Eve Remixes Brandy’s ‘Put it Down’

posted by Sista on November 28th, 2012 at 7:57 am

Eve is back with another installment of her ‘EVEstylin Tuesday’ series, which features the raptress remixing popular songs by other artists.

After lighting up remixes for Future’s ‘Turn On the Lights’ and Mobb Deep’s ‘Quiet Storm,’ Eve sets her sights on Brandy’s recent chart topper ‘Put it Down.’

E-V-E adds her signature ‘Pitbull in a Skirt’ lyrics, reminding fans why she should still be considered a force in the music industry.

As for when fans can expect new music from Eve, she swears 2013 will finally see the release of her long delayed 4th solo album ‘Lip Lock.’


  1. Her verse was hot now for lip lock. Aww skit, let me drop a few.

  2. I like Eve. Because this song is HOT, she decided to use it to promote herself for her forthcoming album. YOU GO EVE, PITBULL IN A SKIRT! :)

  3. Two Eleven eclipse Put It Down. But its always good to see Eve!

  4. I read Eve is preggers! :) If true, congrats to her.