Erykah Badu’s Full Givenchy Campaign


Though her musical career isn’t as hot as it used to be, soul diva Erykah Badu still manages to snag lucrative endorsement campaigns her more popular contemporaries wish they could.

From Tom Ford to Givenchy, Miss Badu is definitely on the fashion elite’s radar thanks to her undeniable beauty and presence.

Givenchy in-house photographer Ricardo Tiscsi, who touts himself a longtime Badu fan, recently tapped the singer to front the design house’s Spring 2014 collection, which features a mash-up of various African and Japanese influences.

According to Tiscsi, Erykah was the only woman he saw fronting the campaign, calling the Texas beauty an “icon” and “the most stylish woman” he had ever met.

Tisci recently added more images of Erykah from the campaign via his Instagram page, with the caption: “Beauty unmatched!”


  1. This girl make some o the baddest music out here. Unfortunately black radio stations havebeen taken ov and are forced to play the same music over and over. Believe me they hate the music they have to play as much as we hate listening ot it.

  2. I agree with him, Erykah and Lupita in the other post are so refreshing and effortlessly striking. So nice to see some other black women besides Mrs. Carter and Rihanna.

  3. I agree, Bria. Black radio has been on a downward spiral for almost a decade now. To save my life I don’t understand why Janelle Monae and Minguel’s “Primetime” isn’t a huge friggin’ hit. Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are cool, but there are other women out there making hot music and urban radio refuses to play them.

    So sad.

  4. Why can’t black women ever celebrate another black woman without bringing up anyone else. You keep on complaining that media is all over Beyonce, Nicki, Rihanna, yet you still bring them up when celebrating another woman, like Erykah, who is doing well, and is probably not losing sleep over no radio play, especially when she doesn’t have a new album out.

    Sista, your site used to be about celebrating all brownsistas, but now, it’s about pettyness.

    Celebrate Erykah, or any other brownsista doing it for themselves without comparing them. You are part of the problem.

  5. While Erykah looks great. I’m not feeing the clothing she’s wearing. Especially the imagery on the clothing…those symbols…..are not cool…. in my opinion…

  6. If you’re talking about my radio comment, Daliwonga, there is nothing negative about it. It’s the truth. Black/Urban radio only plays three black women, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and if she hooks up with a rapper, Rihanna. A lot of great great music goes unheard because radio has become so closed off.

  7. She’s gorgeous. The clothes are…too expensive (eccentric) for my tastes, but good luck to her.

  8. It’s not about the radio comment only. Why even mention other ladies when speaking about Erykah. Can we have celebrate her, and her achievements in this post? Even your statement in your post about, “her more popular contemporaries wish they could.” Really?? Can’t you write any article without any shade? Girl, check yourself.

  9. Sista u can be negative, unkind and judgemental. And u always justify it or fail to address it. You never are humble enough to admit to being wrong or posting in bad taste. You have instigated negative press towards certain black women. The comparisons and stereotypes you promoted are prime examples. Anyway it is your site, so I guesd you can be as unfair as you want.

  10. You are a liar and a half, DALIWONGA and I AGREE WITH DALIWONGA. If you think Brown Sista is negative, you clearly haven’t traveled very far online. I don’t throw shade, I am not messy and rarely justify anything because few people direct their comments to me, thus I have nothing to justify. Pettiness is not what I do here. It just isn’t. That doesn’t mean I won’t speak my mind. But pettiness and shade is never a part of what I do. Besides, I’m not even good at shade. LOL. I hate shade. Its why I can’t watch shows like RHOA. No shade here.

  11. Sista, I suck at throwing shade too. Moreover, I feel “GUILTY” if I’m trying to shade someone else. It’s being mean and I wasn’t raised to be mean-spirited. With that said, I, too, will speak my mind.

    Daliwonga/Daliwong II, BrownSista is the LEAST negative entertainment site on the web, where concerns brown sistas in entertainment and pop culture. You want negative? Try Rhymes w/ Snitch and see if Beyonce isn’t brought up in EVERY POST with stans and haters biting and backbiting at one another.

    What Sista states is the truth. RADIO as of late has a penchant for playing a select few “of us”…mainstream radio, that is. Sista’s mentioning of this is apropos. Ever heard of having good dialogue and conversation with your peers? Try doing that next post instead of pointing out your suspect perceptions of the author’s intent.

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