Esther Baxter, You Should Have Known Better

While browsing Twitter today I came across the story of rapper Joe Budden and video model Esther Baxter. For those of you who may be learning about this couple for the first time just as I am, I will take a moment to fill you in.

The couple, who once dated and were expecting a child together, had a physical altercation that resulted in Budden being arrested (Esther eventually dropped the charges) and Baxter losing the child (a girl) she was carrying. Joe went on to record a song about the incident and post details about their relationship via Twitter, thus pushing Esther to respond by giving Bossip an interview in which she claims Joe’s abuse caused her to miscarry. You can watch the interview and view some very disturbing images of Esther’s bruises, as well as images of what is said to be the deceased fetus here.

Listening to Esther tell her tale of abuse and mistreatment at the hands of Budden truly saddened me. However, I could not help but wonder why Baxter didn’t kinda see some of this coming. Budden has been extremely public when it comes to his relationships with women. From Dominican model Tahiry to El Salvadorian rapper/singer/reality star Somaya Reece, Budden has made videos with many of his conquests and then turned on them viciously when the relationship went sour, often posting private images and disparaging their charater online.

Both Tahiry and Reece were involved with Joe before Esther and so surely she knew his reputation and was aware of the many videotapes he posted online about his private affairs. So my question is this- did Esther really think Joe would treat her any differently than he treated the other women he had been involved with?

As far back as February of 2010 Tahiry had accused Joe of beating her so badly she had to be hospitalized. Likewise, Somaya, who once clowned Tahiry, eventually claimed she too was abused by the D-List rapper. According to Reece “He [Joe] is like verbally and mentally abusive, like real bad.”

Now don’t misunderstand me. I don’t blame Baxter for the abuse she suffered. But I do blame her for not knowing better. All this man was he had shown to the world. He hid nothing. He was someone who had no problem airing his personal business, as well as that of the women he was involved with. He was scum. He didn’t say he was scum, but he damn sure showed it and when someone shows you who they are, you should believe them.

But most of all, why didn’t Baxter, at 27, know the golden rule: If you want to know how a man is going to treat you, you need only look at the women in his PAST, to see your FUTURE.


  1. There are pictures of the “deceased fetus”? Why would anyone want to see that?? Did they leak? I’m confused.

    This whole situation is sad. I’m tired of these so-called “men” being all bragadocious about their masculinity then turning around and beating up on their women. Ugh.

  2. i literally just learned about this 1 hr ago too…so sick that they have the photo of the fetus.

    but Sista i dont agree with you at all. she could have, but she didnt. and people change. she said in the interview that he was a charming guy and she only heard of his abuse after they had been together…even if she did know, i sympathize with her. she might have hoped for the best. for that reason alone he didnt deserve her. becuase she is better than him. but you have to give kudos, because she is smart and this is why i disagree with you. she didnt “stay” after that “first” time to “forgive him” she got out!!! man there are so many women who cannot do this, even though their lives depend on it. she loved him, but she loved herself more.

    another thing every one has a first time for anything. many of us are so blessed to be with men who protect us as they should. she was unlucky. but who’s to say that the next ladies man wont smack her down tomorrow. all one can do is pray and hope. im sure J.B wasnt born a woman beater…

  3. another thing i hope to God that she doesnt go back to him. seriously. i dont know her, but i felt her in that interview. she lost her child. that has to be the most heart-wrenching thing a woman can experience…. i also respect the fact that she wanted her life private. that is so rare. not just with celebrities but in real life.

  4. Sista you are a MF prophet girl. Speak to the choir and tell them. Esther knew but did not care. The man’s past actions with other video vixens and his own music are signs of his character. Women need to open their eyes and stop making excuses for bad situations they willingly walk into.

  5. That’s what i keep telling people, I got verbally assaulted by some Chris Brown fans Last time because i said it is only a matter of time before he beats another girl, They were all going off, People change blah blah blah, Screw that Good morning america anyone? Once an abuser always an abuser. Screw Joe budden, and i hope esther make better choices next time

  6. speak it. i’ve met him a long time ago in a club one night and he thought he was so cool but he was just madd corny to me. But now to know he’s going around just beating chicks is sad. Just sad.

  7. They need to stop thinking they can have relationships with these hip-hop dudes. Most of them are not worth a damn; a bunch of eternal teenagers walking around in baggy clothes and boots. If you have to deal with them, let the hit and keep it moving … lol. You cannot husband up these kinda dudes. That’s just real talk. Not every man is relationship or marriage material because he is sexy!

  8. I don’t like the title of this article. You put all the blame on her, and he gets off scott free for being a dog because she “should have known”. I agree we need to be careful who we chose as mates, but don’t put any more blame or fault on her than Joe Budden’s sorry, low life behind. Hold men to the same standards as women. They get away with too much already.

  9. @TuTu she dropped the charges and went back to him. So yes she should have known better. Love this article!

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