and the Bible for a reason which is two-fold. Actually, folks are moving away from religion, period!

    There’s a saying: ORDO AB CHAO which means “order out of chaos” and this is what we are witnessing today. God has a master plan so we shouldn’t judge people who are fulfilling their life scripts that they wrote for themselves before incarnating onto the 3D realm. All of us are a part of that master plan, including all the people who have children by more than one parent. There are NO accidents in this world. Born into single parenthood offers valuable soul lessons. Girls born to no father offers them a valuable soul lesson. Boys born to no father does the same. A lesson comes out of this for purposes of the soul. There are no victims here. Victim only means “participant” and when you over-stand the Law of Attraction you learn you play a role in all that happens to you, before and during this life. When you over-stand past life phenomenon, you begin to learn that a lot of what we are witnessing today is the paying off of karmic debt and creating future karma, good and bad, to satisfy universal dynamics, learn more soul lessons, etc.

    The problem (which creates opportunity) is that we are not being taught about metaphysics, paranormality, cosmic awareness, Universal law, the occult sciences, mental science, etc. They have us attending the public fool system (public schools) by design, creating nothing but “human resources” who are more preoccupied about “making a living” rather than “living their making” which accounts for so much unhappiness in folks today. People are working jobs not because they want to, but because have to. Most people don’t even like their jobs. They are slaves of living by default instead of living by deliberate creation or intention.

    And that’s why the human resources (people) end up in the “human resource department” of a corporation looking for a J-O-B for purposes of paying off debt and financing their foolishness (actually, enslavement). Americans make good money but it doesn’t appear this way because of all the debt they’ve created under living and pursuing an illusion. They are drenched in all kinds of responsibilities, liabilities, insurances, utilities, etc that eats up most of their money and they are unable and even unwilling to save money, so when many retire, they will be very dependent on government (Social Security) and that’s exactly what government wants for purposes of control.

    Though we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius (the Age of Knowing) the ignorant and blind religious leaders have us still trying to hold on to the paradigms of the 2,000 year period called the Age of Pisces (the Age of Believing), where Christianity got its foundation. This was the Age of Believing and what were Christians espousing? BELIEF in the Lord, BELIEF in Jesus! Am I lying? It was all based upon belief and belief is out the door. It served it’s purpose. Today, you gotta know something and that’s why knowledge is POWER!

    We are in the Age of Knowing and the only way to know is to experience so more is going on in the world today (especially the U.S.) for purposes of creating experiences that lead to personal knowledge and personal knowledge gives you information so as to make better choices and better choices leads to a better life. Knowledge also leads to power and many of us are learning about personal power.

    I’m telling you, this thing is playing out to a higher tune, a Divine tune. All is perfect from a higher perspective. God is still boss overall! Our world is a beautiful and wonderful mess and it is not your or my job to fix it. Our duty is to fix ourselves and be the change we desire to see in the world. Period! We must learn that our thoughts create our reality and that the external reflects the internal. If the outside is messed, then the inside is messed and to clean up you must begin inside, not outside. “As within, so without” and “As above, so below.”

    When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change! Oh so true! But most know not!

    Please excuse all typos and/or grammatical errors supra as I’m rush typing due to a heavy workload of answering a plethora of inquiries that pour in to Dherbs.Com daily and nonstop!

    Djehuty Ma’at-Ra – Herbalist, Metaphysician, Spiritual Counselor, Life Guide and Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Abundance-Prosperity Coach, Trans-Crystal Therapist, Esotericist, Diviner (Energy Healer), Jurisperitus, and Writer.

    Contact: or 866-434-3727 (Dherbs.Com)

  83. To SMOOTH THUG (of all names one could use as a moniker, I mean, why not “Smooth Christian,” Smooth Believer in Christ,”?):


    “The thing that I found most disgusting and disturbing about “Djeuty” was how he ( I’m assuming that this individual is a guy ) showed up out of nowhere and started berating and name-calling everyone with whom he disagreed with. One of the words he used in reference to those he disagreed with was “insignficants”.

    I am not of myself calling people these negative names, I am speaking from the perspective of the Rulers (engineers, gods of society) and how they see the and view the average person. I am not the author of terms such as “insignificants,’ “Boobus Americanus,” “useless eaters,” “goyim,” “sheeple,” etc.

    I use them to make points, but C’mon, as a spiritual counselor I know you can never help people that you condemn, so I’m not here or anywhere else to condemn; however, I do keep things raw and funky, and like Cheryl Lynn, “I got to be real!”

    Oh, and I do spitbox when necessary (like with “Show Ya Wrong!, I mean “Show Ya Right!”). I deal with a lot of Nigguhs (with my work, of course), and you can’t be weak with Nigguhs because they take kindness, humility, etc for weakness. These are a very hardened people. You see it in their general and collective admiration of thugs, hooligans, criminals, gangsters, etc.

    I got a lot of folks (mainly of other races) asking me after my lectures: “Why do a lot of Black women like thugs and gangsters and not intelligent type Black dudes?” My retort is: In some convoluted way they apparently see “power” in these social reprobates, or it could be their (thugs) “rebelliousness” against the status quo. But Black people since the death of the Civil Rights movement have a history of not being fond of intelligence, articulate language, righteousness, etc. You can see this with the “bad” dudes (and gals) getting all the play and the smart, intelligent Black males and females are considered “nerds” and “boring.” LOL!!!

    Right now you can go into any hood across America and speak with good diction, articulate well, enunciate well, and Blacks themselves will equate your proper speech with being White. If you eat healthy you will be equated with eating like White people. LOL!!! Eating bad is eating Black. Speaking in ebonics, slang, unnecessary vulgar language, and broken English is speaking Black. The dynamic is really amazing! Blacks generally self-sabotage themselves.

    So like Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Louis Farrakhan, Cornell West, Clarence Thomas, Collin Powell, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Larry Elder, et al. I have to catch hell from the masses, because these people don’t like change and love (generally speaking) degeneracy and backwards-ness and you can see this by visiting Black communities all across America.

    Despite residing in these communities they will not fix these communities up. They are either unwilling or unable. They feel government or the White man or successful Blacks are responsible for fixing up and taking care of their homes, yards, and communities.

    And it’s nobody’s fault that Black communities are the way they are but Black people who reside in this communities. They just accept degeneracy, violence, lawlessness, defamation of Black females, thugism, pimping, etc and all the other ills you see in such communities (that I and many other successful Blacks come from).

    These particular people have choices in life and fail to make good choices. I, Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, and the BAD GUY! And like Tony Montana said: “You need people like me!” “People you can point the finger at and say – that’s the bad guy!” LOL!!!!

    What can I say, Beloved: I’m controversial! Contro = opposite, and, “verse” = “to see.” I see things opposite to how others see things, like my sistahs Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Sister Souljah, and other controversial people. If you stirring things up, you must be doing something worthy of attention, good and/or bad.

    And you can always tell the stature of a man by the size of his enemies.

    KATT WILLIAMS: “Let people hate! That’s what haters are supposed to do! So let them muthaphuckas hate!”

    The above sponsored by “Hater-Ade,” the drink that enhances your hate for people who are movers and shakers in the world when you’re not! LOL!!!!

    LOL!!! Just having some fun. It’s amazing though the power other people GIVE other people. Words really are powerful. I’m glad they don’t impact me. Even when people quote from the Bible. It doesn’t faze me because I know that MY thoughts (and my thoughts alone) create my reality and nothing else.

    The Bible can’t even control and impact Christians. Ever see all these thugs and strippers and porn stars wearing big azz Christian crosses around their necks? What’s up with that? Why do they gravitate toward Christianity? Is it because it’s the religion that allows you do what you please (even against Jesus), i.e. sin, and immediately turn around and pray for forgiveness to let you return right back to the thing of sin? LOL!! Looks that way! At least for most people (professing Christian). You can’t indict them all as that’s not just or fair.

    A group of brothas asked me in Detroit after a lecture: “How come Christian (church) girls are the biggest freaks (sexually)?” I told them: Hell, that’s easy! They are in a religion that compels them to SUPPRESS and REPRESS their sexuality and it’s impossible to do so without creating imbalance. So a lot of “good” girls (church girls) are some of the biggest freaks in the sack, but a cat like me understands this dynamic and phenomenon. These girls are going against their nature due to their religious belief systems (that they didn’t create for themselves). Ya’ll know this is true!

    How you gon’ be anti-sex or pseudo modest or chaste in this society that has mastered promoting sex, a natural human urge?

    However, I do appreciate your maturity and understanding that this is a public forum and we are in the USA (at least in theory) where there is a freedom of speech protected by U.S.Const.Amend.1

    Now hopefully folks will stop swinging from my (fill in the blank) and get back to Ms. Badu exercising her free will.

    Badu is doing what a lot of Church women do secretly: get juiced up by more than one man. Hey, it’s the American way and if you don’t like it: STOP IT!

    And more important, what is the solution or solutions? See, most people who complain about problems are NOT problem solvers. They are not solution oriented. This is why poor and dumb people (regardless of race) have the most constant and chronic problems on the planet that never go answered or solved, at least not without some outsider coming in to solve the problems, usually big businesses that come in and revamp the community and put up new stores to funnel more money out of the community despite it’s new make-over.

  84. To: JAZZI

    JAZZI: Thanks for breaking it down, in case you think so, I am not mad at you.

    DJEHUTY: Thanks, beloved! But even if you were, I wouldn’t trip! What other people think about me is none of my business. I learned many years ago that “other people’s perception about me is not necessarily my reality.” I live by this precept as well as “never sweat the small stuff.” But I do appreciate your sincere sentiment nonetheless.

    JAZZI: Thanks for dropping some knowledge I appreciate reading your posts I read all of them “religiously” LOL.

    DJEHUTY: Talk about a pun! LOL!!! Thanks, Beloved! You may be interested in reading the entire library at my site under the “articles” section where I am really free to let loose and not worry about timid, sensitive, and/or close-minded people. I say what needs to be said in a pivotal time in this country, especially about health and well-being, personal freedom and sovereignty, accountability, maturity, consciousness, etc.

    JAZZI: D said : “The State tells you how fast you can drive, to buckle up, how to stop and when to stop, where you can park and where you can’t park, etc.” This I accept, because it would be chaotic otherwise. LOL!!!

    DJEHUTY: Not necessarily so! Ever heard of the Common law? You had more peace under common law which was not written down at all than you do today with over 60 million statutes WRITTEN DOWN (and enforced by the State’s police power) in over 2 million lawbooks and this is a fact! You have more automobile accidents when street lights are working properly than when there’s a blackout and they are not working at all. People are forced to use common sense and courtesy when street lights fail to function properly. LOL!!! Sad but true!

    Government exists because people are immature, irresponsible, unaccountable, unconscious, dependent, etc. Trust me, U.S. citizens need government telling them what to do. I am for the U.S. government, not against it. Most people are too dumb, fearful, indolent, impecunious, apathetic, etc. so government is needed to control the sheep/herd, lest they kill themselves and one another.

    I like the current situation of the IRS hounding people and frightening the shyt out of them; I love hearing about people getting traffic tickets and parking tickets (and are too ignorant and indolent to contest them using law provided in the Vehicle Code that offers remedy and recourse when you’re legally astute), child support cases were the State pimps the dude and takes money out of his check (regardless of any hardships it may provide), and all other kinds of things and simply because the American people deserve it for being so goddamn irresponsible, unaccountable, mature, conscious and dependent on government and not themselves. As Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer CORRECTLY stated: “We get the government and leaders we deserve, for they are the manifestation of the collective consciousness of the people.” Damn, I agree with these two bright men!!!!!

    However, you accept this out of ignorance and a subtle and subconscious sense of powerless and lack of trust in the potential of people regulating themselves. But I do over-stand and totally. Government wants you to think that without it there will be chaos and most people fall for it and understandably so.

    JAZZI: But more seriously, I get your point.

    DJEHUTY: Good, because that’s what counts, Beloved!

    JAZZI: But we’re all bound to obey the government.

    DJEHUTY: But is the government bound to obey the citizens? Remember, government was instituted to serve the interest of the people, not to harm the people which is the reality today. The IRS will take your house if you owe taxes and can’t pay. You don’t hurt the citizens with the law, you help and protect them. But the USA has been hijacked via the 1940 federal Buck Act and its been a rap ever since.

    JAZZI: Erykah and Lauryn may not be married before the State, but they pay taxes like the rest of us

    DJEHUTY: Well, true, but that’s because they are not conscious with respect to law. You all pay taxes out of IGNORANCE, FEAR, and BLIND PATRIOTISM. You don’t know what law makes you liable for the income tax. You just pay it because you don’t want trouble from the IRS, but the IRS is a government agency and is held in check by law. So if you are ignorant to law the IRS owns your azz, and literally. The U.S. Supreme Court defined “income” as “profit” and ruled unequivocally that “income” is not “wages” or “salary,” so damn, why are people working jobs receiving ages but are paying a “profits” tax?

    Most know not but it’s because “employment” as a legal term means “privilege” and by law government can tax all privileges (including “employment”) and this is why you are paying an employment privilege tax via an inapplicable income tax that does not apply to you according to the law. Sorry to burst bubbles here, beloved, but in law “employee” mans “SERVANT” and “employer” means “MASTER.” Please reference the following:

    “Master and Servant.” An employer-employee relationship; the relation that develops from an express or implied employment contract between a master, or employer, and a servant, or employee. Restatement Agency (Second), § 2 (1958).

    And further,

    “Servant” is synonymous with “employee.” Gibson v. Gillette Motor Transport, Tex.Civ.App., 138 S.W.2d 293, 294; Tennessee Valley Appliances v. Rowden, 24 Tenn.App. 487, 146 S.W.2d 845, 848.

    WHOOMP, there it is! These folks (Rulers) don’t hide nothing and put it in your face, but you see, they dumb us down (junk food, sugar, meat, candy, sex/porno, Hollywood, religion, T.V., “bling bling”, music, etc.).

    Again, law rules all things and the Devil (in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”) purposely manifested as a lawyer which he called the last priesthood and ultimate backstage pass that gets you into everything (all facets of life and law regulates everything).

    It was Jesus who also condemned lawyers for hiding the key of knowledge (Luke 11:47). Law has been codified or encrypted on purpose. That’s why the law is in CODE BOOKS or codes, i.e. Vehicle Code, Penal Code, Civil Code, etc. and the average citizen is too dumb to crack the code to understand the law, so they have to hire code breakers called lawyers (who are the code makers in the first place) and when you hire an attorney or lawyer you really mess up because lawyers turn you over to the State as a “ward of the court” via your being dubbed a “client” which in law means “an incompetent person/person of unsound mind or infant.” Reference the following for your legal edification:

    “Clients are wards of the court.” Corpus Juris Secundum, Chapter 7, Sections 2, 3

    “Wards of the court are infants and persons of unsound mind.”Davis’ Committee v. Loney, 290 Ky. 644; 162 S.W. 2d 189, 190; Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition “wards of the court.”

    Again, WHOOMP, there it is! You see, it’s all being done in law because it runs everything. Whatever a thing may be pertaining to government or this society, you’ll end up in court and what language do they use in court: English as used in the everyday course of life? HELL NAW! The use law, that’s why you have “law dictionaries.” You can’t go into court with a Webster’s dictionary. The judge will pick it up and hit you upside the head with it. All fields of the society has it’s own language and you see this in the various dictionaries that exist, i.e. law dictionary, medical dictionary, etc.

    JAZZI: their children have birth certificates, their cars are owned by the State, does that imply that the State is their God too?

    DJEHUTY: Hell yes! At least in this respect until they deal with it! Consciousness is in degrees, Beloved. George Carlin (comedian) was conscious, but only to a certain degree. He was safe because he talked about the government and society and was very truthful, but he was not a threat because he was tamed, he paid his taxes, traffic tickets, etc. They (Rulers) don’t mind what you are saying as long as you keep paying the money (tribute). LOL!!!

    Did you know the term “tax” originally meant “to stroke gently?” But today, Sam (Uncle Sam) is stroking hard and deep and with no vaseline either! LOL!!

    JAZZI: Aren’t they just as obedient as someone who marries “before the State”?

    DJEHUTY: Not really, because they have at least taken that first steps to freedom. And at least they are aware of the scheme. See you have to at least be aware there’s a con game going on. But are most people aware? Hell no! Most people are too stressed and busy trying to make ends meet and come up on a piece of tail end for purposes of temporary tension release and pleasure.

    JAZZI: So even if you know the truth, what choice do you really have?

    DJEHUTY: A lot! Truth is not enough. You must ACT on the truth! Same with knowledge. You must act on it. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, but only when you act and live on that truth” (the Bible’s version is truncated, LOL!!!). I have a choice to pay income taxes or not pay them, especially since they are voluntary in nature. It’s my choice! Free people always have choices. If you don’t have choices you are not free!

    JAZZI: I do think it’s better to know the truth but unfortunately, it doesn’t “set us free”.

    DJEHUTY: Damn! You are defeated with this statement. Unfortunately, because you believe this, it is true for YOU! However, it is not true for myself and a few others. Whatever you believe is TRUE for you! However, this is where you are today and you can always change and grow. Just change your thoughts, and you shall change your reality.

    JAZZI: Also, I have a question, do you believe in the Bible? I’m talking about the original scriptures (before they falsified it million times) not the texts of today.

    DJEHUTY: When you say “original” scriptures, are you talking about the one that came out of ancient Egypt in which the Bible was copied from? Because I don’t take anything literal from the Bible, like the prophets being real people, Jesus being a real person, etc. I use the book as a metaphysical tool and as navigational tool or GPS system in this Matrix. Christianity is White folk’s religion (that’s who gave it to us – after we were enslaved by them) so since I live amongst them I study their book to know a bit about them and to deal diplomatically with them.

    I’m a student of astro-theology and religio-political occult philosophy and of the thought that the Bible is a sun book, astrology book, etc. I am of the thought that extra-terrestrial beings (aliens) called Nibirians or Annunaki (called “Elohim” in Genesis, the Gene of Isis) created modern day human beings via genetic engineering (as talked about by Zacharia Sitchin and others), i.e. “And God said: LET US MAKE MAN!” This was not the Supreme Being talking, but one the head gods of the Annunaki talking to other members of the Annunaki (about making a slave-worker race: modern human beings).

    JAZZI: Or do you think it’s all a fairy tale?

    DJEHUTY: Many of the tales in the Bible are fairy tales with morals to them and should not be discarded. The mistake is taking the Bible literally. This is what dumb people do. But gnostics do not. They know better. This is why you have Gnostics or Esotericists (those who know the deeper truths) and EXOTERICISTS (those that do not know the deeper truths and must be treated like children and given bread and circus in church).

    JAZZI: What do you exactly believe in?

    DJEHUTY: LOL!!!! I knew it was coming! LOL!!! I believe in myself, and the Universe (Cosmos).

    JAZZI: Do you believe Jesus existed (I do)?

    DJEHUTY: No! Jesus as a man and as described in the Bible never existed. Jesus is a modern play on the 16 crucified saviors of ancient societies, i.e. Horus (of ancient Egypt), Krishna, Tammuz, etc. Jesus is a play on the Sun in the sky and the 12 apostles are a play on the 12 zodiac signs. Read “The Book Your Church Doesn’t want You To Read” by Tim C. Leedom or watch the DVD “Zeitgiest” featuring my good friend Jordan Maxwell. If you want more references, just let me know. I reside in a virtual library consisting of thousands upon thousands of book. I’m a researcher, so researching is what I do.

    JAZZI: I’m searching for the truth

    DJEHUTY: You don’t have to search for what you are! Just become aware! Start reading some books by Osho and your world will change – guaranteed! A good movie I must refer you to is a movie based on a script by the late great Bruce Lee. The movie is entitled “Circle of Iron.” Watch this movie and at the end of the movie you will know what I am talking about.

    JAZZI: I believe the Bible has some of it because some parts deeply resonate with me (I believe you KNOW the truth when you hear it whether you accept it or not cause we were all born with a seed of truth within us)

    DJEHUTY: Oh yeah, the Bible is full of truth! That’s why I read and study it. The Bible changed my life for the better when I acted on many of the principles (found in Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, the Four Gospels, etc.). You have to be a great decoder though to really get all that the book is offering, if not, you’ll be like all these Black people throughout America who frequent church in the most tore down communities and cannot extract anything from the Bible to change their personal condition, household, circumstances, and much less their community, and who are impoverished, drenched with problems and social ills and just as messed up like the atheist or non-believer. Religion should give you an incentive. It should be an asset, not a liability.

    JAZZI: but I question a lot of what is written (using common sense LOL).

    DJEHUTY: This is nothing but intelligence to do so. If you don’t question, you don’t get answers. Period! Most Christians do not have the answers to life here in the Matrix because they do not question anything. Hell, most are afraid to question their own Bible: (“Boy, you don’t question God, you just believe!”). This is how ignorant people talk.

    “I know of no greater disease than ignorance.” – Ben Johnson

    “The only true poverty is ignorance and the only true wealth is intelligence.” – Unknown

    JAZZI: Hope you’ll reply. Peace.

    DJEHUTY: Well, damn, what did I just do? LOL!!! Just having some fun, Beloved! Peace be unto you as well!

    Again, excuse any and all typos or grammatical errors above in my response due to time restraints (rush-typing).

  85. Djehuty, you sure you’re not ultra broke? You’re acting a little more and more like the homeless prophet with each post. Instead of pushing your can in the recipients face after giving “the word” you post a link to the government’s… I mean “your” site. It’s kinda pathetic… where can I send you a dollar or two?

  86. Sho Ya Right:

    Stop swinging from my n-sacks! You went from Badu’s tits to my n-sacks!

    If you can’t stand the heat get your azz out of the kitchen.

    You can send your financial contribution to the:

    Riding Djehuty’s Jock Foundation
    1555 W. Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90018

  87. @ tlp

    first of all I am aware that it is 2008 and i am aware of the birth controls out there. If you would have read my earlier post I said my boyfriend and I use condoms which protect me from pregnancy and HIV. I don’t know why you chose to address me but please don’t ever attempt to insult my intellegence again.

  88. @ Dejunthy glad you replied!!!

    D : “People are forced to use common sense and courtesy when street lights fail to function properly. LOL!!! Sad but true!”

    Makes sense, that’s how I would react.

    D : “I am for the U.S. government, not against it. Most people are too dumb, fearful” etc

    I thought you were against it because it treated us like “slaves”. When you say you’re for it aren’t you implying that you don’t want people to be freed? I don’t think most people are “dumb” in essence, I think that yes they are fearful because they’re being fed with fear constantly and given all kinds of chemical stuff ( from “food”, to so called “medicine” *cough* Prozac *cough*) to keep us in control, and brainwashed by TV, the “News”, and so many other things I’m sure you know but the list is too long, they act irrationally because of fear, they don’t sit and think. But certain situations like the “road with no lights” thing prove that there’s common sense in most of us. They’re just no fully aware of it. I don’t see people as just “stupid”, I see a bunch of sleeping souls that need to be woken up, I love humans and I try to see the best in them and help when I can, and maybe you do too but you don’t sound like you do. No disrespect but people may not even try to listen because sometimes you sound like you seperate yourself from the rest and feel above them.

    D : “As Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer CORRECTLY stated: “We get the government and leaders we deserve, for they are the manifestation of the collective consciousness of the people.””

    YOU know Deepak and Wayne? Nobody I know knows these guys, wow! You know I liked Wayne’s “Power Of Intentions” speech, it changed my perception of the world. Deepak and him are best friends from what I understood, they spoke about it in a speech on the power of the mind and things. But back to what I wanted to say, I don’t think their use of “deserve” means “serves you right/thats what u get America!” but it is used to make people understand that they can change things and they’re not powerless. They don’t sound like they condone people.

    D : “You all pay taxes out of IGNORANCE, FEAR, and BLIND PATRIOTISM.”

    But don’t you pay taxes too? Why do you do it if not out of fear of the IRS? (before answering, read the questions below)

    D : “I have a choice to pay income taxes or not pay them, especially since they are voluntary in nature. It’s my choice! Free people always have choices. If you don’t have choices you are not free!”

    So you pay your taxes by choice and not out of fear? Is that what you’re saying? Have you ever chosen NOT to pay taxes? If so, what happened? If not, why?

    D : “Hell yes! At least in this respect until they deal with it! Consciousness is in degrees, Beloved.”

    So isn’t the State your God too if you pay taxes? And as for George Carlin, he paid his taxes, I assume you do too, so that doesn’t mean he didn’t have your level of consciousness. My point is I don’t see how paying taxes means you don’t have a high degree of consciousness.

    D : “Whatever you believe is TRUE for you! However, this is where you are today and you can always change and grow. Just change your thoughts, and you shall change your reality.”

    Yeah thanks. I’m only in my 20s and I’m aware I’m not “there yet” (aka like Dyer) but that’s my goal. But the funny thing is a part of me feels that the more I know things the more uncomfortable I feel, although I’d rather know the truth. Because I can’t share, that’s like speaking a language that nobody understands (you probably feel that way when you talk to me). And at the same time I used to be them that’s why I don’t call them “dumb/stupid”, and can’t be mad, because I understand them, I’ve been where they are now.

    D : “Many of the tales in the Bible are fairy tales with morals to them and should not be discarded. The mistake is taking the Bible literally.”

    Yeah I’ve always been aware of this. When I asked if you believed it was all a “fairy tale” I meant do you think it’s mostly BS and irrelevant, I shoulda been more clear. But you gave me the answer (there’s a lot of truth). I always sensed since I was a teen that the stories weren’t supposed to be taken literally, never quite understood why most people didn’t get it.

    D : “If you want more references, just let me know. ”

    Thanks you!! I got your email 🙂

    D : “You don’t have to search for what you are! Just become aware! Start reading some books by Osho and your world will change – guaranteed! A good movie I must refer you to is a movie based on a script by the late great Bruce Lee. The movie is entitled “Circle of Iron.” Watch this movie and at the end of the movie you will know what I am talking about.”

    Will do!

    D : “If you don’t question, you don’t get answers. Period!”

    That’s the truth!


  89. D : “I’m sovereign as an individual (lawfully pay no taxes whatsoever – hell, I studied and mastered the Internal Revenue Code, what average person studies law books and reads them like novels?; no driver’s license, no birth certificate, no SS card, etc.).”

    Okay I’ve just read this (I read the replies to my answers before the other posts). You don’t pay taxes? 😮 …….I need to read that I.R.C. stuff ASAP.

  90. “Djehuty”, I’ll use what ever moniker I please, thank you very much, just like you’ll use the moniker you please in reference to yourself. Over the course of time, many have expressed their displeasure with my moniker, like if I care. I just tell them that’s very quaint, then tell them that I gave myself that moniker for my benefit and not theirs, and then I move on. If someone tells me that they don’t like the shirt I’m wearing, I simply tell them that I didn’t wear it for them. If someone tells me that I talk funny (I talk too white ), I tell them, “Yeah, but you understand me, don’t you?” You see, “Djehuty”, I’m a lot like you. What others think of me does not define who I am; never has and never will. I define who I am. I know you feel me, and that’s a good thing.
    You say that when it comes to “negative names” , you are merely “speaking from the perspective of the Rulers (engineers, Gods of society) and how they view the average person.” So in other words, you allow others to think for you? You allow others to speak for you? I find that monstrously astounding and most astonishing especially in view of the fact that you seem to have more than that going for yourself. But, hey, that’s your business.
    In all, I come away with something possitive from all of this and for that, you have my deepest thank you. You say that ” You can always tell the stature of a man by the size of his enemies.” I agree 100%. I say the same thing, but slightly different… You can tell the stature of a man by the number of his enemies. A little different, but the idea is the same. And with that, I bid you a very good night.

  91. Djehuty,

    Your words are very insightful. I appreciate you and I think in the great scheme of things it all boils down to seeing the god and godess in yourself. I usually don’t comment, but I felt the spirit to do so. I also, think we (black people) don’t want to know the the truths that will set ourselves free and journey into other dimensions that we don’t deem to be possible. In regards, to Ms. Badu, this topic in hindsight is more deeper than the issue “baby dadies”. I think it’s about a discourse of empowering yourself from your own mental chaos and persoanl chains. On another note, I will like to get some more info on tax information, especially the point of not having to pay taxes. I would also like to get some info on starting a business and start up money. Thanks for your comments.


    SC: Your post was very “thought provoking”.

    DJEHUTY: Thank you!

    SC: You are definitely on point about The Government.

    DJEHUTY: I got into law back in 2000 and my life has never been the same. Learning law and my constitutionally protected rights removed a lot of fear I had (subconsciously and consciously) of government, especially courts/judges and law enforcement. Beating these characters in court and knowing how to handle judges is a powerful feeling. Learning how to sue government agencies in federal court is even a better feeling. It would be great if all citizens began learning their rights and how to use the System to their advantage. That’s what it was originally set up for. I’m not mad at government today for the tyranny I see and hear about. The people have slept on their rights and thus waived them.

    SC: A people`s governmental system does shape that people`s mind.

    DJEHUTY: Without a doubt!

    SC: We are indeed property of The U.S. Government.

    DJEHUTY: Yes people are (unless you learn about spiritual sovereignty). There’s a way via mindset, attitude, behavior, and activity that you remain free of government and use all of government’s snare’s and pitfalls to your advantage. There’s a way to flip the script and convert all government detriments into benefits. I have created my own form like Bruce Lee which I call JUDICIAL JEET KUNE DO that allows me to battle and annihilate any government agency that would ever come up against me. I have personally dealt with (and successfully) the FBI (2002), FTC (2006), FDA (2006-2007), DEA (2005), DOJ (2005), County of Los Angeles (2002-2003), and a host of other agencies all because I became legally astute and challenged them with constitutional arguments. I have challenged some good law firms and city/district attorneys offices too. I learned so much battling these entities. You could never learn what I learned in law school. I ended up learning constitutional law, common law, statutory law, case-decisional law, and the best law of all: divine/universal law (Higher Law). I am assisted in law by the entities (gods) Djehuti and especially Ma’at.

    It’s funny when I think about it but when I was deaf, dumb, and blind and really doing dirt (crime), I never had any run-ins with government; but when I began to educate myself, smarten up, live righteous, become spiritually aware, read what I wasn’t supposed to read (conspiracy, sovereignty, etc.), and started exerting my rights and challenge many statutes that I deemed unconstitutional and thus illegal, government agencies started to come out to my home and knock on my door. the only thing that saved me was being/living a righteous life (God’s hand over me) and being soundly legally astute.

    SC: And it starts with our birth certificate followed by our social security number, etc. etc.

    DJEHUTY: Very true! I see you know the Game and did your homework. I commend you! You’re very rare! Most people have no clue that to be “born” means to come off shore, to come off the water, like a ship or vessel. Every ship carrying merchandise is “borne” when it comes to its “berth” at the harbor. So when we come off (or out of the water “amniotic fluid”) of our mother’s womb, these criminals say we too are “born” and that our mothers (the State’s property) gave “birth.” It’s a serious play on words that enslave us. Every ship’s merchandise is inspected and that’s why doctors inspect the new baby (new merchandise). As every shipmaster (or dock master or dock-tor) does after inspecting the new merchandise, it issues a “berth certificate” denoting ownership of the new merchandise (which has been inspected for commercial purposes) and doctors do the same thing and issue a “birth certificate” for the new born commercial commodity (baby) that has been born into servitude in this grand scheme. Hospitals will fight you too on that birth certificate. They must issue it and when they do, you will never get the original. As you may know, the original document (white copy) denotes ownership whereas the yellow copy (that goes to the middle man or merchant) and the pink copy (that goes to the conned person) does not denote ownership but is only proof that a transaction occurred and that they were involved in it and voluntarily so. So even though the birth certificate does not deal with white, yellow, and pink copies, it still deals with original and copy and a copy does not denote ownership, just like having the pink slip to your new car does not denote that you own the car.

    SC: All documents that The Government, be it local, state or federal, has pertaining to each of us denotes ownership.

    DJEHUTY: Of course, very true! But most people know not and I think that even if they did, they are so dependent on government (due to a sense of powerlessness due to weakened Solar Plexus chakra) that they’d still go along with the fleecing. This is just my opinion based upon observation and interaction with people (and I travel all over this country and deal with so many people in different locales).

    SC: Not only that but if The President ever declares Marshall Law it will become even more evident.

    DJEHUTY: Actually, Beloved, the United States is STILL under martial law from the Civil War. Remember, the Civil War is still going on. It was never declared over with. When the North (U.S. corporation) defeated the South (representing the true country USA), the corporation called “United States, Inc. took over the whole country (USA) but they never declared the Civil War over. They couldn’t lawfully do what they’ve done absent martial law.

    Also, to this very day the military (martial law) flag of the USA is still flown. Most Americans do not know the USA has 2 flags: the Civil (peacetime) flag and the Military (war time) flag, the one you see all over this country today and that folks pledge allegiance to. Remember, that Civil or peacetime flag was mentioned in the book ‘The Scarlet letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorn. Following is a quote from the book:

    “From the loftiest point of its roof, during precisely three and a half hours of each forenoon, floats or droops, in breeze or calm, the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, instead of horizontally, and thus indicating that a civil, and not a military post of Uncle Sam’s government is here established.” The Scarlet Letter (1850), by Nathaniel Hawthorne, pg. 5

    But again, we have just been so far removed and it’s just a wrap because it’s just too much to learn and the people have really been dumb downed. The facts are most people really do speak, read, and comprehend on a 2nd grade level and this was done on purpose. People are upset with me because of the language I use (harsh language but the true sentiments of the Rulers) but I’m just being real and letting folks know how these Rulers and imps really feel about them. I can’t sugar coat this thing, and you damn sure can’t get free being timid, sensitive, etc. These people (Rulers and their imps) will not talk all civil and loving to you. This ain’t a romance novel. The people who run this ship are the greatest criminals this Earth has ever witnessed. They kill and destroy lives with impunity and people think Djehuty is the bad guy because of his realness. LOL!!! If folks think I’m harsh they had better never try and get free and deal with their government and I mean that! As John Travolta said in the movie “A Civil Law”: “Court is war and the declaration of war starts with the complaint.” There is no love and kindness in war!

    SC: By Executive Orders 10999-11006, maybe more, The Federal Government has the authority to seize all property, vehicles and bank accounts of all individuals if deemed necessary.

    DJEHUTY: Actually, Beloved, the authority came in 1868 (when the “United States” or Ten Mile Square was incorporated), near finalized in 1913, and permanently finalized in 1940 with the federal Buck Act was passed that allowed the federal government to take over the 50 state’s and remove their sovereign status, thus converting all 44 Republics and 4 Commonwealths into federal territories called “States,” i.e. “State of California,” ‘State of New York,”and “State of Israel” (that’s right, Israel is the 51st State of the U.S. which is why the U.S. sends it 4 billion per year just like it gives the rest of its 50 States billions of dollars every year).

    SC: We all should keep our eyes open because it was recently signed into law for The Government to be able to spy on us.

    DJEHUTY: True, but this thing has been in existence for decades. They (Rulers and their imps) are just tired of hiding things from the people. They didn’t create or build NSA (agency after Will Smith in “Enemy of the State”) just recently. It’s been around for a while. The tyranny is becoming more open. It’s time to break out with Orwell’s “Animal farm,” and “1984”, and Huxley’s “Brave New World.” These futurist authors (insiders) have been warning us about this day and time for a few decades now. But I see it’s too late for the majority of the people. The 5% will escape it so I just make sure I remain in the 5% class and drop a little knowledge wherever I can (like here and other sites I may frequent, well, at least when the subject matter comes up).

    SC: So indeed we do not have “true” sovereignty.

    DJEHUTY: I hate to say it, but you are 100% correct. Our government is 100% de facto!

    Appreciate the dialogue, Beloved! Peace!

  93. Angel Cakes,

    Djehuty let his e-mail address in one of his previous posts. You can just personally e-mail him as I have done and go from there. One who seeks knowledge and wisdom shall find it. I have long been searching for that profound truth and consciousness that will take me into another dimension as I realize that what we have been given is an illusionary world. I submit that “mental” slavery is worst than physical slavery. The slave has to take control of his/her own destiny and it starts on the mental plane.

    As I previously stated I have already embarked upon this journey through my studies and readings of certain material. The journey may be long but in the end it will serve its purpose. So now sovereignty is my next step towards true and complete freedom.

    In the spirit of our “FREEDOM FIGHTERS”,

    Malcolm X, Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Haille Salassie, The Black Panthers, Patrice Lumumba

    Power To The People

  94. Djehuty, thanks for the address. I’ll send you a fresh dollar bill really soon. As for you not paying taxes, tell Wesley I said hi when you two meet.

    From the campaign of:
    no to babby daddies, and yes to husbands and fathers.


  95. Ok, I still can’t find the post. Do you know where it is located?

  96. does she really think it is good for those children to watch men run in and out of their mother. she needs some morals before her daughter grows up to run through men like the mother does. what is she showing the younger generation. i thought she was supposed to be a strong sister. a strong black woman has respect for herself and should show some class and not give away free @$$ and not use a condom. what about aids. will she give any man a taste. she needs to stop making excuses and learn to close her legs. i bet common is glad that he did not have a child with her. she is disfunctional.
    you could catch something other than a child support check. Remember your daughter is watching you and a child will emulate the parent.
    Low Class.


    SEIASTAR: Your posting is extensive and you make very valid points but you are trying to teach the sheep and unfortunately, your teachings are falling on deaf ears.

    DJEHUTY: Thank you, Beloved. However, I would disagree with your assertion that I am “trying to teach the sheep” and “your teachings are falling on deaf ears.”

    First of all I am not trying to teach anyone, Beloved. I am merely expressing. Nothing more, nothing less. I simply shared my views and not for anyone to agree or disagree. Like everyone else, I simply gave my opinion (perhaps extensively as you said). I would never attempt to teach on someone else’s website because I wouldn’t have control and I need control to teach my way and what I know (which clearly is radical, incendiary at times, controversial, shell-shocking, Howard Sternish, vulgar, etc.). But it’s been very effective for me and so I do what works.

    However, I do feel you on what you are conveying. I’m too smart and wise to ever try and teach sheep which would violate “Do not cast your pearls before swine” doctrine in the Bible. Also, as a lightworker I know that you cannot teach without consent (free will). And more importantly, “the lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding.”

    Falling on deaf ears? Not true, because many have reached out to me from this Badu thread requesting more information about freedom, personal sovereignty, getting free, following their hearts, etc. There’s always the Law of 1/10th in every situation. My words may not be for everybody here, but there are a few here who they are for. It’s like with the Jesus character, the man only had 12 disciples. Even Jesus knew his words were not for everybody and that’s why he told his disciples that he exclusively prayed for them (disciples) and not the whole world:

    “I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me, for they are thine.”

    Jesus had sense to know the whole world would not jive with his words, but only those that were given to him (followers). This is why he also spoke in parables, to hide that higher spiritual message from the worldly (lower realm) people. So I know many won’t be able to pick up on what I’ve dropped here, but a few would and have.

    So dropping knowledge to me is never in vain because in a worse case scenario if nobody jived on my words, I would personally benefit by expressing because “what is expressed is impressed.” Expressing is good for people born under the constellation Taurus (or Beaver and Dog). Repetition of a thing constitutes mental programming and the more I elaborate on things I know the deeper they sink into my memory and subconscious and that benefits me. But again, I do feel you, Beloved!

    SEIASTAR: You’re attempting to educate the mindset and change the conditioning of individuals that only comprehend life from societal views.

    DJEHUTY: I am not trying to change the mindset of anyone, Beloved. I am just sharing information/knowledge (via sharing my personal opinions) that most may be ignorant of. In expressing my opinion I dropped information, but the information was substantiated (most by legal precedent that folks can go look up for themselves).

    I cannot change minds but only stimulate thoughts that may serve as others’ building blocks of their own independent thought. I am a free thinker and as I such I know that “no one can be a free and great thinker who does not recognize that his or her first duty as a free and great thinker is to follow their own intellect to whatever conclusions it may lead to.” Religious people are not free thinkers and thus not great thinkers. You can’t be a great thinker without being a free thinker. Religious people do not follow their own intellect to whatever conclusions they may lead to. Like sheep, they follow what’s already been laid out by another before them. They don’t travel the path seldom traveled, they take the broad way or road that Jesus admonished against.

    It’s a waste of time to try and change other people’s minds about things. A key maxim I live by is: “My liberty ends where the next man’s liberty begin.” So if a man is happy with Christianity or Judaism despite the faith not benefitting him in every facet of human existence, that’s on him (or her). If he’s happy, then I’m happy.

    I have a few people who like to battle me on my personal beliefs and tell me I’m wrong in my beliefs (because they are different from theirs as Christians) but then a few days or weeks later they call me and tell me they have a legal problem and need my help. I tell them: “Why call or come to me? I’m not Jesus! Jesus is the Comforter and the Bible says Jesus (as the Spirit of Truth) will teach you all things, and this would include law, so don’t call me for help, call on Jesus since you ride Jesus’ jock so tight.” LOL!!! How you gon’ be so into Jesus and not run to Jesus for help when you’re in real trouble?

    They get pissed off with the above, but I’m being real! See, what I’m into works for ME in every facet of life, i.e. love, romance, money, work, health, legal matters, business, etc. So I tell people, whatever you are into or believe, let it work for you in every step or facet of life. This is intelligent! God is supposed to be All-knowing and All-wise so how can you be one with an All-knowing and All-wise God and lack or be ignorant? It doesn’t add up!

    SEIASTAR: You have to research and understand historical perspective to determine that if you analyze our ethical beliefs, they are extremely contradictory.

    DJEHUTY: Trust me, I do and I have. I researched where most things come from and not just ethical beliefs, but customs. People don’t even know why today is named “Friday” or why this month is named “July” or why we say “goodbye” or “God bless you” after a sneeze, or why the IRS is said to “freeze” money in the bank, or why “New York” is called New York. Just basic things that can be explained via study of eponyms, imponderables, etiology, and etymology. We just don’t think on the most basic levels! We skip the basics of life and jump straight to the complexities of life created by man.

    SEIASTAR: However, all African Americans understand is the traditional morals that have been passed down through generations that were presented to us from our European masters and their translation of Christianity (which was used to substantiate their oppression of Blacks).

    DJEHUTY: I agree with you 100%. You are absolutely correct! But this is sad considering how much information is available today as well as freedom (in the following respect) to no longer believe in what Europeans taught us to control us as slaves. Why believe in slave teachings when you are free?

    SEIASTAR: It’s ironic, we use the Bible to justify our beliefs and go to church weekly, but statistics reveal that we don’t adhere to these standards.

    DJEHUTY: LOL!!!! So true, Beloved! So true! I once heard Dick Gregory say the same thing.

    SEIASTAR: Therefore, the African American community does not really practice what we so eloquently preach!

    DJEHUTY: Amen to that, Beloved! LOL!!!! Nothing but a bunch of proud and ignorant hypocrites. Muslims and Jews too!

  98. TO: FLO

    FLO: You have definitely sparked an interest in me.

    DJEHUTY: That’s good that you are open minded, Beloved. You know, the mind is like a parachute: it doesn’t work if it’s not open.

    FLO: I never knew there were such meanings in words like: register, dowry, marriage etc.

    DJEHUTY: Then you’re in for a rude awakening. The word “drive” means you are using your car to make money (like a taxi cab or something) and the word “motor vehicle” means a car used “for commercial purposes” (18 U.S.C. 31(10)), “income” means “corporate profits” LOL!!!; “residence” means “a thing to be identified” and is not synonymous with “citizen” (so why are folks residents when they are already “citizens”), “employee” means “servant,” etc. Study the LEGAL WORDS. Whatever evil these folks do unto the people, they will do it and justify it under the law. Trust me on that!

    FLO: I also never believed in astrology/zodiac signs.

    DJEHUTY: There’s a reason why the masses are told to stay away from astrology and other dark or occult sciences. The wealthy of this nation consult astrology. There’s a season to do everything. Sometimes the energy is conducive for your activity and sometimes it’s not. So you have to know when the energy is best and conducive to what you desire and are attempting to do or attain (or obtain). I have greatly improved my life by learning and mastering the attributes of my sign. I have learned the attributes of the 2nd House (Money and Finances) and now am financially set for life, a self-made millionaire, and anyone else can be too (and without hard or difficult work, but merely following their hearts and working universal law like the Law of Attraction). I desire for all people who desire to be rich to become rich and wealthy because it’s a divine birthright. The true Secret is contained in Matthew 6:33. Follow that advice (even if your not a Christian such as myself). Wisdom is wisdom and is applicable. Don’t shun astrology! Use it! there is no evil in the Universe, only negative and positive, and all energy comes from Source (God). All!

    FLO: How can I learn more about such things?

    DJEHUTY: Everything you desire to know can be found in a book, i.e. astrology books. Also, people can teach you too. Ask and ye shall receive!

    FLO: I am all about learning things on my own and using that knowledge as opposed to sitting in a lame classroom listening to some horrid teacher tell me crap she/he read in an outdated-and inaccurate-textbook.

    DJEHUTY: That’s how I got to be where I am today in life: learning on my own and building my own library in the process. Truly, knowledge and the application of knowledge is power! Also, learn to cultivate your intuition so you can learn to trust yourself more. If you develop your intuition, you can save money because you won’t have to worry about going to some man-made school and paying TUITION!

    Also, study auras, chakras, mental science, quantum physics, magic, divination, numerology, etc. These are the tools God gave us from the beginning.

    FLO: There are so many things I feel like I need to know and pass on to my future children, nieces, nephews and siblings. Pass the wisdom on.

    DJEHUTY: You are correct! You are also on the right path!

    FLO: About the zodiac signs…what can you tell me about an Aries?

    DJEHUTY: There’s a lot I can tell you about your sign, but time is of the essence right now as I’m about to take the family out. I’ll get you on the rebound, or, visit the astrology page on my site. It’s all broken down for you and if you want to go deeper, that can be arranged. But for starters, the basic information is up and available for free. Check it out! Dherbs.Com

    FLO: Is it possible to not live in accordance with your sign and feel, shall I say, unbalanced?

    DJEHUTY: No! If you feel imbalanced, you are not doing something right. Life is always a smooth ride when you live in harmony with your sign and universal law.

    FLO: I do have a couple of questions for you. How do you feel about the AIDS rate in the black community?

    DJEHUTY: AIDS and HIV are major frauds and I already wrote about this in my “AIDS and HIV” article also on my site. AIDS/HIV (fear tactics for purposes of control) only work on ignorant people and that’s why you see so many billboards about AIDS and free AIDS/HIV testing in Black communities. We love sex but are also an ignorant people collectively so many evil agencies prey on our community. Sex and ignorance is a bad combination, leads to STDs, unwanted babies, abortions, reproductive damage, damaged chakra cords, etc.

    FLO: Do you think our children are better off now than they were say… 50 years ago?

    DJEHUTY: Yes! Life is about progression and no matter how bad things appear we have progressed, especially spiritually and that’s what’s most important.

    FLO: Do you feel like each passing generation is making the world better or worse?

    DJEHUTY: Better! But in some respects, worse (in a mundane sense).

    FLO: I can understand the point you are trying to make and for Erykah your opinions do apply (though I still think it’s better for one couple to have children together-no one else involved), but the average woman living in the projects or one who benefits from all of the government handouts is not as mentally equipped as Erykah.

    DJEHUTY: Whose fault is that in a land of opportunity and on a planet of free will? There are no victims, Beloved, only participants! No passengers, only pilots. Folks gotta start taking responsibility for their lives. Time to become accountable, responsible, mature, conscious, etc. No more excuses and no more lies. Badu made a choice to become conscious. We always have choices, especially when we are conscious.

    FLO: I am tired of listening to woman say ” I raised (not reared) 5 kids without their daddies in sight. I don’t need a man blah blah blah…” What became of her children? We are all too familiar with the outcome of the majority of cases like these. How do you feel about this? Do you condone all of this extramarital sex sans responsibility?

    DJEHUTY: I hear you, but folks gon’ do what they want to do, so why trip? Just make sure you yourself don’t become a statistic. Though I genuinely love my wife, I do have a personal motive to keep my family in tact in an age of broken families, so it means a lot to me to be a young Black man, married, and the father of 5 children. I know I am being blessed with money to materially produce these powerful souls in the Universe who want to come to Earth and help it. I consciously create children and only certain children (souls) can come through me and my wife, this is where sexual science and gene coupling comes into play. I greatly love women but am too smart to sex up every woman that comes or came my way. We must be astrologically compatible, spiritually compatible, chakraically connected, physically, emotionally, and mentally sound, committed to an ultimate objective (family, a functional one), etc. We must do our homework first before we jump in the sack and get our bed on. Sex is too much of a powerful act to just jump into.

    Trust me, so much to say/share, but so little time. It is true that time flies when you’re having fun!


  99. TO: Show Ya Right

    Wesley Snipes is in jail because he was not smart. You can’t touch me in the area of law/sovereignty. I have it mastered! That’s why I never went to jail. They don’t call me Morpheus out here in Los Angeles for nothing. My specialty is successfully overcoming the Matrix.

    I tried to tell Wesley’s camp that you can’t own a corporation and NOT pay taxes. It won’t work; but many people just have to learn on their own and the hard way.

    Wesley also tried to unwisely claim a tax return which was stupid. How you gon’ not file a tax return but try and claim a refund?

    Please learn all the facts before you try and spit on a subject, Beloved. Especially pertaining to law/sovereignty. I have Wesley’s case (file) and studied it. He phucked up and bad! He got what he deserved based upon the facts. Just being real!

    Also, when you legally contract (despite the contract being an “adhesion contract” in nature) you can’t decide to stop paying taxes when you feel like it. It doesn’t work like that. When you contract with the government (IRS) via government forms and documents (Form W2, Form W4, etc.) as Smooth Criminal correctly stated above, you’ve entered into a binding contract and thus waived all of your fundamental rights. You are now under federal corporate United States jurisdiction and now you must pay income taxes because you yourself are now a corporation (artificial person, 14th amendment citizen) and are exercising a privilege (employment) and can be taxed because of so many things you don’t understand. The law books are written in an obfuscating way on purpose.

    I have to go, so I’ll end here!

    p.s. – No hard feelings, Beloved! You’re good people and I can feel that deep down inside (intuitively). Much love, Beloved. Peace!

    p.s.s. in re: “From the campaign of: no to babby daddies, and yes to husbands and fathers.” I’m with you on this! But I still respect free will!

  100. @tlp and mrs t.

    Does it make you feel better about yourselves and your situations to say unkind things about the lady and her family? Will it undo the children that she has had and would you if you could? What makes you think that her children were some kind of mistake or accident?

    If you have real concerns about the lady and her family, perhaps you can pray for her and send blessings her way. Positivity is a lot more helpful than hard-hearted curses, finger pointing and negative judgmental comments about her life and choices.

    @Lovher – These were long-term committed relationships. It is possible, even likely they got tested, just like you would in a committed relationship where marriage was being considered. And many women contract STDs WHILE married. Did you plan to somehow have children wearing a condom to protect yourself from STDs. Responsible people have children with someone that they respect and trust. Trust with their heart and their life. Responsible people also take care of themselves and their families and that’s exactly what Ms. Badu is doing.

    Be blessed and may your way be untroubled and your burdens light.

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