Eve Gets Inked

Rapper turned actress, turned clothing designer,Eve, is covering the December/January edition of Inked magazine. Eve reveals that she recently thought about removing her signature dog paws tattoo, but was talked out of it by her mother. “My mom said it was the tackiest thing she’d ever seen,” Eve revealed. “Yet years later it was my mom who insisted I not remove them. Hey, you don’t mess with your trademark, right?”

Eve also revealed plans to shed her bad girl image with her role on the upcoming scripted VH-1 reality series, Single Ladies.

“I hate it when people say, The old Eve, the old Eve. No! I can’t pretend to be that girl anymore,” Eve said. “If I did people would see that and be like, Why is she trying to be that same person?”

To read Eve’s entire interview, pick up your issue of Inked magazine when it hits newsstands on November 30th.


  1. What’s going on with all the skin, that was what i liked most about Eve, she showed moderate amount of flesh. I hope Nicki isn’t influencing her/

  2. i miss the old eve. the one who rapped and had something to say and wasn’t doing bubblegum raps.
    and that magazine is about showing skin, i’m assuming, so you can see the tatoos. plus you know how marketing is nowadays. if 70% of skin isn’t showing then something is wrong. haha.
    so whoever she claims to be now, hope she is happy and all the best to her.
    still miss the old eve though.

  3. TATS seem to be the norm now… As for acting career really haven’t seen her on tv lately… In summary nothing stays the same as I believe the sister no longer desire to be a RAPPER per say…

  4. tattoos aren’t my thing. seems like the trend now though. people getting tattoos and not thinking about how they’re gonna look with those later on in life. it’s stupid. i’m just an outsider looking in though. i understand some people considering it art but you’ve got to admit some people get some of the most idiotic things permanently inked into their skin now a days. like the gucci face dude. why?
    i just can’t go there tonight.

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