Eve Hosts amfAR Charity Event

With her music and acting career on hold indefinitely, rapper Eve has been dedicating herself to quite a few social causes.

One of those causes, an amfAR gala to raise funds to fight HIV and AIDS, took place over the weekend at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and was co-hosted by Eve herself.

A longtime supporter of the organization, Eve spoke of the need for the public to stay vigilant despite recent advancements in prevention and treatment of the disease.

“People should not think that because there are new drugs available that it means there is a cure or anything even remotely close to a cure. Yes we have made advancements, but people must continue to practice safe sex and abstain from activities that increase their risk of catching the disease.”


  1. Eve looks good, conservative and happy…I hope she does a reality tv show, being a Gemini, she has a lot to share, her life experience with young women…I’m sure something is in the works!

  2. Really great to hear when celebrities are using their star power for good causes.

    And Eve looks ah-mah-zing in that dress! Hello!

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