Eva Mendes Releases Her Own Sex Tape

Now this is how you release a sex tape… take note future groupies and wanna-bes.

Rumors of an alleged Eva Mendes sex tape have been swirling around online for a few days now. Never one to disappoint the public, the Latina bombshell decided to fess up and show the world what they had been waiting for… but with a twist.


  1. Muwuhahhaaa!!! I like Eva. People are truly trife and need to leave these celebraties. I cant believe how obsessed America has beome with famous people. Its…. SICK.

  2. I love the way Eva pokes fun at the whole thing. Funny or Die by the way is a hysterical website.

  3. Celebrities do not desserve the acclaim and admiration as those of the past. This is just sickening. People dont have any shame!

  4. Damn my bad. I am glad she did not have a real sex tape lol…

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