Events: Rihanna Attends The 3rd Annual DKMS Gala

Style diva, Rihanna Fenty, attended last night’s 3rd Annual DKMS Gala, at Cipriani 42nd St, in Manhattan, NY. To the event, she wore a head-to-toe ensemble from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 collection. The only thing not Louis Vuitton was her edgy 3-spike ring, which I’m assuming is from one of her fave designers, Phillip and David Blond (The Blonds), whose designs she’s worn during many performances.

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  1. RIHANNA! HOTTEST CHICK IN THE GAME GYAL beside akeys of course,DANG SHE IS GORGEOUS :bowdown: , The event she was at is to help people get donors for bone marrow transplant, I love how she down play her generosity ,Nobody knows abotu shat she’ s doing since she is not braggin about it,That’s true color, and good karma regardless of what people say she will succeed always becaushe she is a beautiful soul :brownsista:


    its ridiculous and unfair

  3. @voice they found two matches for that little girl jasmina for her bone marrow. I know ri-ri, kelly rowland and i know paul pierce from the celtic was helping find this little girl a donor. RI-RI look really fly here.

  4. Rih looks stunning, MINUS those boots, I think there cute but not with that fit :thumbsdown: Anywho Rih has been stepping her fashion game SO up for the past few days :bowdown: Go Rih!!

  5. Virgo I think celia from american next top model is styling her

  6. @voice …..she is indeed the HOTEST CHICK IN THE GAME… :iagree: ppl are st8 up haters they never want to give Rhi her credit, but she has brought alot to the industry…. many celebs are swagger jacking, but its all apart of the game….she is beautiful, her hair is stunning, her makeup is always on point and she can dress her a** off (stylist or who ever) they get the job done…..ppl kill me with the C.B thing nobody is perfect we all have bad situations so please let it go ITS OLD! her sound is something different she may not run across stage yelling like a wild animal, and yes ill admit her performences are not the best, but she does the damn thing :bowdown: HATERS fallback!!

  7. @voice YES CELIA IS A BAD GIRL WHEN IT COMES TO FASHION! thats what she would be best at

    i like her hair better in the other pics but i DO like this outfit hot!

  8. Rihanna is beautiful. The outfit is ugly. She needs to spend less on fashion and work out her problems in therapy. Dressing only work on helping to heal physical scars, not mental and emotional ones. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow or next year; but, she will have to face and address the crime that was committed against her by Beat Her Down Brown. :brownsista:

  9. Rihanna looks good, glad to see she is returning to herself again.
    Celia is off the chains, at least she got exposure to be able to style.

  10. @VOICE

    Really??? Thats explains it! :hifive: B/c this bish STAY fly!!! :bowdown:

    I luvs this woman!
    She’s so pretty and such a cool young chick.

    I don’t like the outfit at all but Rih Rih looks fly as hell in it and I like that.
    I admire how she can make outfits I’d frown upon w/ someone else sportin it, look so friggin’ chic & stylish.

    YAY RihRih! :thumbsup:

    🙂 @ Voice- Celia was on her fashion game tough, wasn’t she??! I was taking notes. I’ma miss her!

  12. Celia isn’t styling her… Celia just happened to work at the store she went to… her stylist remain Mariel…. Mariel styles Rihanna, Ciara, Jada, and more so it just goes to show that it matters little who styles you it’s all in how you wear the clothes and how much dare I say swagga to pull the look off….

    And as far as spending less time on fashion and more on therapy… how do you know she’s not doing both…. there are candids of her leaving the office of one of the top therapist in NY from yesterday…. she’s doing both and looking fab doing so… I didn’t praticularly like the outift but somehow she pulls it off well…. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  13. The outfit is ugly, nothing cute about; however, she is an attractive young lady.

  14. What is that contraption? She looks like she’s wearing a constume.

  15. Yeah Celia just works at Intermix. She does not style for Rihanna. Mariel still does. There are more photos and information on Rihanna finding 5yr old Jasmina here.

  16. How can I changed the text color?

    OMG! Rihanna’s nude photo’s have hit the net…..what else can go wrong?

  17. CHRIS BROWN people just like some alleged rihanna naked pics
    How low can people go?!

  18. This is crazy, I dont even like chicks but she looks GOOD!
    I cant believe this…….they are saying the sex tape hits today.

  19. kenny: a sex tape never hurt nobody anyway if nobody kim kardashian can get some shine off of hit rihanna is goign to be twice the media atraction, However as much as i love rihanna her booty is not that big so idk, I have no idea what to think, I know for sure that in any even CHRIS BROWN is the one that leaked those pics and he is a sad son of a bitch

  20. @voice

    I dont think a sex tape will hurt her career but there is too much going on with her right now and im hoping others are not turned off thinking its her trying to be a media whore. It only makes sense that this came from Chris’s camp, there is a photo with her panties on his head and the rest of the pictures are her. It also looks like it was around Grammy night because her hair is the same in the photos, IDK….this should be interesting.

  21. @Kenny: Too bad for him beside the usual threatened stans, everyone is saying “poor rihanna, chris did it”

  22. Im Laughing my ass off at My sister is calling someone she knows at working at a high place at def jam and snitching on the websites that leaked the pictures.

  23. yo… for those naked pictures.
    i saw them……the privates were covered but i have seen them.
    i feel sorry for the chick.
    i don’t know if chris did it.
    matter of fat i don’t think he had anything to do with this.
    she had a cell phone in her hands so maybe it got hacked or watever…you know people can do some real slick ish with technology nowadays.
    anyway……like i said i feel sorry for her.


  24. She looks so pretty…..except for that pile of weave sitting on top of her head…lookin’ like who did it and what for :lol2:

  25. i must be out of the loop! i havent seen them! *goes to search for them* :bag:

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