An Amazing Janet Fake

Janet Jackson Tribal Image By aladdin

As a longtime Janet Jackson fan who hangs out on the singer’s official website, I was more than aware that the image posted on various sites last week was a fake. The creator of the image purposely set out to clown fool bloggers and did just that. His image however ended up being used by reputable websites like Billboard- and even Janet herself used the image in a newsletter sent out to fans. Obviously feeling the love, the creator of the fake Janet image has gone on to create more- some of them extremely striking. I decided to share of one of his newest creations because I think it is just so amazing.

I have no idea how this guy (aladdin) creates his images- but he is definitely talented and this Janet image would definitely be a classic… if it was only real.


  1. WOW! That is nice….I hadn’t seen this one, but I saw the other he did, and it was nice as well. She might want to contact him for future promo pics,lol

  2. It could be a ploy to get Janet back out there, remember she isn’t sign to a label yet so her promotion is in her own hands now and the fans (for right now). Who ever this person is, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. All the pictures I have seen thus far make her look she an African queen.

  3. Wonderful, this image is. But obviously NOT Janet…those man hands are NOT hers. LOL

  4. she looks an african should give him a call asap…this is great

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