Essence Magazine’s “If Looks Could Kill” Party

Toyota Motor Corp. kicked off a new immersive entertainment campaign to market its 2009 Camry to black women. The “If Looks Could Kill” campaign combines digital and real-world gaming components centered around a new Web site developed by Burrell Communications Group, Toyota’s Black marketing communications AOR, and agency partner 42 Entertainment. The site includes a series of videos that feature a resourceful fashion designer and Camry driver involved in an espionage plot. Users can navigate within the 3D scene to play along with the adventure, picking up clues to assist the main character, and potentially winning 1,000 prizes over the course of the campaign. launched June 9th and the campaign will continue through July 27th.

The party to kick off Toyota’s new campaign, which is in conjunction with Essence Magazine, was held last night at the Beam in New York City and was attended by singer Keyshia Cole, who also performed, designer and stylist Alexis Phifer, and producer Swizz Beatz wife, Mashonda.

By the way, what do you guys think of Keyshia’s new teeth? I though I noticed a difference with her smile some months back but the pics I had then weren’t too clear. The above pics however show off her new teeth quite prominently and I think her dentist did a pretty good job.


  1. It is so odd seeing a sista in the public spotlight with their own hair. These pics of Keyshia are almost shocking, but the sista is sho nuff looking good. I hope more Hollywood women follow this trend. Let’s get back to looking like ourselves and embracing what God gave us. 🙂

  2. @Dana:

    I agree with you about sistas wearing their natural hair. I, as a brotha, don`t care for all the weaves, extensions, etc., etc. I prefer sistas wear their natural dew. (dew spelling intentional, as in “mountain dew”) Fake hair, implants, is a turn off for me; I`m just sayin`.

    The sistas look great and Keyshia would look even better if not for the tats… No matter her fashion, or how great it may be, the tats will always take away from the overall look.. Her manager, if not already, should suggest that she seriously consider getting rid of the tats. It`s just NOT a good look….

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  3. Keyshia’s whole face looks different now. I thought her other teeth looked fine but the dentist did do a good job cause they do look natural.

  4. You can wear a weave but it have to look natural. But the women are looking good. I love the new camry.

  5. Keyshia looks good! I’m loving that hair color on her.

  6. I know many may disagree, and I must be her only “fan”, but Alexis Phifer must be one of the most beautifullest women I’ve ever seen. From her skin, to her body, to her facial features (thin face vs round other features, and generous cheeks, very sculpture-like) to the way she carries herself to her sense of style. Geez man, this chick is FABULOUS with a capital F! I heart her and look up to her. And on top of that she seems like a cool chick with a positive mentality, after the break up with Kanye, she kept it classy, didn’t hold grudges and kept it moving. This chick is FIERCE!

  7. omg! i looove this website! i just found this blog and its great to read and see beautiful sistas that we dont get to see in England.

    keep up the good work.

  8. wow keyshia looks looks amazing! then again, she always does! she needs to tell us how she manages to stay so fly. what ever sh’s drinking, I want some of that!

  9. @ ENGLISH BABE : “who is the girl in white? is she a model??”

    That’s the girl I was talking about in my previous post, ALEXIS PHIFER, she’s a designer and Kanye’s ex-fiancee. The girl is amazing, I mean I just find her so beautiful!!!

  10. thanks Chante.

    It’s soo nice to see so many beautiful and talented sistas.

    America certainly represents us well.

    Kelly Rowland was in London not long ago and showed up at a late night show called Nokia Green Room. All the guys in my office were talking about her the following monday saying how beautiful she looked and her down to earth personality.

  11. Now, Smooth Criminal, when you say natural, do you mean her how hair texture? Because I know plenty of black men who say “natural” but don’t mean nappy, kinky, course or highly textured. You mean, straight, silky yet growing out of her scalp? If you do then your opinion is invalidated. You should use another word besides “natural.”

  12. has anyone checked out the site they were launching? it looks really good. Bianca is really working it. cant wait to see what happens.

  13. i just checked out the site and i think its very entertaining. Glad to see sistas portrayed in a positive way. love it! just wish we had something like that in Britain.

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