1. Those pictures of Kim are really pretty if you ignore her nose, cheeks and lips.

  2. Its a shame she felt she had to do this to herself…

    I thought she was really pretty when she was in Juniour Mafia….. But I still got nuff love for my girl…

  3. She looked better before she died her hair blonde, put in blue contacts, got breast and cheek implants, and tried to erase the person God made her to be. She was beautiful before she became plastic. Why can’t she just love herself? Don’t change anything else.

  4. And yes I meant to write “died her hair blonde” because stripping your hair of its natural color kills it.

  5. Congratulations Kim!! U now officially look like wax statue!

  6. I’m sorry but EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!


  7. *Sigh*

    Little Kim is the Michael Jackson of the 2000’s. And I pray that she is the last black celeb to totally destroy her God-given beauty.


  9. It is truly a Black barbie doll! !! Complete with blond hair, blue eyes, and all plastic!

    She needs to stop. She looked so much better when she first came out. Even her voice is different. It was deep and now it’s this high pitched mess.

  10. @Torya that what she wanted to be a black barbie please go back to black woman that you was .

  11. Awful pictures 🙁 I hope she is done with the plastic surgery. She needs to get her head together and get to the root of those issues she is dealing with. Trust me, they are there and no amount of money and material things will erase them. Please get help.

  12. wow so said how the media projection has made her cut her face off…I mean she looks plastic but whatever…

  13. Let us bow our heads and pray. I truly believe that this young lady’s aim is to look like Beyonce. Anyway, since she’s already gone down the path of self-destruction and self-mutilation, she may as well finish the job by getting a breast lift.

  14. LOL, my mama just said that her face look’s like a cartoon bug

  15. I don’t think she was trying to look like Beyonce. I think all the surgery, which dates back many years now, was an attempt to be the Black Barbie doll she has rapped about in her songs. The lip and cheek injections were typical cosmetic procedures White woman partake in which is why she looks like a white woman who’s plastic surgery was botched. Kim was existing in a world where Black women were not valued and she sought to change that by becoming what was valued. Like Vivica Fox though, her sugery was done improperly and what you see now is the result of that.

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