Faith Evans Is Back With New Music

Faith Evans Returns with New Single

In need of a little faith? Well, platinum selling recording artist, Faith Evans, is back on the music scene and is gearing up for the release of her new album, “Something About Faith,” which is set to be released on September 14. “Way You Move,” featuring Snoop Dogg, is the leading single off Evans highly anticipated album.

Evans stays true to her classic sound with her newest single and I’m quite sure her fans will enjoy the laid back vibe that “Way You Move” delivers.

To listen to “Way You Move,” click here.


  1. oh how I used to LOVE me some Faith. Key words ‘used to.’ We’ll see, maybe she can bring back some legit Rhythm & Blues.

  2. Wow! That pic isn’t photoshopped! lol Just kiddin. Love you Faith!

  3. way you move? is that even a complete sentence? so now “r&b” is becoming illiterate like rap? sheesh. never cared for faith, her singing or her music. African-American music is dying a slow death at the hands of semi-talented, musicians and producers.

  4. She should’ve called her record “The Reckoning” and come back with some R&B that SLAYS! LOl

    Though I’m sure this album will satisfy. 🙂 Can’t listen to the song right now but will later. Love Faith. Love her voice. Glad she’s back 🙂

  5. LOve Faith. She really can sing, her voice is beautiful. I hope this album is better than her last one.

  6. Hm, her moment of fame is gone, but hopefully she will make a comeback. I used to like her music 🙂

  7. I love this song.

    There is another song of her’s floating around on the net as of today, that is suppose to be from the new album, it’s real slow….I love it!

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