Erykah Heads Back Into The Studio

After making a splash at this summer’s Bonnaroo Music Festival, neo-soul diva Erykah Badu is keeping the momentum going. The Grammy Award-winning singer is currently in Europe performing at jazz festivals. Next week, she returns to the states with spot dates in Atlantic City, N.J. (Aug. 6); Detroit (Aug. 7); and Memphis, Tenn. (Sept. 10), before heading back in the studio to record new music. A follow-up to last year’s ‘New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War’ will feature Badu’s longtime collaborator James Poyser, reports Billboard. While a tentative title of ‘New Amerykah: Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh’ is planned, a release date for the project has not been announced.

Erykah Badu performs at the North Sea Jazz Festival.


  1. Omg i cannot wait, she is so pretty, and i love the big afro and she rips it off, very fierce…loves me some erykah


    Love this woman so much. Can’t wait for new music! Go Erykah!


  3. I LOVE her music, and she’s so beautiful, but wth does her and lauryn hill feel the need to wear such crazy stuff. It’s just wierd. But I’m glad she’s back, the really good artist that we want to hear make us wait a lifetime and the ones we are tired of put out something new every three weeks and twitter every 15 seconds.

  4. like miss badu..she does her and copies noone!!!love that!!! :thumbsup:

  5. Why do people feel the need to act as if they are anxiously awaiting this woman’s next album? Her last album tanked and several before that did also. Erykah hasn’t made a decent song is years. She got too weird and scared off half her fan base. :thumbsdown:

  6. @Coco: maybe because people are actually awaiting her next album. New Amerykah was truth serum for the people. Some liked it. Some didn’t. Oh well, on to the next one. Badu is not weird, she’s actually a lot saner in the mind than you think (much more saner than you, I’d suppose). She’s enlightened and aware and not afraid to live her life regardless of what weak-minded people think and say. And she still has a considerable amount of fans left since her shows are selling out. Stop being a :hater: .

  7. I think enough with the wierdness. I get your a deep person, but, you can be a deep person and not be so wierd. I think it took away from her music. Just get back to making great music.

  8. @ Lina

    I agree alot of people really liked her album including me. some people will like it and some won’t. And what I have learned in my adult life is some songs are pushed on us and we think we like them. Like single ladies, I can’t stand that damn song, it’s even stupid to me now. I think the fact that it was on the radio and tv all the time made me buy it to it. And as tired as this may sound, it’s all about promotion, I don’t think she gets out there enough. My sister turned me on to Erykah and she didn’t know about her CD when it dropped.

  9. @ BEE and COCO,

    With all due respect, tell me, what IS ‘weird’ music? Her album tanked? She lost fans? “Master Teacher” isn’t great music? “Honey” (which was a much more palatable track for ‘the masses’) isn’t great music? What IS great music? TELL ME. I really want to know. Are you saying that Erykah should ‘dumb down’ her music to be better received? Received by whom? This woman and others like her (re: Lauryn Hill) have fans THE WORLD OVER from ALL WALKS OF LIFE. She brings to the table ‘art’; with every record she’s put out it’s gone above and beyond the previous one, creatively. Would you rather she sing “Tyrone” every record and sound much like the rest of R&B on the radio today?

    Just asking. She is being a true artist, visually and ‘audibly’. She just IS an artist and if you’re not on the bandwagon, don’t worry; there are others who ARE: FANS and CRITICS both.


    (Boy, I just stanned HARD for E.Badu, didn’t I? LOL)

  10. Erykah Badu is in a league all by herself. If you dont get the music, I feel sorry for you. Erykah is on some other stuff, she is on a whole notha level with her music and she dresses oddly because she wants to look like the music and express herself.

  11. @Kanyade
    Thank you. Well said. Erykah does her thing every time. I loved that last album. But, you know how it is. Some people can’t handle food for thought. Too busy listening to Single Ladies??? 😆

  12. Kanyade this time i’m not even mad at someone being a stan for an artist this time lol….. not mad at all when it’s the truth.

    And what’s wrong with being weird? Normal is boring lol.

  13. I love ERYKAH…I was just listening to “next lifetime”…That song always get’s stuck in my head. :brownsista:

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