F101 *Style Rehab* – ft. Meagan Good

meagan good - jimmy choo + ysl trib heels by you.

* Love those boots in the 1st pic!

So, again, it seems Miss Meagan Good is up to no good! She’s already been admitted into my *Style Rehab* clinic, once before, which was obviously not enough. Don’t get me wrong — every woman has her favorite pumps, flats, top, bag, whatever. But, Meagan has gone overboard. She’s been acting since way before her pre-teen years, and dates NFL player, Thomas Jones. So, my whole thing is: when you’re a celebrity, with celebrity money, and a celebrity man — why should you leave your home this way?!

In this edition of *Style Rehab*, peep Meagan’s favorite strappy Jimmy Choo gladiator sandals, Leopard YSL Tribute Heels, black latex leggings, leather jacket, black spikey hoop earrings, gold plate belt, and double chain anklet. She also has a mild obsession for her black denim Louis Vuitton bag — but we won’t go there!

* My last thought: It’s sad that I still look at Meagan as a fabulous individual. I love her! So, I’ll create an excuse on her behalf –> Okay, so she’s dating T. Jones, right? Well, maybe she and all their friends got together for a game of Chinese Checkers — Miss Goodie winds up losing — and the bet was for her to O.D. on the same outfit, or close to it, for the rest of ’08. Yeah! That’s it! Duhh. Well, it’s obvious that Meagan’s a good sport, because she still manages to put on a smile! Go TEAM GOOD !

                                    meagan good - jimmy choo + ysl trib heels2 by you.

                        meagan good - jimmy choo + ysl trib heels3 by you.

                          meagan good access. close-up by you.

                                        Here’s a look back, on the old Meagan. FAB! >>

                    meagan good looking great! by you.

                                        * i LoVE that dress in the middle!!!


  1. Megan Good to me always looks so hoochie. Maybe she should stop with all of the tight clothes, and wear something less fitted, and take off all of that un-necessary make-up.

  2. I actually don’t think she dresses “hoochie”. She’s a very petite girl, so it’s not like everything’s hanging all out. Meagan doesn’t have much to hang, so she can wear the stuff most women can’t. I do love those leggings, and although she looks great without make-up, it still looks good on her. I wish she’d start wearing her bangs again, because seeing those eyebrows frighten me a bit. They’re done well — just too thin!

  3. Btw, love the post- had me cracking up. And just in case Meagan is reading this- Fashionista wrote this, not me :lol2:

  4. Well, wel, well. . . . Megan probably continues to wear a smile because she’s doing her. It really doesn’t matter why she wears what she wears. If she’s not spending every penny she has on “clothes” then, I commend her. Don’t you just love a girl who “does her own thing”. Megan is beautiful!!

    BTW, your “My Last Thought” was cute though, so I’ll consider your entire post to be all in jest.

    Luv your photo gallery.

  5. well i think she looks cute in all of the outfits above….not sure wat the editior is speaking of at all….. 🙄

  6. In the photo gallery that brownsista has, she is dressed exactly like a cheap “hoochie” in a lot of those pictures! She is a beautiful girl with a cute shape, but some of those pictures she looks like she came straight from work, THE STRIP CLUB! Maybe she is her own stylist and maybe she is investing her money in other things, which is ok. I just think that she needs fashion makeover. With the right stylist or fashion ideas, she would be HOT! I also think that this is the reason why she is limited to the kinds of roles that she gets in Hollywood.

    Keep up the good work Fashionista101 and Brownsista!

  7. I think Meagan is really pretty, but she can wear the hell outta some accessories! 😆 I don’t think she looks stripperish in the above pics

  8. I love the June 3rd, 2007 look. The dress is just super cute; party-girl-like. And Megan has that pin-up look about her.

    The June 18th outfit is modern and I like it. Simple and elegant and laid back but still with a bit of edge.

    The lacefront is killing me because I can see the skin line; but the bangs hide so much of her face (at least they cover those eyebrows though).

    Overall, she’s a cutie-pie and maybe could use the Rachel Zoe treatment in regards to her overall wardrobe…Rachel’s crazy but her fashion sense is nuts; she should style Megan for real. *sending the memo to Megan’s people* :brownsista:

  9. Bwaahahhahahaa leave her alone…. Meagan is GORGEOUS… and that’s ALL she needs!

    Plus I liked some of the outfits she has on!

  10. I like her “round the way girl” flavor. Everybody in Hollywood has a stylist and half of them still look busted. I can’t even stand watching those red carpet shows anymore because they all look so old and tired in those plain long gowns. I also LOVE the fact that she repeats her clothing and accessories. To me that shows confidence. We all know she has the paper to wear a different outfit every day, but she simply doesn’t want to. She’s not thirsty to impress people with her wardrobe. That’s right girl…stack that paper! She’s a girl after my own heart!

  11. I think she could be much more prettier, classier, and she could even be a style icon but she just don’ t get it IMO

  12. She’s attractive but she’d be even prettier if she’d softened up her look. That means, ditch the weave, tone done the eyebrows and stay away from the tight, guady flashy clothes.

  13. Meagan is indeed beautiful, but what a difference a year makes. How is it that she went from looking fab in 2007 and early 2008 and now she is wearing the same stuff. And even if she didn’t have alot of money or wanted to spend money, celebs get free clothing or at least are able to wear something for free to get advertising for the designer. There are plenty of designers out there.

    And you know if you had a girl at the office who wore the same outfits or pieces of clothes all the time you would say something, and she’s not even in movies or at Hollywood parties.

  14. :bowdown: Thank you Torya! LOL. :bowdown:

    Some people are looking at me like the bad guy. I SAID I LIKE Meagan. That’s my girl. And, yes. Without a doubt, she is a gorgeous Brown Sista! But, please stop acting like she’s just walking around her neigborhood in the same stuff, or at a club (which would be fine). The girl wore the same outfit last week, that she did on Tuesday! All she did was change her shirt, and put on the same OTHER shoes she wears everyday! She’s at a red carpet event, which means she’s being photo’d, and everything.

    * Fashion and style don’t have to be costly. I love Target. That’s my spot. So, with all these movies she’s making, what I don’t understand is why can’t she buy a classy $10 shirt and a pair of $20 jeans to go out? Who’d even know the price? We see her as a celebrity, so we would automatically assume it cost $1,000 instead of $10.

    ** This post was meant for humor. I’m not trying to call Meagan or any other celebrity out. Sorry if you didn’t get it.

  15. LMFAO @ Stephanie: “And just in case Meagan is reading this- Fashionista wrote this, not me…”

    I love Meagan… and you know that. I own meaganonline.net. BUT even the fans there say the same thing. I do too. But that doesn’t make me any less of a fan. I don’t see anything wrong with this post at all. It is funny! And it’s not like she’s being bashed like a lot of other feature blogs do and cross a line with it. This source owns the largest HQ gallery of Meagan and deserves to state their opinion in anyway they can… and they do it without offended her fans. Which is why I love Brownsista.

    And Fashionista101 , I completely agree with you! Target is definitely my spot! I’m petite like Meagan and it’s hard for me to find cloths that fit me. But target is definitely where it’s at for me! And yes, Meagan shops at Wal-mart and Target ever so often because I got the same shirt she got without even realizing it. And don’t bash her for shopping at Wal-mart cause damn near every celebrity does!

  16. I love target! 🙄 Idk what is ti about megan, but i don’ t find her beautiful anymore, as a matter of fact there are a lot of sisters i don’ t find beautiful anymore, It’ s like their beauties fade away somehow…. Idk 🙁

  17. I love Megan and she can do no wrong in my book. Perhaps she made a bet!!!

  18. ….Well maybe all her funds are going towards her movie company? I could of swore I heard she had some type of company…
    Nonetheless she still is pretty. 🙂

  19. At least she has not been photog lately holding all of her personables (lip gloss, cigarettes, cell phone, tampons etc.) in her hands! 😆

  20. LOL…why do I have a feeling people are responding to my post. Did I sound hostile?

    I still like her flavor. She’s alright with me. I also could care less what my co-workers are wearing as long as they’re not funky, I let them do them. It’s not that serious for me.

  21. Fashionista101, I AGREE TOTALLY! She is wearing the same outfits over and over again! And not only is wearing them repeatedly, she is wearing them on television and to red carpet events! That is just tacky! I like Meagan, but she needs a makeover! And you do not have to spend a lot of money on clothes to look good. You can find some things on the clearance or sale rack!

    Oh, and I love Target also! You can find very nice and good quality pieces in there. I go there for me and my daughter. It doesn’t cost a lot to look good!

  22. New pics of her emmerged she is still wearing the same outfit 🙁 its like sistas can’ t get it together NONE OF THEM in that 19-29 range of age beside rihanna and alicia keys, What is goign on, sistas used to be so striking the hell?

  23. @ DarkSistaIsPregnantAgain

    The beauty doesn’t fade away. It just gets bogged down in weaves, extensions, chemicals, way too much makeup, hair dyes, hair straighteners, and tacky clothes.

    Sistas, I promise you, a woman’s beauty is directly correlated to how natural she is. We are so f-ing exotic it’s ridiculous. We hide it, so no one knows.

  24. She is to cute to be so tacky. If I see those shoes she repeated 1 more time I will go to her house and throw them away. Well, I’ll just keep them at my house. But dammit Megan, go to Tracy Reese, Carolina Herrera, and Diane von Furstenburg and ask for assistance. Hell, she cute enough to rock funky shit like Carrie on Sex and the City.

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