Eve’s “Fetish” Set For Fall 2008 Relaunch

Eve’s Fetish clothing is bringing sexy back and the Celebrity Clothing Line blog has got the inside scoop. For many of you Eve fans that have been waiting on the chance to get your hands on the re-designed Fetish collection, the time is now. Signature Apparel Group is releasing the Fetish collection for fall 2008 to select special retailers and the official Fetish website has been re-launched as well. To make sure you get your hands on the new and improved Fetish clothing line Celebrity Clothing Line has partnered with Signature Apparel Group to give all subscribers to CCL the chance to win exclusive Fetish products valued at over $200.

To enter the CCL contest you can visit their website and to check out what Eve has in store for fall 2008 you can visit her website. I checked it out earlier today and really liked it. Eve’s clothing line is actually good and the word “Fetish” is not emblazoned on everything- something celebrity based clothing lines are known for and something I hate with a passion.

Eve’s line may just turn out to be a hit after all.


  1. I won’t waste my breath, you guys already now I’m tired of celeb clothing lines, (even though Eve’s was already established). Any how, Eve looks nice in the above pic…..different but nice.

  2. That is the new thing when your career has taken a nose dive in the music/entertainment business. Clothing lines and reality shows.


    I’ve already stated how I feel about celebs and their tired, boring , no originality clothing lines…Like I said black people let’s step outside the box and do something else.

  4. How many urban lines will come out in the near future?

  5. hey did anybody hear that idj has stopped prommoting janet’s discipline there not realsing no tracks the album’s doneand they are incarge of make bad desicions right from the start sayin’ not leting janet promote the album in europe so they are going on and strong with mariah carey though her album’s still gatting promoted wat due think about this and jermaine silence he’s not anything to stop it it’s just not right coz disciplin’s such a great album by janet since damitajo. gimme feedback

  6. Jermaine, may be doing something to stop this, I can’t imagine him just sitting back and watchin that happen, he seems very attentive to Janet. As a fan, I am really broken hearted to hear this, I love Janet, maybe they just feel like nothing with come out of it b/c her sales aren’t like they used to be. They should give her a chance because she does very well on tour……..better than album sales. Is THAT why her promotion has been so bad…it’s because they won’t let her promote it??? That’s crazy, I would always wonder why Janet would not promote heavy! These days you have to. Oh well, I’ll just stay tuned…………..

  7. ^^I wondered that too Liyah. It was so weird why she only had one song on the radio here, and it would only play maybe 2 times a day (and that’s if a blue moon is in direct alignment with the sun while having an acute angle association with Earth :lol:) Really though I would love to hear more Janet and see her promoted much heavier. 🙁

    Back on topic; there were a few pieces from Eve’s line that I liked: the white coat and skull leggings. I agree about huge logos splayed all over clothing, it’s a huge turn-off to me. You should wear the label, not vice versa imo.

  8. I know the topic is Eve’s line.
    But say it isn’t so about Janet? She has been non existent on the radio. Nothing of her new CD is being played. I wonder did they decide this once she got sick. That’s jacked up. It makes me wonder, because you remember when she got sick and had to cancel SNL, who was there to fill in for her…Mariah.

    Back to the topic, I never was a big fan of Eve’s clothing line, her music yes. I will check out the website though.

  9. I liked her clothing line back when it was a bunch of ripped up wife-beaters and plaid mini-skirts. I liked it because it had something of a rock/punk edge to it. Visited the site and looked at the new collection. There are some nice pieces there. Good luck to her. 🙂

  10. @ Stoney-Brie

    Yep I read about it this morning on the Xone but was too depressed to write about it. I have chosen to try and stay positive as a Janet fan but it is getting harder and harder. 🙁

  11. eve’s line does sound like stripper wear and i can’t imagine going outside with fettish slashed across my chest.

    About janet i heard about the disagreement with island def jam yesterday. hopefully they can figure it out because her tour will likely sell more records.

  12. Well like the majority I am tired of the celeb clothing line. I know that Eve’s line has been in existence for awhile now, but the good has to suffer for the bad & right now I REALLY don’t want to hear about another line.. But like I always say I do like the way Eve dresses herself though, but the line not so much. However, could she maybe concentrate on something else… like the album that has been stalled for a decade.. maybe think of a way to get the record company to push the thing out lol.

  13. Nefertari, are you out there looking in? If you are, I want to wish you a very happy, and a very blessed birthday today.

  14. Here’s a thought..

    Eve’s line sounds like a stripper name cause she use to be one… I’m not trying to hate or spread any neagtive rumors, but its try! every one knows that.. I’m not saying that to put her down, she’s just doing what worked for her before the record deal. …. that’s all. its what most of them do go back to what they use to do but do it legally.. and make this yall pay for it.. its the American way! lol

  15. I was wondering what happened to her clothin line…didn’t even realized that it was off the market and being relaunched. Even though I am not a fan of celeb clothing lines I can’t knock her hustle.

  16. I wish her all the best. I like a lot of stuff from the collection, especially like the leather corset jacket. I think the name is fine (most people already know it) and I’m glad she’s relaunching her line.

  17. I can not wait until her clothing line come out. I seen some of her stuff from the way it look watch out baby phat and apple bottom even thou apple bottom is my favorite.

  18. Something looks different about Eve’s face. Did she get her nose done?She just looks different…Anyway, I wish her luck with her clothing line.

  19. What does Eve having stripped once before have anything to do with her Fetish line? Did any of you LOOK at the pieces? They certainly don’t look like stripper-wear to me.

    @ ni ni, please look up the word Fetish. It’s got minimum three different definitions; only one referring to anything ‘sexual’. LOL And while I’m sure there might be strippers out there called “Fetish”, I dare say it’s an awkward choice for a stripper name. LOL.

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