Exclusive: Preview Beyonce’s L’Officiel Photo Shoot

Here it is, your first official look at Beyonce’s already controversial blackface photo shoot for French magazine, L’Officiel.

I’m loving it already; what do you guys think?


  1. ok now this is what im talking about! the first second and last but one pics… are the bizness!!!! that purple gele she is rocking is hawt. they tied it just the way my momma does every sunday!!! ha ha i love it. love it love it. so tell me if this is what they were going for, why did they have the blackface nonsense???! any way, she looks fly, but in my humble opinion, having Beyonce to do a tribute to F.K looses its effect…if it was Erykah.B on the other hand or India, or Jill…or someone who constantly reps Africa, i would have appriciated it more. im sorry, but Beyonce does not have enough subtance to represent for me. she is just too vapid.pce.

  2. Ms.BB look gt8 wonder if this is new style 4 her album…or theme!. she knows how 2 make us guess GOOD LIKE MA

  3. What i have a problem with is her notion that being darker made her more “African”.

    I don’t think we need Alek Wek at all if B or those who… conceived this realized that in Africa there isn’t one kind of “blackness”. There are Africans of my hue and lighter (and not necessarily because of White Colonizers but climate and locale..um EGYPT anyone?). It was a Marketing Ploy but one of poor taste. If she was doing an homage to fashion Icon Jackie Kennedy, would she whiten her face?

    Please. Go and dress up in traditional garb but the darkening of the skin was stupid, insensitive and shows how out of touch she is on what it is to be African. I have met Nigerians who are as light or lighter than me. I’d love to hear what they’d have to say. chime in o’ lighter hued Africans, CHIME IN!!!! lol

    Also…complexion seems to be an AMERICAN obsession…(or started in the west, not so say folks aint bleaching their skin in Africa) but darkening her face was not homage as much as it is skewed through a western idea of what it is to get even more ‘African’.

  4. Ok I’m sure EVERYONE knows who Charlize Theron is. Well guess what… she’s full blooded African and she looks white. I’m sure the magazine/Beyonce knows there are African’s of all shades, and painted JUST her face to represent that.
    It’s rediculous that Beyonce can’t win for losing esp. with her OWN people. And it’s even more rediculous that this has gone from a tribute to Fela Kuti (someone that has done SO much for his country) to a debate about a BLACK WOMAN posing in blackface.

  5. i love you WORDBLAZE!!! I mean i love what you wrote.you spoke for me, becuase i really didnt know how to address the “blackface” issue. i know its very stupid and ignorant, but i couldnt elaborate. like you stated, Africans have a huge range of hues…. from Kenya to Tanzania to Sudan. but im pretty much yellow. no matter where i go, i will always be considered “a black woman”. and i own that.

    this is an example of how Bee makes
    pple dislike her
    everyoneis always like “…she is the only black American woman holding it down at the top…” why couldnt she own that in this picture?!! painting her face and not the whole body is part of the issue, here IMO.and the the face thing. its just wrong. and i ask again why couldnt they get a naturally Dark-Skinned woman to represent this? this is just so offensive im many ways. if she doesnt come out or someone in her camp dosnt come out and make a statement regaring this. then it will confirm alot of things for me.

  6. ummm yea JOHN. she is South African. Afrikaans is what she is.she doesnt “look white” ….she is white! Do you even know the history of the white people in Africa and South Africa to be specific??? oh my gosh. seriously….

  7. She is beautiful. She didn’t need to resort to the black face stunt. They should have left her the way she was. Use different women of different hues to make your point. If they had used Grace Jones and lightened her skin we would be INCENSED. I just think these days artist have no line when it comes to money.

  8. I wonder if they told her “We want to be lighter – almost white” – I wonder if she would have gone for that. It’s a strange thing. Seems if you want spokeperson to be darker – go look for darker women. IT’s not that hard.

  9. LOL Bey knows how to stir up controversy right before she starts album promo! LOL! Go Papa Knowles

  10. @Tutu, kudos. I was just about to say the same thing when I read @john’s comment but you beat me to it. Education is key ppl

  11. I feel like if Beyonce had kept her natural skin tone for the photo, people would want to know why the magazine chose a light-skinned woman for this shoot instead of a woman who portrays the “traditionally ethnic look” of an African woman (i.e. one of a darker skin tone). So everyone singing about the various shades of africans should think about their hypothetical reaction had Beyonce kept her fair skin in every shot.

    So what I’m saying is, she couldn’t possibly win with this one. I’ll just appreciate the beauty of the shots.

  12. “Beyonce can’t win for losing?”

    Why is beyonce “losing” because her face is painted black.?

    Even her does not deserve fans that ignorant.

  13. @Shontelle, who are you even quoting? Maybe I’ve skimmed the comments too fast but I didn’t catch anyone mentioning Beyonce “losing” because of the darkening of her skin

  14. Charlize Theron is not African. Her being born in South Africa to be exact doesn’t make her anymore African than my being born in Italy makes me Italian.

    Theron’s family were colonists, you goddam IDIOT.

  15. You’re right @Ranjay, that fact has been already addressed…but technically, Theron IS South African. That’s her nationality. She was born & raised there. She speaks Afrikaans fluently. She’s a citizen of South Africa, therefore she’s African in nationality (just not ethnically).

  16. That’s my fault I always hear about her being from Africa, but never thought about African not being her ethnic background.

    RANJAY- Your cool.

  17. @Ranjay

    You are the iddiot. Charlize IS African. She was born in South Africa, which makes her nationality South African. Also, making her African since she was born in a country IN the African continent. Just like I am American, at the SAME time I am a North American, or Westerner. Since I was BORN in this region!!!!!!

    Also, Beyonce, looks silly in this photoshoot.

  18. when will we as black people from around the world except that some of our “own kind” sold us out years ago on the Ivory Coast…she is from that bloodline…we have been bought and sold a million times overe by the indsutry..smh….

  19. Man, I want to love Beyonce like I use to but I just can’t. They should of had different shades of black women do the shoot. Especially those who have paved ways for us and make us look like we mean something and and not just sellout booty shakers. If Beyonce didn’t say she wish she was Latina, or sport blonde hair since forever, refuse to sing a song w/ a black chick, not represent for black women in her videos, or put some braids in every now and then like she did when she was in D.C. then it wouldn’t be so bad but, she is not a good role model.She doesn’t represent what the average black woman is or goes through. I heard most of her fans are whites and gays. Some of the pics are beautiful but why is her skin extra white when it comes to the magazine cover? Just another one of those black woman disappointments. Remember that guy that said Beyonce was stupid because she didn’t take learning about the pyramids in Egypt serious? She doesn’t care about the history. Go away Beyonce until you find yourself instead of finding every photo opportunity to put your fake face in front of us. Take another break.

  20. @lol….Did you actually say that Charlize Theron speaks ‘Afrikaans’ and such she’s African?
    This is ignorance at it’s most sickening level. Afrikaans is NOT a native African language. It’s 17th century Dutch. Nothing to do with Africa. In my eyes, she will never be African since not only did her people cause so much suffering but the woman doesn’t even speak a word of any native South African language.

  21. SMDH @Gigi dumb azz comment. And SMDH at most of these comments. First off, this isn’t blackface. That would require her to have white paint around her eyes and mouth.

  22. @ Shanice, shut up bitch. Since it’s blocked out, it rhymes with snitch. Mind your damn business when grown folks are talking. You’re dismissed.

  23. @Hani, she does speak Afrikaans, which is actually a mixture of Dutch and the surrounding South African dialect. And I already said that NATIONALLY, she IS African. Not ethnically, but it’s on her birth certificate.

    Look up the definitions of “nationality” and “ethnicity”; learn the difference.

  24. And stop throwing around the word “ignorant”. THAT is sickening, critiquing something when you really don’t have a clue @Hani. You can’t even discern the difference between two simple words, and THAT’S ignorant.

    Why do we call people “black Americans”, “black brazilians”, “white brazilians”, “chinese jamaicans”, etc? Because your ETHNICITY and your NATIONALITY are two different things.

  25. Lets just ALL keep it real here. Even if Beyonce didn’t paint her face and gave us gorgeous pics you people would still have a problem with it. Period.

  26. L’OFFICIEL is very proud to present its March issue featuring Beyoncé in African-inspired dresses and jewelry by top designers, including Gucci, Azzedine Alaia, Fendi, Pucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Rodarte, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier and Lanvin. Designer Tina Knowles, who is also Beyoncé’s mother, created a one of a kind couture piece. The designs are all reflective of the African influence on fashion this season. Miss Knowles poses with royal allure. A queen, a goddess, Beyoncé is a bombshell beauty with a divine voice. We’re thrilled she’s opening a season of celebrating the 90th anniversary of L’Officiel de la Mode. The series was conceived as using art and fashion in paying homage to African queens.

    Beyoncé mentioned the artist Fela Kuti in the interview as one of her musical inspirations. It was later misquoted as the inspiration for the shoot. We would like to clarify that it is not the case. As for the artistic makeup, the inspiration came from several African rituals during which paint is used on the face. We find the images beautiful and inspiring.

    L’Officiel would like to thank Beyoncé for her outstanding contribution to this celebration of African influences in Fashion.

  27. I do not think Painting her face was necessary…Because with her skintone alone she represents all the beautiful black women..It shows that all the shade of our race are beautiful. Even though I was not offended by the makeup I thought it was beautiful…The make in my opinion was not needed… or they coulda done B and a different celeb with a darker tone.

  28. Did ANYONE notice that John said “you people”?? I guess that’s why he does not understand “our” reaction to the blackface. I feel that the blackface shows that Bey will always do whatever, no matter how sickening, and it shows L’OFFICIEL’s ignorance or lack of concern as well.

  29. I just read that a West-African styled the shoot and concieved the concept of painting Beyonce’s face. Jenke Ahmed Tailly. A fantastic stylist btw.

    In the official behind-the-scenes video posted by L’Officiel, most of the stylist are black (most likely African) who explained what they were trying to do when styling Beyonce for the shoot.

    Idk now…I get the outcry but still, try to understand that they were trying to do something good here. These BLACK stylists took the oppurtunity to “mainstream” African beauty. Maybe they should’ve done it differently, or use someone else, but the good intent was there and I think they were trying to celebrate their culture as Africans via a major celebrity who has all eyes on her.

  30. @JUST SAYIN- I meant “you people” as in the Beyonce..”dislikers” (made that up).
    SN: Umm.. I thought you’d be able to figure that out

  31. Stunning. Gorgeous. The pics are beautiful.
    There wasnt any backlash when Nicki Minaj painted her face like a damn monkey in V magagzine. Leave Beyonce alone.

  32. Its one thing to love Beyonce for her work but its another thing to cosign on any stupid thing she does. And this is a very stupid thing replaying a very hurtful part of our history. Obviously, she is uneducated and don’t know much about anything beyond pumping out the next dollar. I am truly ahsamed of her for this. A dark skinned model could have easily fot the bill alongside her in this shoot. But, a stagehog never shares his trough I suppose.

  33. @A function – They didnt want a darksin model, they wanted beyonce. Who cares if you think beyonce is stupid, uneducated blah, blah, blah. Its a fashion shoot. It beautiful and the mag will sell. I guess people like u have nothing to said on nicki pics, but alot to say about beyonce’s. Thats why I’ll never take beyonce’s naysayers serious. Hypocrite.

  34. Ummm John, I “hear” you talkin, but nothing but lies are coming out. I hate blackface on anyone. Beyonce is not special. Blackface & its long, degrading history behind it cannot be compared to all other kinds of paint just because it happens to be on the facial area. Also, haters of blackface do not necessarily dislike Bey at all. She just does stupid & uneducated things at times. Hey, nobody is perfect.

  35. JUST SAYIN- What did I lie about? And I didn’t say haters of blackface I said haters I meant “dislikers” of Beyonce.

  36. I personally don’t believe that you only meant dislikers of Bey. It’s my right to believe what I choose about your statement. You said you meant “you people” in the best possible way. OK, let’s keep it moving. Also, the whole post was not addressed to you. I only addressed the 1st line to you.

  37. ok and you’re right believe what you want, makes no difference to me. Have a blessed day.

  38. I think there are real African women to represent and celebrate the achievements of Fela Kuti. Beyonce is either ignorant (an issue when you don’t know your history!)or an astute promoter. Either way, it’s in poor taste.

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