Faith Evans Talks Everyday Struggle

Just in case Faith Evans’ “Gone Already” wasn’t quite what you were expecting from the singer, check out this latest joint to be leaked from her upcoming “Something about Faith” album. “Everyday Struggle” features rapper Raekwon and finds Faith using a familiar Notorious B.I.G. sample of a Dave Grusin track, to bring fans back to the early days of her career. “Struggle” showcases Faith at her best, singing the kind of pure R n’ B you wish so called R n’ B stations still played.

Faith is set to kick off promotion of her new album with a performance on The Wendy Williams Show and look for the full album to drop online and in record stores on October 5th.


  1. Faith staying true to the R&B game. I hate to say it, but in this Beyonce/Rihanna/Lady Gaga world, Faith’s new project will barely sell 70,000 units, if that many.

    That is the sad state of the music industry these days. Image is what is selling; not real singing.

  2. Gawone Faith! Do your thing. We missed you, and glad your back! Luv Ya.

    One of the best R n B singers. Beautiful voice

  3. exactly @ANONYMOUS … but the song doesn’t move me in anyway

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