Eve’s Viva Glam & Vibe Photo Shoot

Rapper Eve is in the October issue of Vibe magazine (the one with Chris brown on the cover) talking about her upcoming album, Here I Am, as well as the relaunch of her Fetish clothing line. Check out Eve below as she models a few pieces from her collection and debuts a new print ad from Viva Glam.

Click over to page 2 to see Eve’s new Viva Glam print ad.


  1. Eve needs a complete image makeover. The blond thing is dated and she looks like her hairline may be taking a beating from all the bleach, extensions and weaves. She’s a beautiful sista but like Keyshia Cole it is time to step away from the peroxide and embrace a more natural look.

  2. I think she looks great in all the pix. I too, also think she should try a new hair color cause she always has a new hairstyle but yeah, I’d like to see the “blond be gone” on these chix. And another thing, ain’t knockin’ her hustle, but do we really need another clothing line?? Especially if that joint is going to look like Baby Phat/KLS and Dereon/House of Dereon- which are the same thing, to me… I’m just sayin’

  3. Word, Nne. There’s a reason J.Lo and Gwen Stefani are the only ones with successful lines (IMO, KLS/Baby Phat is run off of the sheer force of Kimora’s personality)–everything looks like stuff they actually wear. Eve’s Fetish line died because it was a lame rip-off of Baby Phat and it just looks like it’ll happen all over again.

  4. Hey Brown Sista,

    I’m loving the new look. Congrats! Please hit me I need your help…I’m looking into dropping blogger and getting my own domain. I could use some advice! Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  5. I’m not going to knock the clothing line until I see it but I agree the last thing we need is another Baby Phat or hip hop inspired clothing line period.

  6. She’s the only female rapper in the game now so she better step it up. Starting with her clothing line than saying good-bye to that blond. Her haircolor for Viva glam is nice.

  7. I just have to agree with the comments about the blonde hair being dated…it’s time for a change.

    I do really like Eve’s music, especially her collaborations, I would be interested to see what she’d put together for her own line.

  8. She looks like with that weave. She needs to take that out and go natural.

  9. Eve don’t got that light blond in her head no more. the last time i seen her on TV she had dark blond it kind look alright better then this light blond hair.

  10. Eve looks great in the long waisted jeans! her shoot went over very well.

  11. Eve looks great.. I love how MAC chooses trendy inspirational artist/talent for all of there campaigns.The aids fund is an excellent program and

  12. To me, her FETISH line was edgier, but it bordered on trashy and maybe that’s why people didn’t respond as well to it. I wish her luck this second time around. Her MAC ad? FIERCE! Love it!

  13. who’s that girl la-la……..la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. (LOL) sorry i don’t think eve is that photo genic
    she always have that same look to me……but i like the outfit in the third pic.

    (OFFICAL STAND UP GIRL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I love all the pics Eve is look fantabulous.. I would love to see her rock a natural style with a new color.. she would get it OFF… Eve E is making all the good thangs happen for her right now…

  15. Love Eve. Hate her hair. The photos are wack. The clothes look like everything else that’s already out there, but I wish her the best. Come back with something better next time, and I’ll go out and buy your stuff.

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