Family Feud

beyonce-kelly The ladies of Destiny’s Child are heading to court because of a copyright infringement case involving the group’s hit single “Cater 2 U.” Reports say two of the group’s members: Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles, may be at odds with each other because of the group’s manager Matthew Knowles, who some say is notorious for overstating his daughter’s (Beyonce) part in the writing of the group’s singles.

Kelly is reportedly livid that she and the group’s other member. Michelle Williams, may have to come out of pocket simply because Matthew wanted to get his daughter publishing credit and future royalties.

“Things have gotten tense since Kelly griped that Matthew is the cause of this lawsuit,” says an insider. It’s not hard to believe since Rowland dropped the elder Knowles as her manager earlier this year, and hasn’t been seen in public with Beyonce since Kelly’s birthday party in February. Michelle Williams may have said the group might reunite in August, but that’s starting to sound like wishful thinking

Read→ Update: Case settled out of court.


  1. This Matthew guy seems to have issues with everything. He has problems with all the girls except his daughters. He sounds so greedy.

    I hope this doesn’t cause an issue with the girls friendship.

  2. “I hope this doesn’t cause an issue with the girls friendship.”

    My sentiments exactly.

  3. Didn’t believe all the negative rumors anyways. They are sisters have known each other all their life hopefully nothing will break them.

  4. It’s amazing how kellz is so angry cause she’ll come out of pocket, but when she gets the cater to u royalties (since her name is also on the songwriters list), she isn’t mad.

  5. the knowles are bunch of lying theives and kelly is just realizing it now. Beyonce hasn’t wrote one song she claimed to. Sick and depraved and God is watching.

  6. lol the claim was about the title of the song. and the spelling of it!

    LMAO!! what a loser!

  7. just the titles were coincidence.

    kelly was mad coz! matthew has done shifty stufff in the past etc, and that gives ppl ammunition to make claims like this.

  8. the case was settled before this story even came out. kelly got some nerve if she was really mad b/c her name is also listed as a writer on the song. however, i doubt this is even true since she was at jay’s b’day party in the dominican republic too!

  9. also, let’s point out that ALL of em have writing credit on most of the dc songs on destiny fulfilled. beyonce got 10 grammy nominations, someone is mad so it’s time to give her some negative press. the media is so predictable!

  10. Hmmmmm…so does that mean that Beyonce will have to return her ASCAP award she won for her song writing abilities???

  11. Kelly Rowland is doing her own thing in Europe, does she really need Destiny Child or Beyonce at this point?hmm no. Case closed, I’d say move on to bigger and better pastures.

    and for the poster who tried to test the validity on my statement about Beyonce and MJ thing. Well, his longtime friend and makeup artist Karen Faye has said that she asked MJ if he fancy Beyonce, in which he replied , that he thought she was pretty and talented but he’s not into hips and thighs. How can anyone claim that he had a crush on Beyonce, when Janet has said that he would called her Donkey , or short for Dunk because he teassed her for being fat. So, if he had issues with his sister being thick, why would he suddenly have a crush on Beyonce. And asking someone to dance doesn’t automatically means he was crushing on her. Beyonce was on top of her game, and MJ always found a way to be near those on top.If that is even true, MJ had said once in an interview that he hated going to parties, because people always asked him to danced. End of the discussion. Only had to validate my statements from previous posts.

  12. @BOHWE- Since your speaking about me I will tell you that your EXTREMELY late and it took you alot of energy to write what you said in a completely different post. And also where do you get you credibility from (not stating your lieing just asking)? Oh and one more thing fat and thick are two completely different things so pick one.

  13. The claim is about more than just the title of the song it was also about lyrical content. The title isn’t a coincidence since he copyrighted it, so when they were doing the song, that is something I am sure they pay somebody to check but for whatever reason they went ahead. Also a man that worked with DC on the album was an associate of his, and had access to the song, so his lawsuit is valid.

  14. Wow. Hopefully all can be resolved and they can get back (or remain) being friendz. 🙂

  15. I don’t believe they are friends at this point. Beyonce is a family girl you go against her family you go against her. Blood is always thicker than water. I don’t think niether one of them sits around and think about each other. They both seem to be living fabulous lives. Kelly is in Europe being a huge star and Beyonce seems to be doing her thing. I think the public wants them to be at each other.

    I do believe that those writing credits if not taken back needs to be investigated because it is clear that she is not writing her songs that she keeps taking creidt for. But I guess in the end it will work itself out. My New Year’s Resolutions is to be done with these blogs. They serve no purpose and I waste time coming on them.

  16. Funny, anytime there is any kind of negative press involving Beyonce Knowles, her father makes sure that it quickly disappears. Anything to keep her image sqeaky clean.

  17. Ummm…Last time I checked all three of their names are listed as writers for the song in question, not just Beyonce. Secondly, this case was settled out of court before this story hit the net. This is just another way to make it seem as if Beyonce and Kelly have a problem with each other.

  18. Not surprised the man is greedy. Sometimes I don’t think Beyonce is happy either. who knows

  19. LOL, GOTTA LUV THE GOOD OL’ “AN INSIDER CLAIMS… *insert bs here*”

    How much you wanna Kellz, Bey, or Michelle could give a damn about this one.

  20. It took me awhile to like B.she grew on me,I don’t think she should b put on either side.If there is something you want to keep in mind she has not gotten tacky or sleazy or drugged out and neither have tha others.God bless tham all

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