Essence Atkins to Star in New NBC Comedy ‘Marlon’


Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins to Star in ‘Marlon’

Actress Essence Atkins is set to star opposite Marlon Wayans in the upcoming NBC family comedy, Marlon. The show is loosely based on the actor/comedian’s life and is expected to debut sometime this summer.

NBC describes Marlon (the character) as an “inappropriate, but loving father” who is committed to successfully co-parenting with his polar opposite wife, Angie, played by Essence. Angie is described as being a “type-a personality interior designer with control issues,” who did one spontaneous thing in life- fell in love with Marlon. The two eventually separate and Angie finds herself having to raise three children- the two she had and the one she divorced.

Marlon and Essence have worked together several times in the past, including back in 2005 when Essence made a guest appearance on his WB comedy, The Wayans Bros. They also played a married couple via both A Haunted House flicks.

Via press release, Marlon called Essence the “absolute only choice,” to play his wife, saying the two have great chemistry together and have known each other for over twenty years.


  1. All the hype of black female led shows has faded away. With Minority Report canceled and Nicole killed off of Sleepy Hollow, the only black women on TV leading shows are all employed by Shonda Rhimes. That is not progress at all. I barely watch TV at this point. So tired at looking at white men with guns or yet another procedural. Despite more avenues to watch new shows, few if any feature us in roles I care about.

  2. I agree, Staci. I was looking at the original programming featured on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime and all of them featured the same themes as network television. Few of them feature people of color and not one features a black man or woman in a lead role. With so few of us behind the camera it’s no shock there are so few of us in front of it. It’s obvious if we don’t tell our stories no one else will.

  3. I wish that most of these shows with kids would stop. I love Marlon and his work. So proud of him and his brothers who made their own careers instead of waiting for Hollywood to make it for them. That being said i personally do not like kids. Yet it seems that every single show black or white deals with kids. I want a show that deals with just being adults dating, works, problems or life in general.

  4. I don’t dislike kids but I definitely agree with what you said.

  5. the original programming featured on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime and all of them featured the same themes as network television

    I agree with this 100%

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