Estelle Stop By 106 & Park

UK pop sensation Estelle stopped by BET’s 106 & Park yesterday to discuss her new album and jewelry line. The singer of course spoke about the “Freak” video controversy and to lighten things up a bit played a game of fashion do’s and don’ts with the audience.


  1. I’m one of those people who try to stick to the motto “if you don’t have something nice to say, dont say anything at all” but damn her face ain’t appealing at all, but on the bright side her body’s straight.

  2. I think she’s attractive. It’s just that perfection is idolized in our culture especially with the advent of plastic surgery. Most people are average including celebrities who just glamourize their looks. She does have great eyes and a great style.

  3. Rizza: She is pretty, and i liked the first album, Some people associate dark skin with unattractiveness that’s all.

  4. There is nothing wrong with her face unfortunately for most black women it’s just dark that is what I think most of us see when we see her which is sad.

  5. If yall(you know who you are), are talking about me your dead a** wrong because I like many dark skin women.
    Kelly Rowland=fine/attractive
    Jennifer Hudson=fine thick sista
    Letoya Luckett-sexy etc.

    Why do people assume SO much…

  6. Black women be the main ones who be downing other Black and especially darker skin sisters. Lighten Estelle up a shade or two and no one would be calling her ugly.

  7. Lighten her up “a shade or two” and she still wouldn’t be nearly as attractive as the women I named earlier, who are literally BROWN SISTAS.

  8. Well, lets face reality folks. We will not all find the same people attractive. Thats just a fact of life. Estelle has very strong ethnic features that is a love it or hate it look. I don’t think she is no great beauty either but that is beside the point of her purpose. She is not a cosmetic model, she is a singer and she does what she does well enough to be celebrated by many and welcomed back on the scene with her new project. Its sad that we have become so mentally and spiritually warped that we base talent and a persons worth/value on looks and material possessions. SMDH! Wake up black people, we are loosing more ground than we are gaining with the stupid antics we use to pull each other down.

  9. Estelle has mad skills…very talented…her last cd was awesome…so many great tracks…the industry has conditioned people to only get excited on what they force feed us…european looks and standards…lighter skin tones…when it should be about the music…”More than Friends”…is one of my favorites…she sings and raps well…writes…she flows effortlessly between the two…Estelle will be around for sure and I can’t wait to buy her next cd…John Legend did a great job producing her and thought highly of her for Estelle to be the first artist on his label…Estelle’s pretty…it’s the hairstyles that don’t always compliment her face and features…the look they’re pushing, I guess…she has an over-bite like many people, nothing that invaslign couldn’t cure…but, she’s a nice looking woman…for some reason, darker skin women aren’t made to look their most beautiful and sultry…NOT ALL, there are exceptions…if she wasn’t selling music and went on Oprah and got the typical makeover at the hands of hollywood and New York’s best…we would be wowed!…in magazine photo spreads, they like to make darker brown sistas something exotic, unreal, tribal…not someone you’ll take home to meet mother or make into an American sweetheart…well, Estelle is on her grind and will keep rising, it’ll just take her more effort!

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