Essence Magazine Honors Tyra Banks

Essence Magazine Honors Its February 2008 Cover Model Tyra Banks. Among those in attendance, was of course Tyra herself, the absolutely stunning Yaya Da Costa, actress Lyn Whitfiled and singer Cheri Dennis.

Also showing up to the festivities were radio personality Egypt, Kenya Hill, BET VJ Aleesha Renee and Bree.


  1. I Love Tyra. Yaya and Bre Look Amazing. Love these girls. :brownsista:

  2. Good for Tyra. Ya-Ya looks great, so does Lynn Whitfield. I always thought Egypt had a big head, but pretty face :confused: 😆

  3. I think they all look amazing. I love Tyra’s outfit. I also love Bree and Yaya’s hair.

  4. Bree looks great…and I never thought she did on the show! Her hair is striking.
    Tyra looks like Beyonce at the Vibe awards a few years ago…Google it, you’ll chuckle.
    I love Yaya’s low cut blazer…

  5. Just on a side note: I hate the look of untailored pants. :confused: I see it all the time, Especially on Celebrities, take the time and get that done.

  6. Bree looks Fantastic. She was awsome on the show. To bad she didnt win 😀

  7. Bre stands out here to me. More than any one. BEAUTIFUL!

    But all of them look great.

    Congrats TYRA!! 🙂

  8. Congrats to Tyra. I’m loving Bree and YaYa’s hair! :brownsista:

  9. Go Tyra! I like her a lot and I’m glad to see her getting some recognition. Tyra is doing things and she looks great. Everyone else looks good, too, especially Bree. She was so cool on Top Model during her cycle.

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