Faith Evans Album + Movie News

While performing on The Wendy Williams show earlier this week, singer Faith Evans revealed she would be playing the role of Florence Ballard, one of the original members of The Supremes. Florence died at the tender age of 32 after having been kicked out of the group she founded. The role of Effie White in Dreamgirls is based loosely around Florence, who like her fictional counterpart, was also the lead singer of her group before being replaced. Shooting on the film is reportedly set to start next summer.

Faith’s “Something About Faith” album was released On Tuesday, October 5th and according to early estimates, it should move around 30,000 copies.


  1. Can Faith Evans act or was she chosen because she looks vaguely similar to the late Miss Ballard?

  2. Well other female singers who cannot act their way out of a wet paper bag has been given the opportunity to act. So why not Ms Faith. I remember when she has a small part on a movie and she did a pretty good job. I am excited to see her in this role. If Florence’s daughters think she is right for the role, I think it is a good fit. Im excitedly waiting to see the movie. And its about DAMN time they put the movie out about one of the founding members of the Super Duper Supremes….Im just saying!!!

  3. Acting in this type of role is…well, I don’t know. LOL. Singing is the thing and capturing the essence of the character (which I guess is acting LOL).

    We’ll see. She does resemble Florence, though 🙂

  4. Is this a Florence Ballard movie or a Supremes movie b/c I got an idea for Mary Wilson and Diana Ross…. 🙂

  5. I’m not aware of her acting abilities but there’s an uncanny resemblance to Florence Ballard and we KNOW Faith can sing. Hopefully, she can deliver as an actress!!

    30,000 copies seems about right when you recognize that she does not have a hit song and she’s limited by minimum radio presence and media exposure. Please don’t forget to factor in that MANY OF US don’t legally purchase our music which has a negative impact on record sales for African American artists without crossover appeal.

  6. Good for Faith. She does look a lot like Florence.

    30,000 may not be good but I am still purchasing the album. Album sells and quality is not always relative.

    @SHANICE who would you suggest? Inquiring minds wanna know:)

  7. @BLACKSISTA It’s pretty much common since to get Beyonce to play Diana and Kelly Rowland to play Mary Wilson. It’d generate a LOT of buzz and publicity for the movie. Kelly and Beyonce, mini Destiny’s Child reunion, Beyonce playing what ppl would say was her own story in someway, Beyonce and Kelly in a movie together. Terrance Howard could play Barry Gordy.

  8. Love faith. they mean 30.000 1st week sales. she will go platinum still.

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