‘Star’ Remake Has a New Star

According to Variety, Beyonce has officially pulled out of the remake of ‘A Star is Born.’ Any of you who visit this blog regularly know this is hardly news as I reported the same thing quite a while ago.

What is news however is whom director Clint Eastwood reportedly has in mind to take on the lead female role that has become available in the wake of Knowles’ departure.

Word is Eastwood is gunning for 2011 ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding. Eastwood is reportedly a fan and has shown interest in the musician who he thinks would bring increased authenticity to the role, which was recently re-written by screenwriter Will Fetters.

Studio insiders reportedly told Variety that no female lead would be cast until a male lead has been cast. To date, studio execs and Eastwood have reportedly approached several high profile male stars, including Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, Tom Cruise and most recently Bradley Cooper.


  1. This movie is not about to be made any time soon. I think it is time for everyone to just move on. Clearly there is nothing to see here.

  2. Authenticity-the quality of being authentic: genuine. Yo bey? U gon let him talk to u like that son? Smart move Clint. Beyonce, next time make sure ur baby bump is um…whats the word? Oh yeah..authentic.

  3. I honestly just have no words other than, “Welp!” #ontothenext #iguess

  4. How’s it a better decision when we haven’t even seen her act yet??…?
    Also this is deeper than anything Clint or Beyonce is telling us believe that! If not Beyonce would’ve been gone LONG ago.

  5. @gigi,

    Your obsession with all things beyonce is quite hilarious. LOL at you STILL talking about her pregnancy; if she faked it for attention, she DEFINITELY succeeded because you are still talking about it and will keep talking about it. I bet other artists wish they had people like you who will find a way to talk about them and everything they do even when you claim not to like them.


    Excellent question! And I don’t think there’s more to it other than her reasoning. She does have Epic coming out, which she has to promote and she’s also planning a tour and an album. Her schedule is pretty full.

    It’ll be interesting to see who WB goes with now because they’ve been asking Bey to do this movie for almost 4 years now.

  6. Its a blog. Ima comment on what I want for as long as I want. Im grown.ur obsessed wit beyonce thats y u commented on me. I comment on many things other than bey.if u dont wipe my a$$ when I spit then what I do is nunya.

  7. Bey got dumped….the end!!

  8. I have one cd by ES and read up on her…I hope she continues to do well!…whether she can act, who knows…maybe she did some acting while attending Berklee or theater elsewhere or has an audition tape…I hope she gets this part because we have so few artists like her…Audra McDonald…I believe it was getting the right leading man for Beyonce to star and it didn’t happen…it’s not a big deal because she can certainly produce a film like this…Tyler Perry would…these girls are made…this isn’t even a speed bump in her career!

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