Erykah Visits 106 & Park + First Week Sales

While the Dallas police department was busy trying to figure out whether they should file charges against Erykah Badu for shooting her “Window Seat” video without a permit, the singer herself was busy out promoting her new album “New Amerykah Part 2: Return Of The Ankh.” Erykah hit up 106 & Park yesterday to talk about her new album, single and controversial video that accompanied them. A day after the release of her new album, industry insiders estimate the album will move about 120,000 copies and land in the #2 position- right behind Usher’s Raymond vs Raymond album.


  1. 😆 what is her excuse for getting so thicky thick thick?!! Somebody been hittin’ dat, right? GO AHEAD WITH YA BLACK SISTA SOUL SELF, :bowdown:

  2. “thicky thick thick” -hilarious. I want to look like her though!

  3. Hotep,
    Love Love Loves me some E.B.! We’re the same age. We’re both metaphysicians. We’re both mothers…she’s dope! I love that she publicly, yet still artistically, addressed “Group Think.” :iagree:

    That herd-mentality poison needs to cease & desist at once, forever! That’s why they herd the masses as sheep…clones, followers.
    Like another dope true sista (Lauryn) said in one of her rap songs (Take it Easy), “…No Autonomy!”

    Embrace independent-thinking, people. It’s the only way to really connect to The Creator and come into your own. Thanks Erykah.
    Oh, about the PO-9 trying to ‘come for ya?’ Think of your song “Other Side of the Game,” light the right candles, smudge, & address someone who has proficient knowledge regarding the UCC. You’ll be fine, ma.
    Love Ya! Oh, and I knew Myrah–the Gemini astrologer out of Queens, too. Good peeps.


    G.Y. Turnbull

  4. The more news coverage I see on Badu’s window seat, the more interesting this whole sage becomes…it’s just full of meaning for different people…on AOL…some of the comments were brutal…but, to be expected…Fox, CNN and others news outlets…say they just don’t know what to make of the video…the meaning beside “groupthink”…OK…Badu slayed on so many levels as I’ve peeped and see it went past and over some and others just don’t feel it and that’s fine…because she did accomplished some personal initiatives for herself, like selling more cds in a wishy washy record market…with greater exposure to people who didn’t know she existed…but, also…she made many people want to strip off layers of bondage, shame, self-consciousness and conformity and for this it’s been worth the price of the dice!

    Badu says only about 5% of the people really know what’s going on…

  5. im glad to see her comin back.. love me sum erykah badu!!

  6. And this intellectual woman couldn’t get her point across with out her exposing her butt, there was no possible way, only this. It came down 2 this??. smh I guess neosoul people get a break. when they are naked its art, when beyonce is its nasty..Hypocrisy is a lie from the devil. Why don’t we all parade buttnaked down the street, in front of our male family members to make a point. Its art right. Try it 2night, the erykah fans. Who doesn’t know Jfk murder wasn’t a conspiracy?? so what? you want 2b free-good find Christ. but that’s y ur butt is out?? Can’t fool me..

  7. Of course she especially wanted the men 2 get the message. Why they are masturbating they are also understanding the “deep” message” right?? im a start wearing a headwrap and drinking tea and do whatever i want so people can just excuse it and say “she sooo deeeep” get out the clouds. This is the same female tellin people 2 buy 10 albums in a depression? its not 4 attention though rite. You couldn’t pay me 2 understand this pitiful nonsense.

  8. EB always been THICK she just got THICKER lol but her new song Window seat Is growning on me …just NOT the video 🙄

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