* F101 Social Network Launches New Site!! *

                                        default member photo by you.
                                                                                    [ social.fashionista101.com ]

Hey Lovies,

I’ve decided to expand F101 to host its own social network. Some of you may not know what a social network is, so I’ll explain. On a social network, you – the reader, can contribute and be much more active with the site. You can host your own blogs there, chat, create and participate in forum discussions, view photos and videos, listen to music, and showcase yourself, all while staying entertained with the latest. Fashionista101.com will still be the main page and site that will host all the stuff you love to see.

So, to wrap this up, I hope you all enjoy the network and continue supporting Fashionista101.com!

– Smooches,
The Hauteness That is Moi,

** Don’t forget to read the rules + regulations.


  1. lol. i love that pic too!! that’s an old one tho. i think like 3yrs or more. you remember how serious ashanti always use to look! lol

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