Erykah Badu: “White Patchouli” Frangrance Ad

Erykan Badu As Brown Sista previously reported, singer Erykah has been tapped by the great Tom Ford himself, to be the face of his new women’s fragrance. Well, now we can tell you the name of that fragrance is “White Patchouli” and to your right is the first print advertisement featuring Erykah to make it’s debut. Several images of Erykah have been shot for this campaign and more will officially debut this September in US Magazine. So what do you guys think of the ad? I love it and though many balked at the idea of Erykah as a model, I knew this was right up her alley. Erykah possesses a gorgeous bone structure and can change her look at the drop of a hat. She is a chameleon and that is truly what great models are made of.


  1. That is a gorgeous shot! I think Erykah Badu makes a great model, and as said, she is so versatile it’s not even questionable. Her “Honey” video showed that. I love the B&W look on Photographs. Wonder how that stuff smells, too.

  2. Nice pic, very Diana Ross looking. I love the black and white also.

  3. Miss Erykah Badu look pretty in the photo.

    Let’s be real! Tom Ford just use Miss Erykah Badu for his fragance to be more diverse as well as to make a profit off of the black community. Louis Vutton, Gucci, Prada, Bobby Valentino and etc just use these black celebrities so they came pimp the black community. Why don’t we support our own black designers rather then someone non-black.

  4. It must be me but I find it funny for them to use the word “white” as part of the fragrance title. I guess I will buy this for my wife X-mas time. ~if it smells light, soft, and beautiful~

  5. @ Raliyah. You make a good point in part but what Black designers/perfumers are comparable to Ford, Prada, Versace, etc.? The exposure/pimping goes both ways. Blacks who arent familiar with Ford and other international labels will be through this process and yeah money will be made. Maybe Tom just really likes Ms. Badu and all she is and wants to expose her to ‘his’ world? And vice versa. Either way I think it will be a great partnership. I love seeing Erykah fab and glam. 🙂

  6. I like Erykah Badu and as for the perfume I may purchase it depending if I like the scent.

  7. This is a good look for Erykah. Out of all the celebs and models, he choose her…he chose her for a reason beyond color, I think. I buy fragrances based on if I find the scent appealing, I don’t care if the maker is black, white, Asian.

  8. Erykah is so beautiful! She looks like that velvet picture that all our grandmothers had in her house with the black lady with the big afro with the red rose in it. Yall know the one! 🙂

  9. Good job Badu! I think we should support her for adding to her resume. I mean we could be complaining that no african american has been a spokesman for a pefume or cologne company…ever. The “using” is mutual. I think we would purchase what smells good on us. I wouldn’t purchase and perfume if it stinks …and Beyonce was the owner/seller etc…Blacks should be able to step into any area where we will be seen in a positive manner. This will be sold across the planet and maybe in china where not many blacks are represented ,this may help someone see that the thug,gold teeth,booty shaking,etc…ya’ll know what I mean is a fraction of who and what we are.

  10. @Raliya:

    I am confused by you and others like you. Now we are mad because they are using black models. At first we complained that they didn’t use black models. Let’s be happy for Eryka Badu. Everything black that has been coming out in the past few years they have used Beyonce or some other extremely light woman and now they are using a sister and that is great. If his target for that fragrance is black women who else was he going too use Britney Spears. Let’s celebrate our beauty or start your own fragrance and use black models. But down this ad because it is a beautiful add. Maybe this is the reason people don’t want to use black people in their adds there is no winning.

    Be happy for Eryka. No one forces black people too buy anything we buy things for the same reason everyone else does we either need it or we want it. And what is so wrong with a sister getting a check. Maybe now this blog will start showing other taleneted sisters and stop the same few over and over.

  11. I’m sooooooo glad that Erykah is doing this. I always thought she was a beautiful woman and its about time she did something like this.

    As for the photo, its nice but i would have loved to see her lovely eyes, maybe other shots would capture her eyes.
    Great choice for modelling!

  12. Erykah looks like a Queen in that picture. Very beautiful. Yeah, go HOOONNNEYYYYY.

  13. This is a very beautiful photo of Erykah and it does resemble Diana (The Boss) Ross. Especially during Diana`s “Upside Down ” era. She looks like The African Queen that she is and the black and white was a very good idea.

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  14. Mrs. Erykah Baduh is a goddess … I say this as a musician and an man …. she´s second to none… I´m following her career since “On and On”… Tom Ford was right to choose her – forgive me for my bad english…..

  15. Finally…..I always thought that she should be a model….this is a beautiful photo….I think she is a beautiful person inside as well………..congratulations Mrs. Badu

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