Essence Atkins Lands New TV Role

Newly married actress Essence Atkins has landed the lead female role opposite “Everybody Hates Chris” actor, Terry Crews, in the upcoming TBS comedy “Are We There Yet.” The small screen version of the 2005 film that starred Nia Long and Ice Cube, centers around the newly married couple of Nick Persons and Suzanne Kingston, who move into a new home with Suzanne’s two rambunctious children. Filming for the show has already started and will reportedly air in early 2010 after TBS’ Tyler Perry comedy “House of Payne.”

Essence Atkins


  1. Wow, this could be good. I really like her so I’m glad she’s working. I liked the movies too. I’ll be on the lookout for this.

  2. this sounds awful and doesn’t make logical sense…who said “hey guys, let’s throw the dad from everybody hates chris and the chick from smart guy on the television version of a movie.”

  3. i agree w/iris…i personally didnt like the movie version =/…but always nice that an actress is workin =)

  4. Yay! I love Essence and I love Terry! All the people hating on Tyler can eat it–his success, despite his TV shows being so-so, has proven to TBS that a black sitcom is a viable thing.

  5. Essence is a good actress. I don’t think it matters what roles the actors/actresses previously held, if they are good, let them do the job. They are both good actors. Much success to them in their roles.

  6. @ IRIS

    You are kind of right. I mean essence as a mom is kind of funny she still looks 20. And Terry Crews looks too old and doesn’t make a good match for her husband, but I will give it a shot. I liked the first movie. I’ll just wait and see, I’m still happy for them though, good black sit coms are almost extinct.

  7. I don’t know about this one. I’m happy that there’s another black sitcom on tv, but I’ll have to wait it out to form an opinion.

    I’m happy for them. And Terry has found work fairly quick, so good for him. Good for her, too. I’m wishing them success

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