Erykah & Cheri Release New Albums Today

Ok, so I know it said it’s “Discipline Day” day and all- but I cannot forget that two other noteworthy sistas are also releasing new albums today. Bad Boy’s long suffering soultress Cheri Dennis drops her debut CD “In And Out Of Love” and it is proceeded by her first single “I Love You“, which features rappers Jim Jones and Young Joc. Cheri, as many of you know, has been signed to Bad Boy for some time now and many never thought her CD would see the light of day. Now that it has, do check out this sista if you are not familiar with her and there is no reason why you can’t pick up her new CD- along with Erykah Badu- whose new album “New Amerykah”- also hits store shelves today.

Erykah kicked off promotion for her new CD at midnight with a listening party and signing at Bill’s Records and Tapes in Dallas, Texas. The first 100 people who brought in a print out of their Myspace profile with Erykah in their top 8 received a free ticket to her jam session at Ghostbar, which is being held later on tonight. Erykah’s first single off of New Amerikah- Honey, has also been doing very well on the R n’ B charts- and has already gone top 50.

Show your support for both these sitas by picking up their CD’s at a store near you or by downloading them from Itunes.


  1. Finally Cheri’s CD drops. I heard some of the tracks and its ok not bad.
    I Must go get that Erykah CD ASAP. :brownsista:

  2. Erykah is going to do well but Cheri has been on the back burner for so long I doubt anyone cares about her or her cd. She brings nothing new to the game so I don’t expect much from her. Erykah and Janet are already playing in my IPOD though :brownsista:

  3. :iagree: cheri song been out since early last year i think her album is not going to do well no promoting for it. Erykah is to wierd for me i can not do her.

  4. I’m really shocked that Cheri album has finally been released. That damn Diddy!
    Unfortunately for her, I can’t pick it up because Erykah and Janet is where my dinero has been spent. It’s so good to hear new music from them :dance:

  5. Who’s Cheri? πŸ˜† Good luck to her. Not too keen on her song. Loving Erykah though. Everything about this woman I love. She is a true artist! And had I known about the myspace giveaway….darn it! I have her in my top friends, as well. πŸ˜† I’ll be purchasing her LP on Friday.

  6. Erykah hasn’t made a song I like since Bag Lady. Her music has become dull now. The songs are just okay. Honey doesn’t grab you or speak to you like Tyrone and Bag Lady did. Erykah is just singing now but the songs aren’t very catchy.

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