Eve Returning to the Small Screen


Eve is returning to network TV.

According to published reports, the 35-year old former “Pitbull in a Skirt,” has pitched a semi-autobiographical comedy to ABC, which is presently in development and set to make its mid-season debut in January 2015.

Eve will star in the project, which is said to focus on interracial relationships. Eve recently became engaged to British millionaire Maximillion Cooper and has spoken extensively about their relationship and her experiences getting to know his children from a previous marriage.

Eve has dabbled in acting quite a bit since she first hit the scene over a decade ago. She had her own self-titled comedy on UPN which ran for three seasons. She has appeared in the big screen comedies “Barbershop” 1 and 2, as well as “The Cookout” and “The Woodsman with Kevin Bacon. As for the small screen, Eve recently made appearances in “Single Ladies” and the hit FOX comedy “Glee.”

Congrats to Eve. She’s making Queen Latifah type moves in Hollywood. Good for her.


  1. lol….I was just about to type the same thing. Yay !!! I love Eve as an actress !!!

  2. Go Eve!!!

    Modern families are real. Eve is bringing a new aspect and imagery to this subject!

    There is a paradigm shift occurring for black women. Interestingly, we haven’t had the “why are most black women single” or the least desirable (a lie)??? Media messages are so powerful, with Scandal, Kerry Washington and other interracial relationships on television, along with real-life couples like Melody Hobson and George Lucas, Wolfgang Puck and his wife, Zoe Saldana, Lupita and ???, white celebrities adopting black kids and high profile black athletes like LeBron and D-Wade, issues or not, they’re are not putting their money back into their community (wife and community property), something society is accustomed to seeing. Brown Sistas are exercising their dating options as we should, and accept Brothas who exercise theirs!

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