Eve Shoots ‘Lip Lock’ Album Cover

Raptress Eve is getting ready for the 2013 release of her long delayed ‘Lip Lock’ album and decided to share with her fans, via Instagram, a few behind the scenes shots from the album’s cover shoot.

Despite rumors of the 34-year old Philadelphia native being pregnant with her first child, no such evidence is apparent in the photos and Eve has neither confirmed, nor denied, the rumor on Twitter.

Whatever the case, Eve says the video for ‘She Bad’ is a wrap and should be out before the New Year. The single is available now on iTunes and Amazon for download.

As for ‘Lip Lock,’ it’s expected to make its debut sometime during the first quarter of 2013.


  1. Eve been saying this album was going to come out for years now and it hasn’t. After a while the public just moves on to the next hot thing. Despite the rise of Nicki Minaj the rap game really isn’t very welcoming to women and Eve is better off looking at other avenues to keep her name and face out there.

  2. I know. I know. I’m just passing on what she said. Time will tell though if it ever comes out.

  3. It’s amazing that at 34, Eve’s career has been at a standstill for awhile now…but, the great thing is that she can do others things beyond music…that business is just so fickle, who knows…but, after watching the latest edition of Eve on BTM…Eve will do something else big…and, if it’s just motherhood, that, too, is a spectacular gig!

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