Estelle Introduces The “Belvie Bag”

Estelle Looking for a practical, everyday bag for the summertime? Go look somewhere else. But if it’s luxury you’re after, Polish vodka brand Belvedere has paired with former Jimmy Choo shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey and singer/songwriter Estelle to create “The Belvie Bag” in honor of the company’s launch of their newest flavor Black Raspberry. “This bag is such a statement,” says Estelle, who served as Kelsey’s muse when he sat down to design the bag. “You definitely have to be trend-savvy to wear it.” Created for the chic party girl, Kelsey’s slouchy summer bag was fashioned using white leather and gold accents.

It also features a hidden compartment inside the bag, which we’re guessing was created so that you can transport that extra bottle of Belvedere you’ve got tucked away. At first glance, it looks a bit bulky for our taste but, as Estelle says, it’s designed to grab attention at the club without knocking over half the people inside of it. “It’s big enough in size without being overpowering,” she says. “You’re not going to be like, Oh, what the hell is this?”

Check it out below. And if you’re interested in copping one for yourself, the limited-edition bag will be available for $1,400 at ­Jeffrey New York or do some window shopping and view it at several Belevedere Black Raspberry pop-up stores in both New York City and London in early May. Tell ’em VIBE sent you!



  1. Diversify my girl while you can. I became a fan of Estelle when she was a UK rapper so if she could morph into a singer with a top 10 american hit then she can take herself anywhere.
    Go Estelle!

  2. Beautiful bag, that would make a great work bag for me. I know there is no way I could afford it, lol

  3. I love the bag and estelle is gorgeous, I love her skin. great rapper great singer, You go Chick

  4. Can’t say the bag does anything for me and Estelle needs to bring out another song, album or something!!! American Boy is so played out. From one Brit to another – don’t be a one hit wonder girl!

  5. I heard of Estelle, but I have never listened to her music. Iw ill do so soon because I have heard great reviews about her. That bag is very large, but pretty.

  6. I kinda like this purse….though it amounts to my mortgage payment there’s no way in heck I’ll ever have it.


  7. She looks good in those pics but I don’t care for the bag.

    @ Surabi
    You Tube honey. There are 4 live performances from a UK late night show that are awesome. I have heard CD and I think it is pretty good.

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