Events: Solange All Over Fashion Week!

Solange has been busy these past few days singing, dancing, and attending some of NY Fashion Week’s best shows. She first attended the 6th Annual Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards at the Allen Room at Lincoln Center in NYC on Wednesday night. There, she walked the red carpet with Editor in Chief of Womans Day Magazine, Jane Chesnutte, and gal pal Adrienne Bailon of The Cheetah Girls. Both singers looked fab — Solange in a flirty ruffled strapless red mini-dress, and Valentino Satin Pearl Sandals; Adrienne in a BCBG Max Azria LBD, and patent leather YSL Tribute Two Pumps.

Solo then attended yesterday evening’s BCBG show at Bryant Park in NY (wearing a draped BCBG dress, a baby blue Chanel bag, leather jacket, and purple Versace platform heels), and afterwards performed at the This Day/Arise Magazine: African Fashion Collective 2009 after party (wearing a fierce pair of pewter colored heels, and trendy fingerless Chanel leather gloves). Solo closed out her night with an invite to a front row seat at designer Nicole Miller’s Fall/Winter ’09 fashion show, wearing Nicole Miller and showing off her amazing legs of course!

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  1. Happy V-Day Brown Sista’s!!!

    Those heels she has on in that first pic are HAWT!!!!

  2. Solange looks like she’s had a nose job…..and if she did…it looks good :thumbsup:

  3. Solange looks like she having fun. Stephanie , Ciara & Monica hosted the Versace Event in Atl.

  4. I’ve been loving Solo’s fashion choices as of late! Her shoe game is always on point! :koolaid:

  5. SoLame can be all over everywhere, but she is still tacky, ugly, tranny-looking. Put a bag over her face :bag:

    Nothing special about her. :thumbsdown:

  6. To be honest, solange isn’t that pretty to me, but I have to give her much props she’s realy stepped her style game up, or should I say toned it down. Either way its working for her.

  7. Well damn Voice tell us how you really feel lol I think Solange has really stepped it up since she got older. I’m glad she got out of that awkward stage.

  8. solange looks better than alot of people i know..and probably some of you….lol let me not be mean…lol she has come a long way.

  9. her music is just nice karaoke music in an empty bar she is trying to hype herself up and sell us hype,michelle has a great album but where is she? dsnt she get invitations too ….someone plz tell matthew knowles to give michelle a chance.

  10. Solange looks fab! Love to see my brown sistas getting their shine on!

    If you notice, it’s always the same miserable folks hating! :loser:

  11. That red dress looks familiar. I think Rihanna once wore it (better). Anyhoo, I too don’t think Solange is attractive or talented but you’ve got to admit, she’s got a cute figure.

  12. Solange stumbled in the beginning; However, she’s doing better now, both style and attitude wise. I love the less weavelicious 😆 look the ladies are rocking nowdays. It looks great. It’s good to switch it up every once in a while :thumbsup: . She’s sucessfully becoming her own woman, and she’s making a name for herself on the way there.

  13. Y’all always hating on Solange because she is not hollyhood like B. She is a very pretty girl whose trying to do her own thing. To those of you who are saying that she is unattractive, she looks just like B, you haters!!!

  14. She is okay, her feather and other things made her unique now she just melt in the crowd but :thumbsup: nyway

  15. @ SnijanaFleur

    According to her Twitter…she’s been rocking her natural hair as of late. However, she “tweeted” tonight that she will be going back to weave, because show business is very damaging to hair.

  16. i dnt knw what the big deal is about solange,if she sang like chrisette michelle,michelle williams,kelly rowland,adelle or estelle then i wud stop and notice…..if she wasnt bey’s sister and recently her unofficial spoke person we wudnt have known that someone like her exist…..all of you who wanna call me hater go on,i dnt care i bet you dnt even have her album and you know its not worth buying….shes got great music videos i wnt deny that but she is just sings nice karaoke tunes….now someone has to be famous because they have style,pleaze i have style and most of us have style or understand what is style,she can be a stylist not a singer or celebrity,she is shining on beyoncez shine and she keeps on denying it but she know is.

  17. @ Lizz
    I agree. She probably wouldn’t be a one hit wonder if it wasn’t for Bey. They probably wouldn’t even give her a mic. I’m not saying she can’t sing or she isn’t talented, but she’s no better than the other light sounding singers out there, so Lizz is right, not a hater, but right.

  18. I think she dress better than big sister she’s more daring.



  20. solange has great fashion sense but thats all she has. attitude wise she’s a nasty disgusting trashy human being. i know this for a fact

  21. :iagree: Hey Voice, I too think she looks Tranny, and her face is too long. She is also way too thin, overly hyped as usual!!!! :brownsista:

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