Erykah Badu’s Jimmy Fallon Performance

The one and only Erykah Badu performed “Window Seat,” the lead single from her upcoming New Ameryhak Part Two: Return of the Ankh album, for the first time live on Wednesday night’s edition of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” The singer was accompanied by The Roots, whose members ?uestlove and James Poyser are featured on the song. Last night’s performance kicked off a run of upcoming television appearances for Erykah that include The Wendy Williams show on March 25th, Good Day New York on March 26th, Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 30th, The Wanda Sykes Show on April 3rd, Chelsea Lately on April 5th and The Monique Show (TBA).

…and peep Erykah’s performance outfit which has everyone on twitter talking. The eclectic diva wore panties over sheer tights and a leather jacket… definitely an original look if ever I have seen one.


  1. In love with this song. Her outfit? Umm not so much. LOL. Love her though.

  2. It’s so funny how she has thicken up. This is why I tell them skinny girls, if they plan on having kids, stop trying to eat so much or eatiing junk because it’s going to happen naturally.

    Anyways, I don’t think her outfit is all that original. It’s just her take on the whole leotard phenom that has been taking place or Erykah’s version of a Gaga outifit. Plus, didn’t Cameo do the look back in the 80’s… LOL!

  3. Erikah is fabulous as always. Love the song, hate the outfit but I love her body.

  4. i just love her!!! She is quirky but so talented!! I love how she isnt afraid to do what she wants to!!!

  5. My girl Erykah is BACK and if the new CD is as smooth as Window Seat, I’ll be adding it to my collection. I still listen to Worldwide Underground but not New Amerykah Part One as much. I have no opinion good or bad on her outfit, Erykah is ALWAYS in her own world and she follows her spirit, so she can wear WHATEVER she chooses.

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