Eve Is Definitely Back

Eve is back y’all and I don’t think she playing. The raptress is due to release her long delayed third solo album and today the first track from that project was released to the public. Me n’ My B*tches is a techno driven hip hop joint that is like nothing I ever heard before- especially from a rapper. The title might turn you off a bit- as it did me. However, I have to admit that it has hit potential. If Eve follows this up with a hot video, I cannot see her being stopped.

Check it out for yourselves below…

Me n’ My B*tches


  1. I like Eve she can rap. The game needs her. I hope she sticks in there. The rap game now is just about wack females talking about sucking men off for them to take care of them over beats. They talk on the track because they have not real talent. I miss the days of MC Lyte Lauren Hill and Queen Latifah, now the female rap industry is just about long weaves make up caked on and walking the streets like you’re paris hilton.

  2. @trueteller Mc Lyte was my girl back in the day. When she came out the bet awards and performed a couple of yrs ago i was so open.

    Eve is my favorite female rapper.

  3. She could have called that song somethign else.She doesn’t need to do that to get attention.

  4. Bee I was thinking pretty close to the same thing like why it gotta be called that? -_o

    Feeling a Missy vibe. This don’t move me though.

  5. i like Eve but i’m not really feelin this so much. Maybe it’s the B-word that’s distracting me or that her voice doesn’t really change throughout the song. it kinda stays monotone. The BEAT is awesome tho

  6. Not an Eve fan since she publicly dogged and turned her back on the brotha’s. Her last CD was weak and she has gone “Hollywood-Mainstream”. She hasn’t hung with the brotha’s and sista’s in a minuet, and now want’s us to buy into her? That’s like J-Lo coming back trying to put down some B-Boy moves like she used to. It doesn’t work like that. Naw. All of us don’t love Eve like we used to. Once you turn your back on “Hip Hop”, it’s hard to come back.

  7. Any female who is rapping gets a good grade from me. Women rappers are few and far between.

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