Eve’s Promotion In Full Swing

Eve is really working hard to promote her new CD, Here I Am, which hits record store shelves on Tuesday, August 28th. Besides performing on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series, the sista also spent the weekend hitting up all the latest parties in an attempt to keep her name and face out there. Eve’s first week sales in my opinion will speak volumes about not only her future in rap, but the future in general of women in rap music. No female rapper to my knowledge has had a hit album in the past five years- maybe more and at present time there is no female rapper out there that has the potential to rival the men in sales. Lil Kim’s career is pretty much on hold and the same can be said for Foxy Brown whose future seems filled with baby bottles rather than concert stages. That leaves Trina and Remy Ma and neither of them in my opinion has what it takes to keep the legacy of women alive in hip hop.

So that leaves Eve. Can she do it? I don’t know. But when HDD comes out with their first day projections I will be the first to post them here.

In the meantime, check out Eve below performing at the ABC Concert series on Friday, attending the US OPEN’s Official Players Party last night and The Kids Choice Awards tonight.

Photos of Eve performing at the Boost Mobile Hot Import Concert can be seen below on page 2.


  1. Eve will sell about what Kelly Rowland sold in the first week. I don’t think she has a huge musical fan base and never really did. She had two moderately successful albums and then the next tanked and she made that television show.I was never feeling her style anyway. I miss S&P.

  2. Forget her music. Can someone explain to me why Eve is walking around with such a cheap :booty: looking weave?

  3. :iagree: I miss S&P too. The era of female rappers went down the drain since MC lyte, Quuen Latifah, S&P, Roxanne and Dabrat called it quits. Now Missy E took the torch of the female rappers but where she is? she’s more of a producer anyway. Hopefully Eve will step her game up, so far Tambourine is hott an eve has had a couple of hit songs when she came out, but that’s what most artist have now only a couple of hit songs.

  4. :lol2: New York, I don’t care for her weave either. I think she should rock a shorter layered look like she has on Tambourine plus blond to me was been played out. It’s time for her to get rid of it. If she don’t want to go darkbrown/black then she can go for a golden-bronze like Mary J. :koolaid:

  5. I’m going to pick up the album in support of Eve. Out of the female rappers who still haven’t lost their rags, she is doing pretty well. I think she has some acting talent: if the album doesn’t do well, she could branch into that? Good luck Eve! she does have some talent in an oasis of people who just go off their looks.

  6. Never cared for her too much. and I think she may not sell as many this time b/c she really changed her image and fans hate when you flip like that.

  7. “Love is Blind” was about the only song of hers that I really liked. But I love her style, and there’s just something interesting about her look. I liked her tv show as well. This album, I probably won’t die. Didn’t someone tell her that Hip Hop is dead? 😆 Maybe she should’ve come with a singing album. Pulled a Fergie or Gwen Stefani for the Hip Hop masses? :lol2:

  8. Miss Missy…I think Eve is pretty cool too up until she did that sitcom, it wasn’t even all that funny.

  9. I gotta give it to Eve. She’s the only female rapper out there and I like her music. Of course no one can compare to Lyte or Latifah b/c they’re the originals. But I’d rather see Eve than these wanna be hip hop stars who impersonate sistas. I’m talking about folks like Fergie, Gwen Stefani and Nellie Fertado. If Will I Am, Timberland and Pherell didn’t hook them up with tight beats, no one would buy their records. :brownsista:

  10. I don’t think she will do well besides the fact that her album isn’t very good is the fact that promotion for female rap albums is almost non-existent

  11. today is my 19th B-DAy everyone (virgo’s heyyy)

    i just thought i let ya’ll know (OFFICIAL STAND UP GIRL) 😉

  12. I think she will do good she has a good fan base and may get some new fans with her new look… .. not sure about all this cheap weave and expensive weave ish.. (wow what happen to wearing your own hair) anyway nothing stays the same and she is growing up.. can’t stay a ride or die chick for ever… she had those days we and we loved it now it is time to move one… Eve is evolving just like everything and everyone else..


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