Exclusive: Michelle Obama Covers Ebony Magazine

Michelle Obama Covers Ebony Magazine The Real Michelle Obama
“First lady hopeful shares the inside story on Barack, her signature style and the campaign trail. Going beyond the surface view of poise, elegance, style and the utmost class, EBONY magazine unveils the real Michelle Obama: mother, wife, potential first lady and style icon. Take a rare look behind-the-scenes of Michelle’s life on the road to the White House and how she finds the necessary balance between managing the household with Sen. Barack Obama and joining her husband in pursuit of the most ambitious American dream. Plus, in an EXCLUSIVE interview, Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, reflects on her daughter’s childhood and transition to being one step away from changing her address from Chicago to Washington, D.C.”

FYI: When I got the e-mail inquiring if I wanted this exclusive image of Michelle from the September cover of Ebony magazine, I jumped at the chance knowing they would do out sista justice- and boy have they done just that. This is the most fantastic pic I have ever seen of Michelle. The colors, lighting, and wardrobe are all befitting of our beautiful sista and future First Lady.

Kudos to Ebony for creating such a fantastic cover shot.


  1. I will definitely get this issue. Michelle has been featured in a lot of articles but what I like about this one is that her mother speaks out. Way to go Ebony on differentiating yourself! Btw, does Michelle look good in black or does Michelle look good in black?

  2. Ms. “UnalteredBeauty”, Michelle looks good in anything; very, very attractive lady. And let’s not forget, y’all, this lady has a college degree. She’s educated as a lawyer; she graduated from Princeton.

  3. Michelle and Obama will inspire Black Americans for decades to come. They are both so on when it comes to taking care of business. They make me proud to call myself Black.

  4. Can’t wait to purchase this copy. Ebony as a whole has been stepping up their game when it comes to stepping inside the 21st century. It’s that sister Harriet Cole who is taking it to a higher level.

  5. She is so beautiful!! She looks really good on that cover.

  6. Every since that sista took over Ebony has been moving on up like The Jeffersons.

  7. “Get Togetha” I agree that Michelle and Barack will inspire generations to come. I think she is already inspiring people. She is definately inspiring me.

  8. I’ll be looking out for this copy in the mail! She looks awesome on the cover.

  9. I can’t wait to pick up this copy! Michelle is a bad woman! She is smart, great mother, great wife and great brown sista over all.

  10. Ebony really did a great job with the cover. It`s the best photo, I`ve seen so far, of Michelle by far.

    MJ & The 80s forever!!!

  11. Ebony has been coming up….Good job Ebony…she looks great

  12. Luv it and Michelle, Barack and thier two beautiful daughters are on the cover of Essence too for this month. I’ll get both.

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