Eavesdropping On Beyonce

One would think that GIANT Magazine’s current iconic cover featuring a multi-platinum beauty carefree in curlers would be enough to satisfy its editors. But, GIANT Magazine is all about thinking big. In an unprecedented move to connect readers with their heroes, GIANT Magazine has secured the permission of Beyonce Knowles to release private audio from the phenom’s one-on-one interview with editorial director Scott Polson-Bryant. The ultimate entertainment publication shatters the barriers of traditional publishing with an exclusive podcast featuring unpublished portions of Beyonce’s revealing interview.

Available simultaneously on Giantmag.com, iTunes and BeyonceOnline.com on August 7, 2006, the seven-part podcast features Beyonce in her own words and her own voice. Nothing stands between the megastar and her fans as she emotionally explains why she would have taken the part in “Dreamgirls” for free, reveals the intimate details about the secret recording of her new album, “B-Day,” laughs playfully about the parody of her on “Saturday Night Live” and how her alter-ego, Sasha, “grabbed the mic” from Prince on stage. Hear Beyonce also speak on Diana Ross, and her last conversation with the late Luther Vandross.

“In our current issue of GIANT, Beyonce proves she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s half-dressed, wearing curlers, and still looks absolutely stunning,” explains GIANT’s new Editor-in-Chief Smokey D. Fontaine about his first issue. “Now, she has gone a step further by granting approval for our landmark podcast. This was not planned at the time of the interview. However, after observing her fearlessness during the photo shoot and her forthright attitude, we approached her with a brand-new idea and she agreed. With this groundbreaking event, Beyonce truly bridges the gap between celebrity and consumer. The woman is an undisputed trailblazer – someone we will talk about for decades to come.”

The never-before-heard podcasts of the unpublished GIANT interview will be released by GIANT Magazine every other day through August 21, 2006.


  1. One of the most beautiful in the world? Are they crazy! You put a bunch of makeup and weave on her she is pretty but beautiful….no! Saying Halle Berry is that’s the truth! OVERRATED BEYONCE!

  2. Oooooh I am sooooo tired of Halle Berry.Pre nose job she wasn’t that cute either.:lol:

  3. Yeah those old pics of Halle were quite revealing.She looked average as hell plus she was a little thick.Money and plastic surgery made Halle look the way she looks now.Beyonce is beautful but one of the most hmmm that’s a little much.

  4. I agree that she is one of the most beautiful women. Its not like they said theee most beautiful woman. “One of the” means that theres many others but she’s one of them. You cant deny thats she’s beautiful whether you like her or not. Look back at all her younger pics until now, make-up or none, the girl is beautiful. Keep doin ya thing Bey!

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