Eva Pigford Caught On Film

America’s Next Top Model winner Eva Pigford is the latest celebrity to be captured on film doing what we have all done- making love. Unfortunately for Eva, the man who was in possession of this tape has now decided to release it to the whole world and thus Eva will soon be on Dr. Phil crying her eyes out. Eva has been my favorite ANTM winner so far and I really hate to see her image tarred in such a way, but at the time this event is the perfect excuse for me to tell all you sistas out there to STOP. For the sake of all that is sacred and holy stop allowing men to videotape you doing something that neither of you need to see again seeing as you were both there the first time it happened. Ladies, making an intimate videotape is like getting a man’s name tattooed on your body, it will surely come back to haunt you once you break up with them. So please, STOP- now !


  1. I think the story is a total fake. The site the story originated from is desperately trying to become the next Media Takeout. I saw the pic and even though it may look real I think it is a fake they put together via Photoshop. Don’t link to that site cause in doing so you give them credibility and the last thing we need is another Media Fake Out.

  2. NO way No way No way. Eva would never do anything like that I hope not. If this is true I wonder if Tyra is going to treat her the same way she treats Adrianne from ANTM. I just hope this isn’t true. I love Eva one of my Fav’s!!! Good luck to her! 🙂

  3. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but even if it is I’m not surprised. I don’t make a saint out of anybody.

  4. The photo looks fake and if Eva says its her then this could be a possible publicity stunt. These publicity stunts are crazy, I would never want that type of attention…it’s not necessary. I’ll continue to belive its a fake until Eva says otherwise.

  5. :bag: Is there no shame in Hollywood? I’m tired of ‘leaked’ sex tapes popping up everywhere. Then there is always the denial followed promptly by the lawsuit (which is only for show). And in the end the parties decide to split the profits from the sales. But I’m really hoping there is no tape because Eva was a great ANTM winner.

  6. OH Please she’s all over youtube doing a striptease for this gay party so why wouldn’t she get her image ‘tarred’. I won’t put it past her. We haven’t seen her doing much so if it is her, she is probably trying to stay in the limelight.

  7. [quote comment=”10623″]OH Please she’s all over youtube doing a striptease for this gay party so why wouldn’t she get her image ‘tarred’. I won’t put it past her. We haven’t seen her doing much so if it is her, she is probably trying to stay in the limelight.[/quote]

    No way EVA!!!!??????? :confused: WOW!

  8. Did she know there was a camera? Cause some willingly do it but some don’t know. I know a chick who sued her ex because he had a tape of them she knew nothing about (apparently the camera was hidden) and he used it to ruin her reputation once they broke up, and yes it did hit the internet.

  9. I saw the pic and I don’t know what to think. I also saw the video of her dancing but she didn’t strip. Why not post the video of the act if they had a screenshot from it already? Why post a video that has nothing to do with the freaky tape? This is false and like all juicy rumors it spreads fast. Do a search though and you will only find the story on a handful of sites carrying this story. Were this true all media outlets would have picked up on it especially because it involves ANTM and even Tyra in a roundabout way.

  10. Eva has great potential, so I hope that she has the right people behind her to help her properly deal with this scandal. Especially, because as she gets older I am sure that she’s going to want people to take her more seriously.

    The decisions we make in our carefree youthhood are sure to follow us into adulthood… :brownsista:

  11. I love eva and if this is true than what’s done its done she should keep her head up (almost)everyone have sex unfortunately she trusted the wrong person to get video taped so if she knew or didnt
    i have one word : Lawsuit 😀 its outrageous to do that without a person consent the guy could get seriously punish for that :bowdown:

  12. That is not Eva is those pictures. I have seen the unedited ones, its a porn star named Jasmine or something. She looks a lot like EVA, but she has a mole on her face.

    I hope Eva gets a lawyer and sues every site that posts those photos and attributes them to her. Because if the site owners checked their sources, they would find that it is indeed NOT HER in the pictures.

  13. The woman in the video is not EVA it is actually a porn star that resembles Eva. She looks just like her however this is not eva. :lol2:

  14. :koolaid: man this is nothing knew the world jus sees eva ANTM Winner back in highschool she went 2 washington in L.A. she would serve up tha football squad so im not surprised

    every 1 makes sex tapes but succs 4 her

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