Faith Evans Makes Headlines Again

Singer Faith Evans is back in the news this morning and unfortunately it has nothing to do with the October 5th release of her new album “Something About Faith.” Instead, the R n’ B veteran is making headlines for being arrested at a DUI checkpoint near Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, California. The Grammy winning singer/songwriter was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor drunk driving and held for about four hours before being released. In the past Faith has denied having any sort of addiction problem, however, the singer was also arrested back in 2004 with her boyfriend and record exec, Todd Russaw, for possession of marijuana and cocaine. The two were taken into custody at a checkpoint in Atlanta, Georgia and as a result both spent 13 weeks in an addiction treatment program.

Faith is presently on the comeback trail, having released her last album, The First Lady, back in 2005. The singer is presently shooting a reality series and recently released “Gone Already” as the first track from her new album.


  1. It’s sad because Faith knows that’s not right,hopefully a silly mistake that she doesn’t do again, putting other people’s life in jeopardy. Come on Faith.

  2. boyfriend? I thought she was married to Todd since ’98..anyway..hope she learns from this mistake because if she makes it again it could cost her her life or someone else’s there’s.

  3. pretty hard to read this considering as of Aug the 2oth it was the 7yr anniversary of my ex dying in motorcycle accident cuz he was drinking and driving and believe it or not its also as of Aug the 22nd the 15yr anniversary of my other boyfriends death he was KILLED by a drunk driver.. I’m tellin ya drinking and driving kills..I am a huge fan of yours faith..and I hope this is just a rumor..if not..i pray you get help

  4. if you look closely you can tell she is a drinker. she may even have a problem.

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