Eve Gets Engaged


Raptress Eve and longtime beau Maximillion Cooper are officially engaged.

Cooper broke the news via Instagram, posting a picture of the pair accompanied by the caption: “Yes, it’s official… I asked the question and she said YES! WAHOO! We’re getting married.”

Eve then hit up her Twitter page where confirmed the engagement and thanked fans for their warm wishes. “Thanku 2 everyody 4 your congratulations on our engagement! We wanted to celebrate with our family and friends 1st b4 announcing.”

Eve and Maximillion have been dating since they met three years ago at Gumball 3000, a yearly British motor rally founded by Cooper back in 1999.

This will be Eve’s first marriage, and the second for Maximillion who has four sons with ex-wife Julie Brangstrup.


  1. Wow this is interesting but i am happy for Eve. Philly in the house lol lol. Just think, all this came from rapping and following her dream.

  2. Kanye West is marrying a obvious whore who sexed and married a man for show ratings. Hank Baskett married Kendra Wilkinson who called herself a prostiture in her biography, not that we needed her to admit it. We could see that with our own two eyes. And I can’t count the number of high profile men who have married Playboy bunnies. Eve stripping was mild in comparison to the whorish lives some other women have led. She deserves happiness and I’m glad she found herself a successful man who was able to see the big picture and love her unconditionally.

  3. Dana, don’t you know black women with a past aren’t entitled to love? Seriously, didn’t you get the memo? Only white whores and women like Amber Rose are entitled to be loved by rich and powerful men.

    FYI: Eve it marrying a man with power and clout. Amber, Kendra and Kim married bum as athletes and rappers. Yes. Kanye is a bum ass rapper. Throwing tantrums cause white folks won’t let him into the boardroom.

  4. @ dana and jbl im just saying he married a former stripper. Who did some wild lesbians shit on stage when she was a stripper.

  5. Well, he’s a bit more than a fashion designer. I was gonna link to his Wikipedia page but someone has since slaughtered it.

  6. Congrats to them. I’m glad I don’t see many racist comments on here for obvious reasons. But it isn’t a black man white woman situation…

  7. Congrats to Eve! I really like her and her interviews, she’s come a long way! She said she wants kids, so I’m sure that’s next. She’s accomplished so much to still be so young. Whatever she did prior to the music biz, she knew to get paid for it, instead of being used and passed around, as many teenage girls do! She saw the error of her ways and killed in the music business, along with dodging that icky Stevie J. bullet! So bravo to an outstanding female MC and all-around entertainer as she starts her family, her biggest venture yet!

  8. I’m happy for her. They’ve been together for a minute.

    Why was her stripper past even brought into it? She did more as a rapper and an actress than as a stripper?

    Congrats Eve Jihan Jeffers & Maximillion Cooper!

  9. Congratulations to Eve! She deserves true love! I love it I love it and she has no children and they can start their family out together!

  10. @Daniel,
    Can you tell me in detail what is the purpose retelling her past, I don’t get it.

  11. @Daniel.
    You right your sound bite didn’t do no harm, the grass is still green, the sky is still blue. When all said and done, Mr. Cooper gave Eve an engagement ring and make her happy.

    Daniel are you against happiness?

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