Eve At The 2008 Australian MTV Awards

Rapper Eve was spotted in the land down under Friday as she and a host of other American acts were in the country to perform at the Australian MTV Awards. Eve isn’t letting the fact that her record label refuses to release her “Here I Am” CD in the states stop her from promoting the venture to her overseas fans. Here she is above shown arriving at the award show and greeting her fans.

Eve and her gang of French maids also performed at the show.

And later on posed for photogs in the press room.


  1. yeah, looking good sans the hair color. Sistas, when are we going to realize that blond hair compliments few, if any, of us? *Sigh*

  2. I can understand her label not wanting to release her album in the states. Eve has changed completly (although still beautiful) when I saw the video for Tambourine I was like Whaaa? This looks like a beyonce video. Just a little to bubble gum for her. Any how she looks good above!

  3. I really do like Eve & I have been patiently waiting for her cd to drop. At this moment(sp?) the album has been stalled for @ least 6- 8 months, actual release date was for 9-07, yeah I know that her style has changed w/ this new album, but I think that it’s b/c she’s evolved in her music, which I think all artist should do. But nevertheless, even though the video may have looked like a Bey inspired formula, her vocals still reminded you that she was still in a completlely different category. Anywho, whenever the cd is released in the states I will definetly(sp?) buy it. As for the pics up above, Eve looks radiant. I ‘ve always liked her funky style, she’s never been one to be a follower, but always a leader =-) .

  4. I like Eve she looks good in these pics. I can’t believe her music has been stalled for so long. I agree with Liyah though. It is good to evolve as an artist but maybe she alienated her core audience with the bubblegum stuff. The music with Gwen steffani and then that Tambourine video, just to much.

  5. Why don’t they just release the album, it can’t be any worse than the other rap albums that have been released. Tamborine had a good buzz

  6. I really think Eve should focus more on her acting, I really enjoyed her show, I thought her acting was ok. I also think that her appearance is marketable across genres.

  7. She looks good. I like that she’s taking chances and changing things up in her music…can’t be a pit bull in a skirt forever. Go global; international, expand that fanbase. Love her outfits in these images. Do we know what’s going on with her “Fetish” line???

  8. Why do all you sistas want blonde hair? yeah,yeah,yeah. To show how versatile you can be. blah,blah,blah. So why do all you sistas really want blonde hair so bad?

  9. I am tired of eve wearing those weaves please go back to your real hair,dont like dress ,see through

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